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Details On Josh and Zac Farro's Exit From Paramore

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details on paramore members exit

Last week, we were kind of shocked to hear about guitarist Josh Farro and drummer Zac Farro's exit from Paramore.

Now, they've released an official exit statement on Josh's blog.

Here are some excerpts, highlighting Josh and Zac's issues with the band:

- I had a statement typed ready to post to you guys but Hayley released one without my permission.

- We didn’t understand why Hayley was the only one signing the contract since we were told this was a “band”, but we were too young to grasp all of this.

- The label received the rerecorded demos and once again tried to fire the entire band, saying we were terrible.

- All the while we still questioned whether or not we were an actual band, but Hayley continued to insist we were, despite our being ignored and pushed around by the label.

- We’ve always been treated as less important than Hayley.

- In reality, what started as natural somehow morphed into a manufactured product of a major label, riding on the coattails of “Hayley’s dream.”

- We truly feel that God is leading us elsewhere and is going to do great things with us.

Want to hear more? CLICK HERE for the full exit statement!

[Image via WENN.]

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59 comments to “Details On Josh and Zac Farro's Exit From Paramore”

  1. 1

    Who really listens to Paramore anymore? Sure…2 years ago I get it. But this is heading down the same path Evanescence went.
    they should have released the demos they did with Roger Nichols and did it on their own.
    Now they are just a permamnent caricature of themselves in 2008
    good choice leaving the band. plus she has small tits and smells

  2. 2

    I thought you weren't going to be a bully anymore Perez? That pic seems totally biased towards the Beyonce' of the group and not the members who got shafted.

  3. 3

    Let's be real. Hayley IS more important… she's the face of the band.

  4. 4

    Sooo, in other words, their egos couldn't handle Hayley getting more attention than them. Sad and pathetic. Typical male crap.

  5. 5

    Re: Nellygrl – til she gets real ugly and their sound becomes dated…..oh wait…that happened already

  6. 6

    I don't even know who this band is. They sound like they're just a bunch of jealous losers who were jealous of the limelight Hayley was getting. Here's some news - the lead singer is always the most popular because they're the one who is actually front and centre on the stage. Some bands all sound the same - it's the singer that differentiates them from the rest. Except for Metallica - I think any band can replace their musicians and still sound the same. Metallica would be nothing without Lars & James, but the rest are easily replaceable.

  7. 7

    I totally support Josh and Zac. If they're not happy being "hired guns" then more power to them to do something that makes them happy.

  8. 8

    A band is a band. They clearly created the music together and Paramore will be a new band now. They sound a little Jesus-freak-y. What's the dilly? Hayley sounds like a spoiled brat fwiw. Paramore will quickly fade away and the brothers will never achieve any real level of musical popularity again. It's happened a thousand times before.

  9. 9

    Fact of the matter is the lead singer is the band in a lot of cases. Band members can be replaced, but rarely can the lead singer (Van Halen is one of the rare exceptions to this rule). Sometimes the lead guitarist can become as big, but the fact of the matter is most of the band in the public's and record company's eyes are support personnel to the lead singer and are interchangeable.

    When you add the fact that Haley Williams is attractive and is marketable to both males and females, the record company is going to turn it into her band. If they can't deal with it, they can always join a no name band which will go nowhere but everyone is equal. The record companies are about selling a package though, not just the music.

  10. 10

    I personally think this is a load of bullshit. If you are a guitar player or drummer and want to be noticed from the lead singer, you have to be fantastic. Hayley is the voice of the band. She is the face of the band. She is the only girl in the band. It is completely normal for the lead singer to be the face of the band. Thing about Guns N Roses. Axl was the shit to everyone, but Slash brought it so hard that you had no choice but to appreciate him for his genious on the guitar. These guys are the original members. I'm sure they are great musicians, and I wish them the best. However, in the industry today studio muscians are easy to come by.

  11. 11

    2010's No Doubt???

