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Adventures In Egypt: Part 2

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We have soaked up so much history already!!!

Love LOVE love LOVE love!!!! We love Egypt!

Amongst the many things we did on our first day of sightseeing was explore the Valley Of The Kings! Just by sheer aesthetics it was breathtaking, but then we went beneath the earth and got to visit some of the famous tombs, like the burial place of King Tut Ankh Amun.

We were not expecting to see King Tut's mummified remains, but there they were! And wow!

Most of the riches and artifacts, though, have been taken to the Museum Of Egypt, which we look forward to seeing in Cairo.

As we learned, most of the tombs are in the West Bank because of the ancient Egyptian's respect and worship of the sun, which rises in the east and sets in the west.

We also paid a visit to the ladies in the Valley Of The Queens as well as the Temple Of Queen Hatshepsut, one of the very few women that ruled Egypt.

In a past life, Perez was totally a Pharaoh!

Check out more photos from our trip (below).

[Perez's sunglasses by Vintage Frames Company.]

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27 comments to “Adventures In Egypt: Part 2”

  1. 1

    Don't act too girlie or they'll cut your dick off over there!

  2. GG78 says – reply to this


    Hope you don't act too flamboyant while you're there. You might get the eath penalty !

  3. 3

    Seems like you're having a great time over there!! Enjoy and thanks for sharing!! :D

  4. 4

    Is that Momma Perez I see with you in EGYPT?!? WOW! Can't wait to hear what she thinks of the experience! What an awesome Son you are to treat her to such an epic once in a lifetime experience! I've wanted to go my entire life, so you guys simply must soak up all the amazing energy for me ! ^_^ What a blessing you've been given eh? Who would have thought a few years back, when you were still posting articles from the Coffee Shop, that you'd be standing in the Valley of The Kings with your lovely Mother?!!? Hella Awesome! You & Your Family deserve every smile :) ) Merry Christmas Egyptian Style Perez!!

  5. 5

    Im confused, I thought this web site was for celebrity gossip? This is a little like slide night at the grandparents!

  6. papas says – reply to this


    grande perez!!! yo fui este año a egipto y fue increible! estuve en los mismos lugares! quiero volver…

  7. 7

    Hhahahahahahaaaa, perez was a Pharaoh!!!!!
    Stop it you homosexual loser!!
    In your past life you were a mentally disturbed baboon and nothing has changed in this life!!!
    Go suck cock you fucking insane clown!!

  8. 8

    Re: JackAlex: I think it's hella cool as a longtime reader here, and Momma Perez is too damn precious for words ! So it works for me :) ) There's plenty of 'Celebratty Noise' to satisfy here. Let them have their Uber Happy Moment eh?

    P.S. Feliz Navidad to Momma Perez Too !

  9. 9

    Thanks for sharing perez! It looks like sooo much fun, i've always wanted to go to egypt!

  10. 10

    You look cute! I can tell you are having a great time :D
    So happy for you and momma perez!

  11. 11

    Make sure while you're in the Middle East you do some protesting about their harsh laws about Homosexuality.

  12. adt says – reply to this


    Um, no one wants to see your fat face on this website. You don't belong on your own website, you egotistical shit.

  13. 13

    I thought you were working out and eating right . . . ?

  14. 14

    Hmmmm…. last time I check the history books… Pharaoh Tutankhamun was spelt as one word…. not "Tut Ankh Amun".

  15. 15

    I wish i was there standing next to you. We would turn that place pink. :)

    You are so lucky.

  16. 16

    All the people talking about the gay thing, if you have the money, they dont give a shit ahaha, I've been there, but would like to point out that Tutankhamun is one word you fucking dick.

  17. 17

    the worship of the sun is one aspect of satanism, Hitlers swastika and older versions of it in eastern religions depicts the sun/satan, some people say it stands for luck but ask any satanist and they will tell you it doesn't exist but to prosper you can worship satan/sun/saturn etc.

  18. 18

    Ok, you're fortunate enough to be able to afford to go to Egypt and you DON'T KNOW THAT TUT'S MUMMY IS IN HIS TOMB? Turn on the damn History Channel once in a while Perez. Maybe a break from Gaga will do your brain some good.

    KDZILL You need to shut the fuck up. More than half of the world is NOT Christian you uneducated sack of shit. Christianity is one of the newest religions on this planet and for you to even try to "prove" that Egyptian Ancient religion is SATANIST makes you the biggest ass on this page. Read a book other than Christianity for Ignorant Assholes.

  19. 19

    Oh and KDZILL? The Swastika is an inverted CATHOLIC symbol asswipe. Just like the inverted cross comes from Christianity. I can't stand Bible thumping assholes with no education.

  20. 20

    Re: JennFrost – The swastika comes from hinduism, asshole!!

  21. 21

    lol mario is finally catching up history lessons. hes such a retard airhead. just update us on celebrities dear. thats what you do best

  22. 22

    Does anybody else find it ironic that he has a fashion website, yet dresses like this? Everything about what he is wearing is wrong! WRONG!!!

  23. 23

    Re: JennFrost – the svastika was around way before Catholicism my friend.

  24. 24

    Re: JennFrost – Jenny honey who do you think Horus Ra is? its not "MYTH"ology. its a fact, the ancient Egyptians were practicing what we now call witchcraft,demonic possession,human/animal sacrifice and worship of Lucifer and demons/fallen angels. where do you think they got all that esoteric knowledge? why do you think the pyramid is so synonymous with modern satanism? Education is Federalized, you will not learn any of this in a class room, IE: a teacher will tell you alchemy is science when its really a form of witchcraft. NOW GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN WHERE YOU BELONG!

  25. 25

    Mario and family have a great time. I have heard stories where people are so moved by their visit they see life very different when they return some don't won't to leave. But, enjoy your vist.

    Happy Holidays from the frozen Midwest! Soak up some sun for me it is cold here.

  26. 26

    Re: isis_madjik
    It's originally 3 words, but it's been simplified to 1 word in modern times. Anyway, both spellings are correct.

  27. 27

    its not like ur special.