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76 comments to “Little J Doesn't Know Where Glasgow Is!”

  1. zooby says – reply to this


    Perez, you really shouldn't be talking. I don't dislike you, but the other you claimed that Mexico was a part of South America. And I thought my friends were idiots for claiming it was part of CENTRAL America … funny how so many Americans think that North America is only Canada and the US. (WTF, dumb uneducated hicks)

  2. 2

    Is it really that surprising that this chick doesn't know anything about the world outside of Hollywood? Everything that comes out of her month further proves that her parents should have made her focus on school instead of being an actress/wannabe singer.

  3. 3

    Wow what an idiot. How could anyone not know what country they were in.

  4. 4

    It's not the worst one, I'm from Glasgow and some guy told me I spoke good english for a scottish person. So i told him that yeh now they make it compulsory for scottish people to learn english at school Honestly people get a map and learn where scotland is not difficult!

  5. 5

    she probably just meant 'Britain' or 'UK', not that bad of a slip up.

  6. anouk says – reply to this


    esta del agua oxigenada se ha quedado tonta, eso o que, salir a los 13 años del instituto no le vino tambien como esperaria

    esta bien ganar dinero por enseñar palmito, pero no estaría de más ser un poco culta

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Stay in school, kids.

  8. 8

    Re: zooby – i was just about to say that.

    you arent one to talk perez cuz when reporting about nicole and xtina being in costa rica, u said that it was in south america. so how about before posting news or reporting you learn your geography you fucking idiot.

  9. 9

    not as bad as Britney Spears once saying she liked going over seas to other countries like Canada

  10. 10

    Re: zooby
    Because they don't want to believe that they share anything with Mexico. Most Americans actually really hate Mexicans. It's sad.

  11. 11

    I live in Glasgow and was at the concert really not a big deal it shows shes normal we r all human and make mistakes and the crowds reaction has been exaggerated as I can assure you as soon as she started singing we showed how loud Glasgow can b in a positive way! She totally killed it nice to c someone who can sing live for a change hope she comes back soon! Xxx

  12. 12

    Re: sophieoz

    Typically ignorant comment

    that is a huge deal to make that mistake to a SCOTTISH person, there is a fierce rivalry between the two countries and many of us hate the fact that we are classed as British because fools like her (and many americans) refer to Britain as England. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME COUNTRY!!!! Never have been and thank god never will be. We are our own country and if I could have my way we would go the same way as Ireland did and become a republic!

    From now on I shall only refer to North America as Canada, same thing right?!

    Watch Braveheart it's probably the only way you would understand…..

  13. 13

    I was at the gig and yeah people did boo..but not that much. It was an amazing night though!

  14. 14

    Why is this article tagged "Taylor Hanson"? Are you smoking salvia?

  15. 15

    Not that big of a mistake, only obnoxious Scotsmen get all worked up about it. Outside the UK the whole of Britain is quite commonly called England, whether they liked it or not.

  16. 16

    Wonder how many Brits could point out where each of the 50 states are. Or even how many Americans could quickly say the capitals of each one. Give her a break, from reading some of the Scottish posts it looks like they enjoyed her show.

  17. 17

    Re: Loewenstein – -It is a huge deal. SCOTLAND IS NOT IN ENGLAND. The only reason we sometimes get called england is coz some obnoxious gits cant be bothered learning geography beyond their own red-neck village

  18. 18

    Re: band1082
    not saying you are part of England, but you are part of great britain, so deal.

  19. 19

    how is it ignorant to say that she probably meant to call you part of Britain WHEN ITS A FACT?

  20. 20

    Wow, big deal.
    If someone from another country came here to perform a concert, and said something along the lines of "I'm so glad to be here in Wisconsin!" or "I love you Canada!" I wouldn't care. (I live in Iowa, USA)
    Tour schedules are hell.

    Perhaps geography isn't her thing. Big deal. It doesn't mean she's stupid.
    Also; to the people who are saying she's a 'wannabe singer' etc, go listen to her acoustic 'Zombie'. That girl has AMAZING pipes. Her voice is different, yes, and not for everyone. But I don't put down, say, Andrea Bocelli just because he's not my 'taste'.
    Grow up, people.

  21. 21

    its not that big of a mistake. and shes not the first artist to goof like that, and she wont be the last.

