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LiLo Charged With Battery Over Betty Ford Confrontation?! Could Be Facing Jail Time!

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Oh, this is MUCH worse than we thought!

We reported that Lindsay Lohan recently switched to a new rehab facility due to a clash with a Betty Ford staffer after an alleged party bust, but new details have emerged about that night. The confrontation was not only physical, but the starlet could potentially be sent back to jail!

According to a source close to the Palm Desert Police Department, LiLo and her roommates went to a bar. Upon arriving back the facility, a female staffer confronted the group. Police received a call over "hand-to-hand battery," and that the staffer "desired prosecution!"

Lindsay, however, maintains that the staffer has been out for her since day one, "unfairly" scolded her for being ten minutes late for her curfew, and then demanded a drug/alcohol test. She then "put her hands on Lindsay," who in response, pushed back and said, "take your hands off of me."

Holy shiz! This is seriously NOT good.

Because of LiLo's 2007 DUI arrest, she's still on probation until August 2011. If Judge Elden Fox holds true to his word and this is prosecuted as a battery, she could be behind bars for 180 days!

Honestly, there's so many stories going on around this that we don't know what to believe!

We'd love to give her the benefit of the doubt, but her explanation of events sounds pretty fishy.

And she seemed to be doing so well!

Let's hope that all this progress doesn't just collapse around her now.

Image via WENN.]

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54 comments to “LiLo Charged With Battery Over Betty Ford Confrontation?! Could Be Facing Jail Time!”

  1. 1

    "Unfair" isn't that her favorite word?

  2. 2

    The Betty Ford Center is a 12-Step Religious Cult CASH COW!


  3. 3

    Who the hell cares.

  4. 4

    Anyone seeing that the main point of what led up to this situation?? She was at a bar, and drinking - doesn't that violate her probation regardless of the battery charge?!?!?

  5. 5

    Send her to jail. Need something exciting to happen during the holidays.

  6. 6

    ummm im pretty sure she hasnt been charged…atleast not yet. nothing official has happened yet…shes just a "suspect"

  7. 7

    This bitch really needs to get over herself!!

  8. 8

    maybe the'yre trying to build up a nine eleven of child rape at heathrow, furthar back in the clinic lins? ask about broom closet rates..

  9. 9

    And p.s. Lindsay claims the staffer "unfairly" scolded her for being ten minutes late for her curfew, and then demanded a drug/alcohol test.

    There's obviously a curfew for a reason. Rehab isn't supposed to be lenient. If it was, it would just be a hotel without a minibar. And with her track record - why is she allowed to go out at night without the supervision of a sponsor anyway?

  10. 10


  11. 11

    i mean linsey

  12. 12

    How many times can one crash and burn. Just die already.

  13. 13

    i like how a gin and tonic tastes, i have to have more gin and tonics

  14. 14

    i dont believe this.

  15. 15

    I have no idea who is telling the truth here but I do know that it is standard procedure to require a urine test when patients return after a night out like she did. So there is nothing "unfair" about that.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    What the F where are my comments? I just called a C_nt. She should be in jail and forgotten about. All her parent's fault.

  18. 18

    Congrats! You're the last website to report this today!
    She is so fucking dumb. Why the hell would she leave the facility and go to a bar knowing there was a chance she'd be photographed. This bitch seriously needs another year in rehab.

  19. 19

    The best thing about Lindsay going to prison is that it would give her lips a chance to deflate.

  20. 20

    i'm smoking a red heating my fifth big mac right now, when i was arrested on rape, i left the clinic already, was watching il positno with my late mother. in the clinic we had smoke breaks on the hour, for ten minutes and we walked single file from the entrance to a smoking shack. we had to stay there any escape attempt and insurance fell away

  21. 21

    who was the responsible parents for family leave? i went out to eat at this cafe later on rape trial, we all had gruyere sandwiches. i am evicted from greyerzstrasse 19 now and tomorow my welfare worker and a state police detective are coming over for a meeting on false "sexuelle nötung von kind" charges, last time i said that online the policeman was sick and didn't show. i don't have a lawyer

  22. TCYB says – reply to this


    They must have security cameras in there that will tell the truth.

  23. 23

    charge is "sexuelle handel mit kind" as i said false, i was tortured with a torture cuff at fingerprinting while they made at least ten left palm and fingerprint sheets and hid the name i only saw mine on one they hid the rest

  24. 24

    Since she is on probation she should have had to wear her scram bracelet for the duration of her rehab. If she had that on, there would be proof that she was drinking or proof that she wasn't.

  25. 25

    thank god. America has finally got it. Send her away and through away the key!

  26. chiro says – reply to this


    I'm so sick & tired of her using that same tired ass excuse, "There out to get me". How about you you your hands to yourself and stay out of Bars LOSER!!! We should all send vibes for her to be sent back to jail!!!!

  27. chiro says – reply to this


    Re: DIE PEREZ HILTON! – Then your just aqs stupid as that trick is!!!!

