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Paris Hilton And Passengers Forced To Evacuate Flight After Knife Scare!

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Oh no!

Paris Hilton was set to board a flight from LAX to Hawaii this morning, but she and the rest of the passengers were forced to evacuate when a serrated knife was discovered on board!

Fortunately, after a thorough sweep of the plane, it was discovered that the blade was a box-cutting knife that was mistakenly misplaced by one of the airline crew.

We can't even imagine how stressful that must have been, but thank goodness it wasn't a more serious situation!

Glad everyone is okay.

[Image via WENN.]

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39 comments to “Paris Hilton And Passengers Forced To Evacuate Flight After Knife Scare!”

  1. 1

    God she looks terrible.

  2. 2

    Isn't she too brain dead to be scared?

  3. 3

    she should have gone to groton, the way you disamr an attacker is gouge the eyes and knee the groin, look, high block the high block defends against overhead attacks. to execute the high block close your hand to prevent finger injuries. snap your foreatrm up. clear your head enough to engage the attack- do not over extend. bend your elbow. apply tension to both your elbow and shoulder. the opponent should strike the outside of your forearm. low block. the low block defends against your mid section and groin. to execute the low block close your hand to prevent injury to fingers. snap your forearm down the front of your body to engage the attack. apply tension to your elbow and shoulder. the opponent should strike the outside of your forearm. outside block. the outside block defends against attacks directed at your upper body from the outside and straight in attacks directed at your upper body. to execute the outside block close your hand to protect your fingers. snap your blocking arm to the outside of your body. engage the attack. ensure that the attack does not drive your defending arm into your body or head. taken from u.s. marines close quarters combat manual i bought on amazon.com

  4. 4

    All that and no one killed off paris……God….will this girl ever go away!

    She does not make the world a better place…nor does she make a difference.

  5. 5

    Re: Mad DogRe: Mad Dog – gotta have a brain first to have it killed off……..

  6. 6

    they should have those little plastic thingies that the blade is hardly protruding, opening cases of cardboard has commensurate bright plastic hand tools for stripping the tape they come in green, orange, yellow if you have taste. when i bring serrated knives i check it and a tsa leaflet is in the gun case when i arrive at the airport outside smoking a cigarette asking someone for a light

  7. 7

    Unfortunately, the enhanced x-ray scanning machine contracted a very persistent case of pubic lice after Ms. Hilton passed through….

  8. Dov says – reply to this


    Can't hire a good hitman nowadays….

  9. 9

    Re: YRUFATT – If she doesn't make a difference, then why do you care enough to comment?

  10. 10

    Re: Ivybby – I know right! damn!!!

  11. jkf says – reply to this


    Something looks odd there, are her tits 3 feet below her neck? she needs a telescope to see her nipples

  12. 12

    Bullshit! She has her own fucking plane.

  13. 13

    God, still a tramp. This picture is disgusting.

  14. 14

    Paris Hilton is a dumb-ass…she probably shit her pants when that happened.

  15. 15

    Why would it have been stressful? They were still on the ground.

  16. 16

    Well, it's been raining like hell here in Hawaii… sucks for her :D

  17. 17

    A particularly alert and intelligent look on her face…

  18. 18

    police weapon is where services from authorities are non existent, the women of earth left to fend for themselves and all men commit crime to women

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    WTH kind of pose and outfit is that?

  20. 20

    Looking at this picture of Paris trying to look sexy it makes me wonder if someone who got that close to her would end up with open sores immediately after the deed. Fuck her? No way baby … not even with Perez's dick.

  21. 21

    urgh shes aweful. and wow her boobs! lmao x

  22. 22

    Did she had her boobies done? they look.. nice very nice.

  23. 23

    Re: chewy styrofoam edible candyman – WTF are you on ????

  24. 24

    what's going on with her left eye ? homely beast ……

  25. 25

    all i see is big tittays

  26. 26

    just a box cutter, huh? Isn't that the thing the 911 hijackers used to subdue scores of people and take over aircraft and attack us?
    sounds silly, doesn't it.

  27. 27

    LOL idk why.. but when I thought serrated knife.. I immediately thought prison shanking… I mean lets be real.. if prisoners can make pretty sophisticated weapons in jail.. im sure it can be done on an air plane as well…. My mind is clearly twisted LOL

  28. 28

    I don't find her particularly attractive..but I'm pretty sure that if most of the men on this site that diss her looks were given a chance to date her.. they would.. even if it was for the sole purpose of financial gain..be real!

  29. 29

    and the girls… well I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind being her "bestie" for a day if it meant an all expenses paid shopping trip.. JUST SAYIN

  30. auds says – reply to this


    Ew, wtf is up with that post & outfit? She looks like a blow up doll w/ big fake implants and a mouth ready to get a dick stuffed in it. Grossssness.

  31. 31

    Re: chewy styrofoam edible candyman – no one cares buddy

  32. 32

    On every photo I see of her, she looks like a dull braindead nobody. Who cares what happens with her?

  33. 33

    oooohhh, fuk you paris u ugly kunt

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: auds – I think she's posing here as a promo for her new racing team sponsorship.

  35. 35

    Just noticed something… wtf is on her teeth?

  36. 36

    I want to know how she gets her ta-tas to look that big.
    I'm close to her size normally & there is no way, no matter how much push up
    my bra would have, would my boobies every have cleavage like that.
    Then they say boob job, but the next time you see her she is flat as a board again. Come on Paris, tell us scg (small chested girls) how you get them to look like that.

  37. 37

    I'm thinking in regards to her chest that it's those chicken cutlet things along the sides with double sided tape plus the angle of the photo PLUS I think she's pushing them together. Truth be told, if she weren't from a rich family, I don't think anyone would look twice at her. She's got fake contacts (her eyes are SO much prettier when she just has her brown eyes), the fake blonde weave, and that lazy eye doesn't help either. Not to mention, that's a SUPER bad nose job she's had. I just don't get it.

  38. 38

    are those supposed to be tits ?

  39. 39

    She looks soo good.