  22. 22

    Well, that pretty much sums up American's sense of geography

  23. 23

    i'd love to be separated from shitty SCOTLAND!..they will crash and burn even more if they did, just like ireland. Americans are mainly used to england because it's such a better country, with 95% of all talented people coming from the uk, are ENGLISH!…FUCK SCOTLAND AND THEIR AWFUL ACCENTS TOO

  24. 24

    I'm an American who lives in Scotland, and I would hate to be associated with certain Americans who think it's not a big deal to use the names England and Britain interchangeably. Take the time to educate yourselves. Y'all are an embarrassment.

  25. 25

    She'd be more readily forgiven for the slip-up if she…I don't know…maybe acted like she cared about her fans or about what she's doing. She's got a 'tude that really could use a major adjustment.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Re: jonboy86 – Thats a tad harsh dont you think? Im proud to be Scottish and from Glasgow i dont understand you generalisation of "Fuck Scotland" what have the majority of the population of Scotland ever done to you personally to make you feel so much hatred towards them. As a proud Scot i feel absolutely no bad feelings toward the english as anytime i have been in england to visit family the people are always warm and welcoming despite my Scottish Roots you need to get out of the dark ages and you are a pathetic representation of England with your discriminatory remarks against us Scots! For all those who do not know what English people are like i promise they are not all as pig headed as this person who made these vile remarks hopefully one day you'll visit Scotland and see how WRONG you actually are!

  28. 28

    we all know this girl is stupid. we all know mario is stupid (in geography and all his typos are ridiculous too). now what i really don't understand is why mario is always talking about young kids. this girl, miley cyrus, selena gomez, justin bieber. i really don't want to use the P word, but this guy is getting waaay too creepy. plus his crush on zach afron which is way younger than him. creeeeepppyyyyy

  29. 29

    You put this under "Taylor Hanson."

  30. 30

    lol, that's funny. I actually thought it was in Russia. But if I at least was playing a show there, I would know…

  31. 31

    To be fair, I thought that Glasgow was in Sweden. I blame ABBA.

  32. koe says – reply to this


    I don't think that's such a terrible mistake to make, a lot of people don't understand that Scotland is not part of England. My sister is at uni in a foreign country and got into a little argument with her group because they kept saying Scotland was part of England and she kept saying they were wrong. She tried to explain the difference between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. They were university students, not some hollywood punk singer/actress and they didn't manage to get it.

  33. 33

    Re: Taffernoodles – I'm also an American, who lives in Scotland, and I know from experience that many people (Americans, Canadians, even a few Brits) are confused by the geography of the UK. I never was, but when I was moving to Scotland, some co-workers had no clue where Scotland was. It is, however, a huge insult to many people in Scotland to associate them with England. We really are a separate country in many ways.
    Re: windbourne – The British, in general, are as clueless about America as Americans are about the UK - in terms of geography and culture. A woman I work with was going to New York for holiday in late October and said she was excited to wear shorts and vests - she thought the entire US had a tropical climate. It snowed on her.

  34. 34

    Re: jonboy86 – Scotland is a beautiful country. I can't say the same about England, although it has a few nice areas. I'm sure many people in England now wish they could be Scottish after that rise in university tuition a few weeks ago.

  35. tub says – reply to this


    Re: sophieoz – but she didnt say britain did she? Or yes lets all assume sheee meant to say Britain and not England because I really believe she cares that much. If your touring in Glasgow, remember its in Scotland and not England love, its actually not that hard now is it?

  36. tub says – reply to this


    Re: jonboy86 – You are an actual idiot. North sea oil anyone? Wouldn't you love to England crumble without the money they earn just now from that oil? Hm, just another typical english mentality for you. And if you havent already been to university and have to pay these higher fees then I'd think twice before running into scotland for your education. Even though you clearly need it. Total twat

  37. iain says – reply to this


    Re: jonboy86 – HAHA, if you look at this post just shows you everything you need to know.
    scottish people are commenting saying "yeah we are scotland, not england that's all"
    then english person comments it and that's what you get.

    so yeah who the nicest country, think about it lol

    btw i was at the gig and it was amazing!

