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DJ On Canadian Radio Station Smokes Salvia Live On Air

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Whoa! This is cray cray.

Ever since Miley's bongtroversial video was released - which showed her smoking the legal drug, salvia - a Canadian radio station decided to test the herb and see how dangerous the drug really is.

Ryder of Ryder and Brandy's "The Big Show" on Wired 96.3 took a hit of the legal drug live on air and had a pretty intense trip, lasting about 10 minutes. The DJ said he wanted to show how potent the drug really is and wants parents to sign a petition to make the drug illegal.

We have to admit, it was a little scary at how fast and how easy it was for Ryder to start hallucinating. Scary stuff.

What do U think? Should salvia be made illegal?

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140 comments to “DJ On Canadian Radio Station Smokes Salvia Live On Air”

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  1. 101

    I'll never understand why some people feel so entitled to make decisions for everyone else. What people do in their own homes shouldn't be anyone elses business. There is SO much propaganda about drugs these days and it's just ridiculous. Fact: pot and salvia are not as harmful to your health as cigarettes and alcohol. Stop being ignorant people, actually try some pot or salvia for a change and you'll see that's it's not as bad as you think.

  2. 102

    it's just so weird that i've never ever heard of this crap until the miley debacle. i'm glad it's not available here in mn. or, i don't think it is..? sounds pretty crazy that something like that could be legal.. i'm sad that all this and miley's video is going to do is make more people seek this out. scary.

  3. 103

    Good God..if no one hated the Canadians before, this video will definitely be that nail in the coffin. I don't know what was more annoying, the female dj or the dumbass smoking the shit because he wants it banned. LOL.."I can't tell if he's laughing or crying." Please, oh please, serve up the kool aid, put on your purple track suit and nikes. Don't fucking do it if you don't like it, just like any substance out there that has negative/awesome side effects.

  4. 104

    That's definitely not fake. Ryder is my friend, I used to rent a room from him! Way to go bud. I can't believe you made it onto my favorite website! Ha! Salvia should be illegal.

  5. 105

    I'm an employee at a Top 40 station in Canada, and I must say, this was a risky move. These guys have a dangerous way of marketing… and their ratings may go down… but they made a point.
    All trips on Salvia are not the same. Every individual will have a unique experience, though most are similar.
    It probably didn't help that the DJ went in with a bad mindset, but the trip will be relatively the same.
    Should the drug be illegal? No, I don't. However if anything, I think it should be less readily available, and that the age for purchasing it should be at the very least 21.
    If your age ends in 'teen' you are a still a 'kid' as far as I'm concerned.
    No matter what you choose to do, whether it be cigarettes, weed, narcotics, or salvia, I think that it's your own choice to do so.
    Again though, people at 19 are still far too impressionable even. A higher age cap for purchasing the drug should be considered.

  6. 106

    He's a REALLY bad actor. And his preaching is hilarious…. like reallly he sounds like hes gonna fuckin cry

  7. 107

    Salvia will hit you right after you take a hit of it I have personally experienced salvia, it is not fun. It is a very intense trip which would even bother people who have done hard drugs.

    doing drugs even once in your life can effect you for the rest of your life, if you have a bad trip that is something you won't forget.

    i really think people need to think about what they say before they say it would you want your daughter son, brother or sister to experience something like this?

    is real life not enough ?

  8. 108

    i don't know if this is fake or not but just because some of you have had salvia before and not experienced this type of a trip does not make it fake, everyone has different reactions to drugs and alcohol. If something is making anyone this high without it having to be for medical purposes it should be illegal, it could do serious damage if done without proper supervision

  9. JCPR says – reply to this


    and the oscar goes to… the dude from a radion station in canada! yay! this video is either fake or he's way too dramatic. wtf? btw cant wait to try it.

  10. 110

    Re: scubagirl200 – i see your point, and way way way more people die from alcohol and cigarettes. BUT, if you drive while high on pot, same as when you are drunk, your driving and reflexes are impaired. clearly, if youre smart, then you won't drive, but we all know that many people aren't. so there are people who have died from smoking pot, but probably only because they were dumb enough to get behind the wheel. i dont think that a salvia trip lasts long enough for anyone to drive while on it, but who knows. so, i just wanted to point that out.

  11. 111

    Re: xx4231xx


    yeah i'm sure people have died from being irresponsible while under the influence of both marijuana AND salvia…i just think the numbers for alcohol and cigarettes would be insanely higher!

    and i'm no expert, but i'm fairly certain you wouldn't be able to get behind the wheel of a car (i think it'd be difficult to stand, really).

    but yeah thanks for seeing my point, i see yours as well!

  12. 112

    Another totally lame video on salvia. This is just more typical "fear knee jerk " reaction to a wonderful herbal botanical that can open wonderful new insight about who you really are and how you fit into the whole of creation.

