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A Message To Ke$ha From The Transgender Community

| Filed under: Kesha

The We R Who We R singer claims to sing about gay pride, yet she's really pissing off the trans community!

Find out why (above)!

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136 comments to “A Message To Ke$ha From The Transgender Community”

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  1. 1

    well spoken

  2. 2

    This shehe is a fucking idiot. The song isn't about transgenders, it's about Ke$ha not wanting to date pansy men that act like chicks. You'd have to be fucking retarded not to realize that.

  3. 3

    And Perez, you are so desperate to try stop Ke$ha stealing the limelight away from your girl ke$ha you'll post shit like this even though the person has clearly misinterpreted the song.

  4. 4

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Really!? The song isn't about a TRANSGENDER person! Why does everything have to be about gay people! Stop fucking crying about everything. Worry and fight about the shit that actually matters GEEZUS!

    The song is about her dating a guy that acts like how us chicks do in a relationship. Girls say that all the time "Grow up! When you become a man, call me." Its a common complaint girls have about guys and Kesha just made a song about it. Get over it. She clearly says she just can't date a guy with a vag. **IF YOU WANT TO BE ALL FUCKING LITERAL AND SHIT** If she's NOT lesbian and you're a guy with a vag, then - correct - she doesn't want to date you!!! Big fucking deal. Move on cry baby!

  5. 5

    I can see why people get hurt. But it was never her INTENT. jeez. still I think you are very brave for your video. You're a trooper

  6. 6

    Ok. Woah. This guy totally twisted the song's lyrics around into a threat to himself/herself. I'm confused as to how or why you can be offended by music…

  7. GG78 says – reply to this


    He for real said, "I am a man, and I love my kunt" !!! LMFAO

  8. 8

    get the fuck over it
    she obviously didn't mean it like that
    Grow A Pear!

  9. 9

    STFU and stop crying. Its just a song. Get over it

  10. 10

    Ke$ha is trying so hard for her 15 mins, that she'll say, wear, do anything thing for people to know she's alive, desperately covering what she really is on the inside which is ugly….. she is just like so much of these celebs/stars out there sad, ugly, people, looking for attention, go home Ke$ha and take the rest of them with you……and your little dog too!!!!!!!

  11. 11

    OMG are you kidding me with this video? This kids a joke. It's a fucking song. Not a part of the Bible. Get over it. "You're a hyprocrite"? Dude she was probably high while making the song - and you completely missed the point of the song. You're an idiot. NEXT.

  12. 12

    I think the person in the video has clearly misinterpreted the song. I'm gay, and I think Ke$ha was clearly only stating that she does not want to date a COWARD, a "guy with a vadge." trust me, most men are cowards, they never grow up, and won't grow a pair. but geez talk about taking things way too literally.

  13. 13

    I think this person is a little too easy to offend. It's a figurative lyric. i think he is ignorant for not knowing that. I also think he just wants to cause some huge uproar against Ke$ha, band your friends together to save the dolphins, don't waste everyone's time by personally attacking someone.

  14. 14

    What is "get pride" Einstein?

  15. 15


    tmi dude. :o

    i think this boy missed the mark a little bit… holy shit

  16. 16

    Kesha's song may not have been meant for trans but thats how it could be interpreted, so she should at least think before she buys a song

  17. 17

    Merry Christmas Bitches!

  18. 18

    The song isn't about transgenders, it's about a clingy boyfriend. Perez, how can you post stuff like this when it comes from complete ignorance? Neither of you have ever looked at the lyrics to this record. It's really careless, and I don't get it!

  19. 19

    This is sad. While I'm sure that offending the transsexual community was not Ke$ha's intent, it clearly has had an impact on certain people. I completely understand everything this young man has to say, and agree. Ke$ha is quite ignorant for not considering the ramifications of what was already a stupid song. Her latest album was just awful.

  20. 20

    Welcome to the less fairer sex, tranny. Don't like being judged by the appearance of your genitals? Too bad, it comes with the job. Where were all your well-wishers when the song 'Short Dick Man' came out? Cry some more, your tranny tears are sweet.

  21. 21

    Re: Mad Dog – (comment 14) LMAO. I totally missed that. LOL

  22. 22

    This is not from the transgender community…. It's from this emo bitch!!! GET over yourself you attention seeking BABY!!!!! People have been saying mangina WAY before this song came out. It is funny…. How bout you grow a pair and suck it up you fucking baby!