  38. 38

    Re: tub – You're right. We'd be fine taking all that oil money away from England and keeping it for ourselves! Why else would England want to keep Scotland a part of the UK so badly? North Sea oil generates around £1 trillion each year, and guess where the money goes - certainly not all to Scotland. The UK would be F*CKED without that money. I, for one, would love to see Scotland become independent and no longer have to support England. Our tiny country of 5 million people would be prosperous, while England would struggle!

  39. 39

    Re: jonboy86 – Idiot. Westminster takes in £12.9 billion each year from North Sea oil coming out of Scotland. We'd gladly declare independence, stop supporting Westminster and become a prosperous little nation. England would be royally f***ed without Scotland.

  40. 40

    SHE MADE A MISTAKE, and SHE APOLOGIZED!!! BTW, I don't remember the different cities of a country being talked about in school. Scotland was not covered much at all. (neither was Wales, nor Ireland, or N. Ireland). Many singers make a mistake, being on the road. But Mario or whoever is posting points out only the ones he does not like.

  41. 41

    Like when people incorrectly refer to the UK as Great Britain some use England and Great Britain synonymously…..file this exciting story under Whooppdeedoo

  42. 42

    Re: tub – Speaking of a "typical English mentality", the English never pissed me off until recently. I live in Edinburgh and the English have started bitching about the university discriminating against English students, which is a load of BS! It's a Scottish university with a 60% English student population. Why shouldn't a Scottish university favour Scottish students over English ones? If it was an American university, they would openly favour in-state students and out of state students would be around 10-20%, certainly not in the majority. But, of course, it's in every English newspaper that The University of Edinburgh discriminates against the English. Bollocks!

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Re: LetttyB – Haha… I'm sure when Perez('s ghost writer) first saw this article on the Daily Mail or whatever website they used to copy it, they had to look it up on Google Maps, because they had no clue, either.

  45. 45

    well, I AM FROM EUROPE and we LEARN at GEOGRAPHY that Scotland IIISSSS a part of ENGLAND. I'm from barcelona and there is people saying that CATALUÑA is a country but it's actually part of SPAIN so i think that's what happens in scotland, they want to be "independent" but they are still part of ENGLAND.

    jajajaja pooooobres…

  46. 46

    hmm yeahh ok soo is it really that big of a deal im from england and i love scotland beautiful country we holiday there quite alot i gues the only people that mind our the few scots who really hate english people when matter of fact the english really dont hate scots back at all with the minor excuse of som pathetic person slandering scotland also i hope you dont judge all us english on the pathetic excuse of a person like Re: jonboy86

  47. 47

    Scotland does have Frankie Boyle though. One of the funniest comedians around.

  48. 48

    mmm shes not the first to do that and i doubt she will be the last. i remember christina aguilera thinking scotland was a town in england years and years ago. though to be fair id bet £100 (stirling) youd make a similar mistake if you were ever over here.

  49. 49

    Re: xiberta – Haha… Scotland isn't a part of England - they're two separate countries. It's a part of the UK! Take a few more geography lessons, dear.

  50. 50

    Why don't you fuck off Perez? You do this all the time, the "Queen of England" anyone? I don't see how you can criticise her. BTW,Re: windbourne – , I'm British and know all 50 states. We don't have a bad habit of calling the entire country after one part. It's the equivalent of calling the USA Texas just because that's the biggest part.

  51. 51

    This is what happens when you parents pimp you out from young and is unexcusable.

    American education is just poor in general anyway.

  52. 52

    This is old news Perez.. Infact, I wouldn't even call it news. I met her at the meet and greet after this show and she was laughing about it and explained that the only place she had performed in the UK before then was in London, so she was used to saying England. It just slipped out. She had mentioned plenty of times before then that she was 'heading to Scotland'. It was only a MISTAKE.. heard of those, Perez? Rather similar to you putting this under the name 'Taylor Hanson'?

  53. 53

    she is retarded…its in britain but its never been in england. ever. wtf? this is what happens when you take kids out of school to be 'stars' or whatever

  54. 54

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – why is it that when defending a country people like you feel the need to put another one down? not condoning his behaviour but you are just as bad for responding like that

  55. 55

    Saying to scottish people they are english is serioulsy the worst mistake anyone can make :L we go crazzzzy!

  56. 56

    Re: LetttyB – hahahaha yes yes yesss!

  57. 57

    Re: Mancunian – Have you even been to England? Sorry, Scotland is a much nicer country. It's like someone claiming Texas is better than Washington or Oregon. I didn't think my response was very insulting at all, and I could have been much harsher.