    I know teenagers who tried it and most decided that it wasn't something they wanted to continue. The few who do smoke it are very stable and are totally capable of understanding why salvia should be used only in a responsible way and also used only moderately to gain the most benefits. 18 and older should be able to decide for themselves to use salvia.

    I have used 10x and 20x successfully as an excellent pain killer for my chronic back pain and damage. How? By using about one sixteenth gram and ignoring the strange mental effects that last like 10 minutes. Whoa!!! Ooops I lied. The insights I have gained have been life changing and restored my faith in Jesus. Oh and it helped me quit drinking beer everynight until drunk too!!!

    This is definetly an irresponsible video done in a very unprofessional setting and manner to self serve a man's personal terror of something he can and will not face. Because he can not or will not fathom what he experienced to understand why he is so afraid, he will most likely soon doubt his very existence and unique place in the "big picture" of reality.

  13. 113

    ahh! I love Ryder&Brandy! Saskatoon (:

  14. 114

    Salvia does work fast for anyone who is doubting it, we used it in college all the time it doesn't last very long but it can be fun and I don't see why we are always trying to make the fun things illegal but alcohol is somehow okay!

  15. 115

    he does have a point tho, if salvia is legal then there shouldn't be any reason why weed shouldn't be legal too.

  16. 116

    It's so odd how they make such a fuzz around this little thing. I mean, here in Amsterdam teens at the age of 12 go get a joint. Okay, i have not, but it's that easy.

    Though, calculating his bad trip with 12 year olds… I whould say… that 18 and over could buy it.

  17. 117

    Wow, you americans are soooo angry, nasty and know it all's. If this is a sampling of american youth, no wonder your country is in the state it is.

  18. 118

    This is clearly fake. Before they do it, they're saying how bad the effect is gonna be and that its noot gonna be anything like Miley laughing and having a nice high. How the actual fuck could they know it was gonna have that effect on him before he did it..? FAKE.

  19. 119

    I can't believe any of you ignoramus out there could ever find this fake. I am from Saskatoon, the city this happened in and I know that Ryder truly did Salvia, and a high x too. But do I believe that it should be illegalized? No. Do you have any idea how hard that would be to do? It grows on the banks of the river that runs through our city for Christ's sake! And we all no how it works, once you tell some one they can't do something, it only makes them want to do it more. Not to mention all our tax dollars that would go into the enforcement of a pointless law.
    Salvia is also similar to that of the Coca leaf in Bolivia. It can be used for good in many ways, such as medicines. It is only when dumbasses use it for drugs that it turns out bad.
    I still do not condone the fact that Miley was caught doing drugs, but maybe give her a bit of a break? It definitely was legal and it CLEARLY wasn't a high x.

  20. 120

    Salvia is NO Joke!!!!! Ive smoked weed for 30 years and when I smoked salvia I felt like I was put in a psychedelic coccoon! I couldnt see and I was not laughing or giggly. I doubt Milley was smoking salvia, it was probably pot.

  21. 121

    What is the most dangerous drug? More people die of alcohol than any other drug. More people are injured by it and addiction to it causes more damage to families and to the economy than any other drug. Yet it's legal in most countries and throughout the United States and Canada. Why? Well, we did this experiment in the United States back in the 20s and 30s of the last century. It was called prohibition. And what did we find out? We found out that there is a lot more harm in making a drug illegal then any good that comes of it. Like the fact that making a popular drug illegal allows criminal organizations to make billions off the sale of it. And those billions make those crime organizations many times more powerful than they would otherwise be. The enforcement of prohibition costs tax payers far more than it would cost us to just offer users medical help. Prohibition IS ALWAYS A BAD IDEA. This idiotic hypocritical DJ is to young and stupid to know the consequences of his bad idea. But we should not be listening to him.

  22. 122

    Why are these losers caring about making this drug illegal just because Miley Cyrus smoked it in a video? There are tons of fucked up drugs that people do so why pinpoint this drug just because its in the media at the moment? That being said, Miley Cyrus is a terrible fucking role model and I have always thought that. I know she is human and everything but the bitch needs to realize that young girls look up to her. I'm ashamed that my 9 year old niece is a fan.

  23. 123

    I've smoked weed…mixed with alcohol…and it maybe kicked in like half hour later…this seems a little quick.

  24. 124

    kaay this is soo real. I live in the city that this guy is from. I listen to this station everyday. Seriously he actually did Salvia

  25. 125

    what makes me LMAO is his canadian accent its cute.

  26. 126

    Hey dumbasses, it's SALVIA, not the same as Marijuana. I've never touched the shit, probably never will. I witnessed my friends smoking it, it's not a cute little trip. My friend INSTANTLY started tripping. He had his arms in the air, like a puppet, saliva spilling out of the corner of his eye, and talking like he was mentally challenged. I never felt so uncomfortable and disturbed in my life. It's horrible.

