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39 comments to “Kelly's Just Being Miley!”

  1. 1

    Holy fuck! Kelly should totally let her hair grow out like this. Waaay better look for her.

  2. 2

    a flurry of lawsuits is an avalanche in the law, but qe2 is over, i'm a bulletproof defandant, christmas for lawyers, it's a very bad thing to be

  3. 3

    Kelly still looks ugly.

  4. 4

    These shorts are about as short as panties.

  5. 5

    Big difference! See that horrid bleach blond has got to go! She looks COMPLETELY different!

  6. 6

    This is…really cute actually.

  7. 7

    No wonder Miley is into DRUGS now; she's hanging around Kelly "MISS PILL-POPPER & SHE'LL SNORT ANYTHING" Osbourne….

  8. 8

    Kelly looks like a young Beverly D'Angelo.

  9. 9

    Signature look? What would that be exactly? She changes her "look" almost daily.

  10. 10

    OMG Kelly looks soooo diferent !!! at first i didnt know who she was !

  11. 11

    rich boys will buy anything

  12. 12

    Dayum! I was like wtf who is that O_O WOW. She looks familiar (not like miley) with that hair… I can't put my finger on it, but it looks GREAT.

  13. 13

    smh it seems like everything Kelly does is to gain publicity thats why she has to mooch off people like MIleys fam… Kelly is the definition of a fame whore..!!

  14. 14

    Uh oh. Kelly got botox or something done to her face. She looks haaarrrrible

  15. 15

    Wow… I *did not* recognize Kelly at all. It's a good thing you identified her. Undercover success, as far as I'm concerned.

  16. 16

    I would like Miley's outfit on Mary-Kate or Sienna Miller, but on her it just screams "trying too hard."

  17. 17

    That's cute. The hair does suit her quite nicely!

  18. 18

    kelly looks like desperate dan and why can't miley wear shorts that cover her crotch?

  19. 19

    ps it looks like miley with her mum if anything. kelly is a mutherfucking hound if i've ever seen one. so old looking

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Where are Miley's pants?

  22. 22

    that looks more like (Topanga) Danielle Fishel than KO

  23. 23

    okay miley needs to put some clothes on… no one wants to see that!

  24. 24

    She looks sooo different i couldn't recognize her

  25. 25

    miley should invest im shorts that you can actually see under her shirt…

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    OMG, she looks so much like Sharon here. That's a good thing.

  27. 27

    Man, I wish I didn't have to look at those fat thighs whenever i come onto perezhilton.com.

    I mean, suureously, has anyone sseeennnn her arms and thighs?!
    Looking at her in those little leotards is like seeing a pig squeezed into a barbies leotard.

    Theres no need to punish us, you do that enough with your freaking shit songs :O

  28. 28

    They are both, " Just being stupid!! "

  29. 29

    Wow, I had no clue that was Kelly until I read the caption! She looks amazing with hair like that! She should totally go for this type of look!

  30. 30

    At first glance I thought Kelly was Danielle Fischelle (sp?)..

  31. 31

    Wow … she looks really cute with the long, darker hair!

  32. 32

    Kelly looks great in her Miley wig. The only thing recognizable about her in this picture is her tattoo. As always, Miley is beautiful. I can't get over how idiotic the haters make themselves sound. It's like they are looking at Miley through some carnival-style distortion lens. But then again, ugly hatred is the ultimate distortion of reality, and these haters only succeed in making themselves look bad.

  33. 33

    where are her pants?……

  34. 34

    Kelly Osbourne is a talentless parasite. She can't do anything herself so she sucks up to celebrities. Pathetic little jew.

  35. 35

    i just love these 2!!

  36. 36

    so they are both wearing wigs?? eww

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – You didn't see her pony up on DWTS. She. Was. Great. You haven't listened to 'One Word?' This kid has boatloads of talent. With acting, she'd be a triple threat. She just doesn't look like Barbie. Thank gawd.

  38. 38

    kelly looks so gooood !!!

  39. 39

    i'm starting to worry that if these two spend any more time together, miley will be teaching kelly how to work a pole, flash her crotch at kids under 12, and how to grind on old men. who's the bad influence on who now?