  12. 12

    It's all well and good them playing the victims but they didn't have to go along with it. Seems like they're trying to push the blame onto Hayley…

  13. 13

    Just like Evanescence…a very sad goodbye. :( Sounds like the boys let jealousy get the better of them.

  14. 14

    Well, it just goes to show you: it pays to be a cute, little woman, because then you can get away with things like this.
    Also, the god card they're all paying is pretty precious.

  15. 15

    Paramore has gone to shit due to their publicity… They were awesome a few years back but they have become too main stream. Ive seen them in concert before and they were amazing but now they don't have any of that spark they did those few years ago. Hayley is way to into herself.
    I think it was a good decision on the guys part cause this is no longer a rock/alternative band, just another main stream ripple.

  16. 16

    Re: Keonli – Um, no No Doubt makes good music.

  17. 17

    Alright just blame Hayley for your stupid decision to leave… I agree with everyone else on here. I'm familiar with Hayley but I don't know the other people in the band… it just happens that way. What sort of career could they possibly have on their own if I don't even know who they are to begin with? Remember when Ginger Spice said "Oh hey I'm leaving I'm famous now"… well… how did that work out for her? She ended up doing the Spice Girls Reunion tour because THAT'S what she was/is known for…..

  18. 18

    I knew it had something to do with them being sick of Hayley getting every inch of the spot light.

  19. 19

    another band destroyed by the corporate machine. and all were left with is some shitty music, performed by a mediocre singer.

  20. 20

    Re: adamzlover

    And you sound like a cun*t.

  21. 21

    if they think this is bad just think how angry Selenas band must feel

  22. Dxxx says – reply to this


    Re: Annie Gee – No! No Doubt MADE good music. Gwen trumped everyone in the band…she was just better than her bandmates.

  23. 23

    Re: Douche Hunter – Ya because we all know that women have to be really beautiful and have big boobs to make great music… You are pathetic.

  24. 24

    Re: super_mel99 – not my point…just an observation and truth.

  25. 25

    Good for them! Leaving that crappy band is the BEST thing they could have done. Paramore and Hayley both suck. And I'm not talking about oral sex.

  26. 26

    Re: sharkgrl89 – Um Ginger Spice was actually the most successful of them all in her solo career after Spice Girls, I read a few times over the years, just not soooo much in the US. I never listened to Spice Girls or Paramore for that matter though, don't think I'm getting all uppity here.

    I didn't even know until now that Paramore were Jesus people. That makes me so much more glad I never listened to them. Nothing against religion y'all, just grew up in the Bible Belt, and that was enough of that! :)

  27. 27

    good for them. i took my little cousin to see this band in concert and she got to meet them after the show. hayley's shitty attitude pretty much ruined this band for my cousin. she acted like she was better than everyone else in the room and it was pretty obvious that she had no real desire to be there (and meet the fans who make it possible for her to have this career). these two boys, on the other hand, were absolute sweethearts. they deserve better than this chick.

  28. 28

    Re: sharkgrl89 – just because you don't know who they are doesn't mean that others won't. and believe it or not, some people are not as worried about having huge hits as others are. i get the feeling these two boys just want to make music in a band where they will get credit where credit is due. personally, i think it's wonderful that they did not sacrafice their happiness in order to stay in a band that would make them money.

  29. 29

    We truly feel that God is leading us elsewhere and is going to do great things with us

    Hey morons! God doen't exist!

  30. 30

    Josh and Zac could have done it in a professional way. This is just mean.

  31. 31

    obviously playing the blame game here. josh and zac are whiners who expect too much. they should have known that lead singers will get more attention. jealous little fuckers

  32. bus says – reply to this


    I don't see the problem…yea, there's that bit of jealosy that its the Hayley show but that's always there in a band. The frontman is in front…the rest are in back…nothing new there. What I got out of their little story was that their concern was that it was supposed to be a band, that they were supposed to be a part of the project and not just re-hired into their own band that she initially joined. From that point on and with added corporate minipulation, it turned into a problem for them and I think their explanation is simply that, an explanation for how this lead to that and now they want to go their own way because the corporate backed frontman has different ideas about what to do with the project than the independent band members. They summed it up pretty well with if we walk in two different directions, how can we walk together?