  28. 28

    PEREZ look you think your doing her a favour by 'keeping her in the news to be relevant', but now because of this mainly 90% bullshit lie stories, it makes her look even more ridiculous!..no wonder she gets herself in even worse situtions with people like you around her..only report good things about her, and if there isn't any yet, STOP FUCKING WRITING ABGOUT HER..her own fans are getting fed up of her because of you and your lies to make more money, so u can stuff yourself fatty food!

  29. GG78 says – reply to this


    This rude lil bitch needs to be thrown in jail for a LONG TIME ! She has had chance after chance to get her act together and she STILL continues to act out and not follow rules. She thinks she is above laws and rules. Spoiled lil kunt !

  30. 30

    Re: chewy styrofoam edible candyman – from here the comments post on perez' site and not on my profile

  31. 31

    Re: chewy styrofoam edible candyman – this just appeared on perez' site and not on my profile

  32. 32

    She never had any intention of quitting partying, going to BFC was all about avoiding jail time and she couldn't even do that right. Send the failure to jail for stupidity alone.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Unfair, unfair, unfair. What is she, five? Get your shiz together, girlie, or sit in a cell until you learn how to.

  34. 34

    the f#ck she doing to her lips?!? they look like sh!t.

  35. 35

    Enough with that bitch…put her down like damn dog!! she is hopeless

  36. 36

    Drama queen and spoiled brat. Get her gone already. She is a has-been loser.

  37. 37

    She should be in jail for parole violation. She does not get the benefit of doubt anymore, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault. I'm so tired of this trainwreck. She's been to rehab how many times and still can't be accountable for her behavior. It's not gonna work…

  38. 38

    I hope Lindsay SLAMMED THAT BITCH'S face into a brick wall until it was a unrecognizable ground beef patty!

    No one has the right to assault Lindsay!

  39. 39

    who cares she's an idiot. throw her back in jail

  40. 40

    ha ha ha yayyyy!….who the hell in rehab just steps out to a bar ??? she doesnt play by the rules, she deserves, at the very least , to be yelled at. jail is the best thing for her. solitary confinement…..and watch her like a hawk.

  41. 41

    How does this poor girl keep getting in so much trouble?

  42. 42

    5 12-Step Religious Cult Treatment Programs and she's headed for a 6th 12-Step Religious Cult Treatment Program….WHAT A SCAM!

    Where's Lindsay's "Higher Power" & its One-Day-At-A-Time Magic Dust to make everything all-better?

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: SherriBeary – Criminal behavior is modelled.

  44. 44

    She looks like a pig in that picture.

  45. 45

    I work at a rehab center. If your 1 minute late for curfew, which by the way should only be approved for therapeutic reasons(not the bar), you are required to give an immediate drug screen. She is a spoiled brat who does not want to get sober….send her back to jail.

  46. 46

    This girl is soooo pathetic ! Why does she just not go straight into sleazy porn ? Really, what a waste of skin ! Trash is as Trash does !

  47. 47

    Kick this ugly skank's arse off to prison…the 350 pound big black lesbians will know how to …'set her straight' ! Gawd, why does she just not go away ? !

  48. 48

    Wah wah wah, everyone is supposedly out to get her. Send her dumbass to jail. She was at a BAR …SHES IN REHAB…..!!! ALLLOOOO!!!

  49. 49

    jesus, I wish this drama would just die! seriously, who gives a shit anyway … she obviously doesn't. throw her puffed up fake lipped ass in jail. I use to like her but now it's down right ridiculous.

  50. 50


  51. 51

    Re: chewy styrofoam edible candyman – Dude. Shut the fuck up.

  52. 52

    first off, YOUR IN REHAB. Drug tests are something they do regularly to make sure you're staying clean!
    Second— to "Pam's Leaking Silicone Breasts"… that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It may be a 12-Step Religious PROGRAM, but it's not a cult. No matter the rehad facility it is going to have steps, and a philosophy. My boyfriend went to a few AA meetings after having a DUI and AA is the same way, steps and philosophy to getting better.
    Lastly, Lindsay doesn't want to be sober. People who want to get better go to rehab and really use the information and copping skills to get better. She is a straight up hasbin and will take more than the help she is currently getting. Good for the nurse to step up and tell Lindsay what actually goes on in a rehab facility! Someone has to at some point because although she has been to many, she has never stayed long enough to know what they actually do! Send her to jail, she has broken her probation and the law enough! Young girls are going to start thinking her actions are ok!

  53. 53

    They were at a fucking bar! I think the staffer had every right to do what she did. Lindsay is just pissed because they got caught drinking. Did they ever do the drug/alcohol test on her that night? Probably not, Lindsay gets away with everything. This chick has no star power, why is everyone treating her with kid gloves? I'd love, love, love to see her be thrown in jail, but only if she has to give up all drugs - not just the illegal ones. Dry this bitch out once and for all!!!! That's the only thing that will save her career. Well, that - and getting her family away from her. I don't hate Lindsay, I hate what the drugs, alcohol and Hollywood attitude have done to her.

  54. 54

    WHAT a Dumb Bitch ! She should star in a New Movie: ' The Re-Hab Trap' !