  58. 58

    Re: windbourne – I totally agree with @ Corporal Flashback, im from Scotland/UK and i know about all the different states, its general knowledge just like its general knowledge that scotland is a country in the UK. As Corporal Flashback said, "We don't have a bad habit of calling the entire country after one part. It's the equivalent of calling the USA Texas just because that's the biggest part."

  59. 59


  60. 60

    I think Robert Patterson said it best on Oprah. He said during promos for the movies he sometimes wake up and don't know where he is. HE has to be told.

    Lots of people travel for a living and get Kansas City, Missouri mixed up with Kansas City, Kansas two different states. Same can be said for other states.
    They travel, sleep and eat and perform. I've been in concerts and have heard people use the wrong city. It happens!

  61. 61

    Re: sophieoz – to people from scotland it is!

  62. 62

    Dumb. Ass.

  63. uyeah says – reply to this


    Re: zooby – You only wish you could live here you useless jerk. Bitter much? How come jerks like you want to run over here to get away from your murderous anarchy? You are one to judge? What kind of education do you have in a country run by murderous gangs?

  64. uyeah says – reply to this


    Re: Carlo_B – Yes fool, one person represents us all. Stay in your hell-hole country and remain bitter.

  65. 65

    Well, I personally believe that such as the Iraq and such don't have access to maps and the Iraq and such as South Africa so we can change for a better future.

    Right? Fuck it, right!11

  66. 66

    Re: zooby – mexico is part of central american… North America is Canada and US.. i graduated highschool 2 years ago i know pluto is not a planet but don't tell me Mexico is part of North America now? wtf?

  67. 67

    oh God she's dummer than she looks i hate her!!!

  68. 68

    All this comment, hasn't anyone done Geography??? wtf

  69. 69

    Ugh, who freaking cares! Is it really that big of a deal. A 17 year old girl who probably never once got a lesson in geography (or pays attention to where the hell she's going) got Scotland confused with England (she probably meant the UK at that). Is it really that surprising? I've never even heard of Glasgow, it doesn't make me any less ignorant or stupid :/

  70. 70

    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – Mexico is in NORTH America… You may want to return to school and brush up on some geography. Have you heard of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? That includes Mexico, because it's a part of North America - and no, that hasn't happened since you left high school, that was signed in 1994.
    I'm scared for the future if they produce high school graduates that think Mexico isn't in North America.
    Central America isn't a continent, by the way, it's a region, and it, actually, doesn't include Mexico.

  71. 71

    Can I also ask how you Americans can call her stupid when you call an English accent a British accent? You do it ALL the time! What she done was a mistake.. All she done was say the wrong word, not because she thought she was in England, it was just a slip of the tongue. But the majority of you lot call the English accent a British accent, which is a MUCH bigger mistake in my opinion. Are you not aware that Britain consists of more than just England?! Quit being hypocritical.

  72. 72

    hollywood air head

  73. 73

    Oh my god, Perez you make this such a big deal.

    But it if it were your precious Lady Gaga, you'd be all nice and stuff.

  74. 74

    Re: Draconiankatra – was a little mean, and i only responded from a retarded scot who said they wanted to be separated..and scots ALWAYS slag off english people mainly because they are just jealous of us. I used to like scotland till i found out about us this bitterness between us. Oh the people who responded with the 12.9 billion remarks…its out of 2.26 TRILLION, stupid twats

  75. 75

    Re: jonboy86 – No one is jealous. Dumbass.

  76. 76

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – Some parts of England are shit yeah, but you telling me that Scotland is perfect? There are some absolutely gorgeous parts of Scotland, and the same for England and Wales.

    Honestly, there's so much hysteria around Scotland versus England. My family were originally Scottish (and Danish, but that's another story) and I'd like to see greater independence for Scotland, and yeah, why not complete independence one day? But it's counter productive right now and it has to be a gradual process. It can't happen tomorrow, and if it happens, I can see shit going down in Northern Ireland.

    Also, when you're talking about Scotland and universities, you're kinda proving the point of the English students. We want equal education for all, and we don't have that right now because of the Scottish situation. We don't begrudge the Scottish students, we're envious of them. I would kill for the Scottish fees right now. Also, this is just a general thing, but find out about the West Lothian question and how it favours Scotland.