  33. 33

    the singers are always the most important, specially in crappy bands like this one, if you wanted more attention you should have studied singing and not whatever you play, not to be mean but is the truth!

  34. 34

    Look, I've followed this band from the beginning and I knew that this would happen to them right after they hit mainstream with their second record RIOT!. Sad to say, that it ruined the dynamic of the band. Hayley is COMPLETELY full of herself. The boys have been nothing but sweethearts. I personally don't feel they are bitter, and I'd have to believe them. Good luck to them!

  35. 35

    These two chodes are total bone heads. They are whining about their parents missing them? How tragically un-rock n' roll of them. They are good musicians, but nothing stand out or special. They don't write the music, they don't sing. If this wasn't announced, barely any one would notice if they were gone. They should have taken their paycheck and shut their mouths.

  36. 36

    Meh, screw them. The singer is always the face of the band.

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    Welcome to the industry. They decide who is saleable, unload the people they deem undesireables, and get their going rate professional studio musicians to manufacture the artist's sound, release it, and if response is good they throw her on the road with their people. They can control it all that way.

  38. 38

    Good for them, I say. A band is a band, not just backup.

  39. 39

    its happend all the time. they are just jelouse.

  40. 40

    Im a huge paramore fan, and too all the people who are saying that the band are crap clearly havent ever listened to them. I support the 3 remaining members of the band and the Farro brothers decision to leave, I was lucky enough to meet the five members of the band in person and found josh to be quite cold. Taylor was a sweetheart and really friendly as were the rest of them. Its a pity they had to cause so much controversy releasing the news and didnt handle it in a mature way.

  41. 41

    After reading this lets be honest, Hayley Williams is the star of the band. Josh & Zac are just being stubborn. I can see them rejoining Paramore in a few years.

  42. 42

    Regardless of whether Hayley is nice or not, this was inevitable. She is the only female in a band. The frontman of the band. The singer of the band. She was alwys going to be the 'face' or Paramore even if she was the nicest person known to man. Zac and Josh are mediocre musicians as well, there is nothing about their playing that grabs you in instantaniously.

    I would have respected their statement a lot more if they hadn't added in all of that religious bullshit. I doubt out of all of the things wrong in the world, God's plan is for them to be overpaid for not really doing anything to help in the world.

  43. 43

    no doubt and evanescence all over again. this is what happens when you uses the "front-woman" gimmick.

  44. 44

    Clearly, the people who are saying "They're just jealous of Hayley" aren't reading their entire statement and only reading the biased excerpts from it.

    Their statement basically says that Josh and Zac started the whole band, Hayley joined (with her own manager who was pushing her to go solo), used them, ditched the band when the label said they weren't necessary, then came running back to them when she decided not to go solo.

    They even say that Hayley's family treated the guys in the band like shit and that when her dad drove their tour van, "Her dad would constantly threaten to “pull the plug” on the whole band if we complained about anything, suggesting that we were hired guns and Hayley was the real artist, when in reality we were also part of the band."

    So yes, the fact that she did receive a lot of attention was part of their decision to leave but it was much more than that. It was their band in the first place and she just hijacked it to launch her own self.

