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RiRi And Matt Calling It Quits?

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We hope not because we really like these two together.

Things aren't looking too good for Rihanna and boyfriend Matt Kemp as the two have reportedly been spending a lot less time together.

The L.A. Dodger has been training in Arizona while RiRi has been jetsetting around the world, promoting her album, making it difficult for them to be together.

The two were said to be planning to spend the holidays together, but things have since changed and the romance has apparently fizzled. A pal says that Rihanna is "still very much a kid."

Meanwhile, with rumors swirling that said Matt had cheated on RiRi with a girl he was hanging with at an El Lay nightclub, sources insist that he would never stray and that "the girl…is nowhere near his type."

We hope the rumors aren't true. Ri needs a good man in her life and we just want to see her to be happy!

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15 comments to “RiRi And Matt Calling It Quits?”

  1. 1

    liked them together? 99% of the time…neither of them looked happy with each other.
    this whole thing screamed PR stunt…and now that her album is out and shes doin her promo…theres no need for matt anymore.

  2. 2

    Rihanna is a ho bag…deserves every slap and kick to the head she gets…she is an overrated singer whose forehead is huge and so are her thunder thighs!!!!

  3. 3

    all these girls that spend all day shopping are UN-dateable…spoiled little brats…isn't that right Miranda?

  4. 4

    She's a stupid trashy slut. He's probably just done with her.

  5. 5

    Maybe he wasnt agressive enough…

  6. 6

    I can't stand her, she sings through her nose. It seems she is void a personality as well.
    Perhaps his mother met her and got a look at the skanky dirty looking tats of guns on her legs etc.
    Perhaps she needs to stop trying to look gangster, and looking up to trailer trash like Kat Von TrashBag. Matt Kemp can do much better! I girl that doesn't have a forehead you can see from space may be a good start.

  7. 7

    Re: Whoaaa – Lol.You'd think with a billboard sized forehead you could find traces of a brain in there.

  8. 8

    She broke up with him over a week ago, and is seeing Drake now. Come on Perez I'm better at celeb gossip than you lol jk.

  9. 9

    Re: Celiacubeforum – How Exactly is she a hoe? Do you even know her personal life..you're clearly a hater with no life.

  10. 10

    She is YOUNG dude! Why the H should she "need a good man in her life"? Why can't she just play and enjoy being young, rich, SO TALENTED, and beautiful? Any reason that she NEEDS "A" man in her life???

  11. 11

    i've always believed she has the worst taste in men. come on, chris brown? he's not even decent, and what was up with her wanting him back after he made mincemeat of her face? she turned down shia labeouf, who no matter how crazy was always better than brown. and this new guy? does she pick ugly guys to make herself feel better?? i agree she's a little too crazy. girl's in her twenties not her teens, she needs to mature up and stop with all the tattoo shit. it's not hot

  12. zania says – reply to this



  13. 13

    like a bitch needs to his type to fuck

  14. 14

    I coulda sworn just a week or two ago.. it was announced they split.. =/

  15. 15

    you know what makes no sense abt Ri-Ri is that she made a big to do abt her assault case.. but yet did a song about loving the way someone lies and liking how it hurts.. and the I love the way you lie pt 2.. she admits to being a masochist.. Eminem (i do love his music) is one of the most notorious wife beaters (well alleged, but does right a bunch of songs abt violence against women) and she calloborates with him.. she has issues…