  27. lolli says – reply to this


    holy jesus no thanks i want a mellow high this is too much. omg its kinda funny

  28. 128

    Hahaha, I'm sorry, but I find this hilarius. This will definately make kids WANT to do it… DUH… Stupid radio people.

    PS "My wife gets mad at me when I smoke a joint"

    way to admit that on air bahaha

  29. 129

    LMFAO, oh come on! He took one little hit. I've smoked five bowls of that shit and didn't act like that. Wow.

  30. 130

    hits* not bowls, lmfaoo.

  31. 131

    Aw, all the little stoners are feeling threatened i see… all the claws are out and are waiting to scratch out the eyes of anyone who says drugs are bad. Get over yourselves, drugs are not good for you, and don't claim that you do it for spiritual shit, cuz it that was the case you'd only do it like a max of three times a year….*rolls eyes* Your body is not meant to handle this shit (that includes cigarrets, booze, weed) its why the body reacts the way it does. I have never smoked up and do not plan to. I have better things to do then sit around with a bunch of druggies and get high because its just "so freaking cool"…honestly if you wanna do it do it but don't become an asshole and start saying that its great and should be legal cuz your credibility went down the drain the moment you said you do drugs…. (plus cigarrets and booze are legal for two factors: money for government and the prohibition made crime go up…)

  32. Mirax says – reply to this


    I think there should be more regulations on the drug, but keep it legal. Don't let minors smoke it, do not let people drive and smoke it, etc. Treat it like alcohol, which is a more debilitating and dangerous drug, yet it is legal, cheap and readily available. It wouldn't make sense to make it illegal. Making a drug like this illegal will only give more money and power to gangs, and it will only cost us much more in tax dollars to punish and enforce the drug's illegality.

  33. Mirax says – reply to this


    Re: futuremrslabeouf – I barely understood half of what you wrote. Seriously, my eight-year-old cousin has better writing than you. You also seem to believe that smoking pot makes you stupid. Or even better, that people on the streets got there all because they started smoking marijuana. Seriously, do you question the information people feed you, ever?
    Try going to college. Who knows, maybe I will be your TA? I smoke marijuana all the time, and one of my smoking buddies is a professor. With the exception of when I worked at a law firm, every job I have had, half of the big-wigs smoked pot, so don't tell me this bullshit that all pot-smokers are losers without a job. Try living in the real world, or learn a thing or two about the culture, because you will discover right away that more people than you'd think smoke pot.
    Anyway, as I was saying in my previous comment, they should keep salvia legal, but make it more restrictive. We need to take care of idiots like futuremrslabeouf from hurting themselves in case they get high.

  34. 134

    Ok. I am 19 and from saskatoon where this took place. Ryder defiantly did smoke it. When u inhale it, the reaction is almost instant, the initial effects last for up to a minutes. then u slowly simmer down for about another 5-10 minutes. I have smoked salvia, and it is not fun. You probably shouldn't but if you don't believe this video, try it, have one or two supportive friends that will help you or assist you if you need itIt feels like you are trapped. and you can't get out, and u cant hear yourself. I do not think it should be illegal necessarily, but there should be some restraint on how easily you can get it. and Miley. It doesn't matter she smoked it. but it is dangerous if you don't take precautions. One of the other reasons this sparked up is because a girl in our city went into a coma, and im not sure, but she still may be in it. If you decide to do it. Just be careful, and use it moderately.

  35. 135

    this could not be more fake.
    he probably DID smoke, but this is just ridiculous.
    anyone who has ever done salvia knows this hahahhaha.

  36. 136

    You people are so wrong. Including everyone who says its a FAKE and people who are saying, "Who cares if she smoked salvia"
    Hate me if you like but honestly - you need to get a reality check.
    Its not fake, having many EX- friends who have smoked, popped, pricked themselves with just about every drug and having to be the one to watch them fuck up their lives.. I know it wasnt a fake. Drugs get into your system immediately. & I had friend who've watched the Miley Cyrus video and they've said that Miley was smoking WEED. But back to Salvia, its dangerous and you cant let it get into the hands of teenagers! Things do happen! People get sick and people DIE.
    As for those who say who cares about Miley BLA BLA BLA . In case youre too blind to notice, she's just about the biggest and most famous teenager in the world right now, and she has the majority of children wishing they were just like her - and people who dont like her - are still interested in some way of trying things she has, dressing like she does, etc. So if you dont think it should be illegal now. Picture your child or future child, lighting up on Salvia - and not waking up the next day. Its happened many times before - you willing to take that chance? MAKE IT ILLEGAL PEOPLE!

  37. 137

    YOU ARE RIDICULOUS ! i am a stoner and salvia is NOTHING. take a chill pill holy moly.

  38. 138

    Re: Mikkie Ikkie
    Actually it does work that fast. When I did it I was in another world before I even exhaled

  39. 139

    Leave it legal. Nothing wrong with a little mind-altering fun

  40. 140

    there ya go…….knock yerselves out kids !

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