  45. 45

    1st things first….Haley was developing herself as a song writer and artist way before it was presented as a band! Matter of Fact she developed herself as a good song writer not limited to the chords of pop emo rock. It is her demos that were recorded without the band that secured the record deal. There were many labels wanting to sign Haley Williams. The wasn't a band nor band name, just Haley Williams. The band was put together for showcasing purposes and upon Haley's urging placed into a permanent role. The truth is that Haley protected the band due to her loyalty. The early producers who were later hired to do the "DEMOS" made several comments concerning the bands poor musicianship. The band was never discovered by Fueled By Ramen but signed directly to Atlantic then placed. The band has done a wonderful job of growing as musicians but the TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS HALEY WILLIAMS IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF THE BAND AND THE REASON THAT IS WAS SIGNED.

  46. 46

    Re: Robbbbo – Van Halen is no exception..Sammy Hagar is trash compared to Diamond Dave! They shouldn't have changed the singer at all..

  47. 47

    i wonder why anyone does not just tell the truth. hayley is a whore. and cheated on her boyfriend of years with chad gilbert of new found glory. her now boyfriend. while on tour in Europe her ex boyfriend/band member had a bad feeling about something going on between hayley and chad when into new found glorys dressing room and went through chads phone while the band was on stage. reading all their scandalous text messages send back and fourth for months before this happened. hayley then dumped her boyfriend and they ended the tour early and hayley went back to LA with chad. since then the band has never been the same. ask anyone who knows them personally like i do.

  48. 48

    Never heard the band, so I never understood the whole fascination with this chick, her fake hair and her minions. That being said, because it was ONLY her that I ever saw in pictures in the variety of music mags/blogs that I read, this doesn't surprise me at all. Of course, it could be the musings of a scorned lover. All-in-all, who cares other than some teenagers and socially deficient adults?

  49. 49

    Re: Nellygrl – a band is more than one person…

  50. 50

    Re: thetruth411

    Finally the truth. It was so sad when that happened, and as I understand it, Chad was still married to Sherri from Eisley while this happened (and Eisley considered themselves good friends with Paramore). I understand people make mistakes, but her and Chad's actions affected both bands. I'm surprised all the other "die hard" fans commenting don't know this. I'm not a fan of Paramore, but Hayley isn't perfect like everyone is making her out to be.

  51. 51

    So true, Hayley is a bitch. I believe every word.

  52. 52

    Re: srjesch – thank you so much. I wish what you said was at the top, because it's so true.

    The reson that I love(d) paramore is because they had the story that they were a small band who made it big. I looked up to them and they inspired me to play my own music again. After this came out, well…I guess that's why they say you shouldn't look up to anyone.

  53. 53

    Any band that hits it big will be directed by old, corporate, money makers in the media industry. Why do you think some small-town bands don't make it "big"? Some refuse to do so, simply for the fact that they love making the music, not so much about the money.

  54. 54

    made for tv drama. i hate what the industry do but it happens :/

  55. 55

    im never listening or buying their music again.
    i wish i wouldve known how much of a bitch hayley was before I wasted over $10 on their album Riot.
    may the best of luck go to josh and zac, and have karma bite hayley in the ass.

  56. 56

    hayley looks like ronald mcdonald . I hate paramore, so is it fair to say who cares if they left?

  57. 57

    Paramore? My FAVORITE band

  58. 58

    No its not because they mainly couldnt handle hayley being center of attetion i read about it on joshs blog they left because yea they always got treated less important but they just felt like music was taking them some place else so they need to do what they need to do its not sad or pathetic yes it sucks that they are leaving but they will find two other great people they dont copy no doubt at all i dont see it never will they are both different just like the hey monday and paramore thing paramore is their own different band and they dont suck you just dont clearly know what real music is hayley has a great voice and they all play amazing so before you go and say "oh yea its sad and they sucked anyways and they couldnt handle hayley getitng all the attetion" get your facts straight.

  59. 59

    I totally support Josh and Zac, they did the right thing.. and they aren't jealous of Hayley, think about it..it was their band in the first place, her dad kicked them out of their own band, Hayley went on recording demos as a solo artist… the record label threw them back in there and they were walking on thin line hoping not to get kicked out of the band.. would you be angry and want out ? i know i would.