  23. 23

    I've been around a lot of "trannies," and I've yet to meet one who is offended by the word. Part of the reason a lot of trannies get a lot of resentment from the G, L, and B parts of the LGBT community is that they don't want to identify themselves as gay (but rather "being trapped in the wrong gender/body"), and some don't even want to associate themselves with gays, except when they want to be lumped into the whole LGBT movement when it's politically beneficial to them.

  24. 24

    Bravo BOOmBoomboy!
    You have just educated me too!
    I truly hope Ke&ha listens to your sincere message & changes her attitude.

  25. Waboo says – reply to this


    The lengths people will go to simply to get attention is astonishing, as if she meant to hurt anyone's feelings. And seriously, if you despise Ke$ha so much then don't bother to post anything about her - this hate-parade is really getting old.

  26. 26

    ohmygod. these people are ridiculous. she's saying what every chick says, she wants to date a dude who isn't acting like a chick. too many people cry over things people say that are taken out of context and not even directed toward them. stop making 'response youtube videos', GET A LIFE AND STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE.

  27. 27

    This kid OBVIOUSLY misinterpreted the song,I get tha we as a LGBT community have to fight for what is right,but this is just dumb. This person is just hyper-sensitive and really needs to fight over a cause thats worth-while instead of trying to generate some kind of response in order to get facetime. I get it,you were bullied or what have you but to take lyrics that are harmless by someone who you probably dance to in your car is a bit low. Think about your actions and words wisely and try to understand the cause you are talking about before opening your mouth,because now you've given homophobes yet another reason to think we are weak,thanks….

  28. 28

    Re: gorgeous_chik7 – Transgender doesn't mean they're gay! What is not important to you can be very important to other people. Don't pick arguments based on your selfish desire to be hateful. In todays world it is very difficult being gay or transgendered. Have some respect for people who are different. Anyone can be normal but it takes a real person to truely be themselves even if it means they go agains a lifestyle that is forced on us by society.

  29. 29

    This took a lot of guts to make, regardless of if everyone agrees with the context of her lyrics. Great video, it's good to be proud of who you are.

  30. 30

    Lmaooo what a moron. She didn't mean it like that. Idiot Lawl

  31. 31

    o-m-g. can't believe I just watched that..its a song..an awesome song.. people take things WAYY TO SERIOUSLY….. this boy is dumb.

  32. 32

    Way to ruin Christmas, idiot.

  33. 33

    I think this individual just wanted to get his 15 minutes. Ke$ha is a disgusting pig…. but she didn't do anything wrong except write and sing crappy, vulgar music.

  34. 34

    Ps. I don't think this guy is a spokesperson for the Transgendered community…. the message is just from a bored kid wanting to start some shit. Don't give him that much credit.

  35. 35

    uhh the song was about her boyfriend being too whiny for her, I think she makes it abundantly clear she's not talking about a transgendered person in any way, shape, or form. People are so eager to find stupid things to pick apart and over react about.

  36. 36

    Perez what about ur BFF katy perry's "ur so gay" and "i kissed a girl" which are way more offensive to the gay community u stupid FAT hypocrite

  37. 37

    I can't watch the video right now- which song sparked all this?

  38. 38

    Surprised Perez hasn't complained about Step Brothers, and Will Farrel and John C Reilly, "supporting a movie" that says "Brendan has a Mangina"….. stop trying to be politically correct all the time, I interviewed a psychologist and a gay activist on the LGTB bulling issue and how each generation will have their scapegoats, its history, its human nature, and sadly its a way of life…."survival of the fittest" they both said, many people have shared their time of harassment and what not, so Perez if you going to protect one minority, then you have a list of many you leave out…..people who live in glass houses should not throw stones

  39. 39

    The lgbt community needs to stop being so sensitive and grow up. If you don't like it, then don't listen to it. If that's how she feels about it, that's her choice. She has the freedom to express her opinion in her music.

  40. 40

    Okay message, bad delivery.

  41. 41

    aww. good for him. :)

  42. 42

    C U Next Tuesday is also offensive! Perez uses the word Tranny all the time.

  43. 43

    omg stfu! nobody cares if u have a dick a vagina or both its a fucken song geez these days ppl just try to do anythin for the spotlight! Ke$ha fucken rocks! so if i say look at that short guy wow some midget is gna get offended geez ppl grow the fuck up!

  44. 44

    OMG, grow a pear tranny!

  45. 45

    lighten the hell up! you are way too serious….


  46. 46


    Watch Josh learn how to cook, one mess at a time.

  47. B0red says – reply to this


    this isn't worth posting on your site!

  48. 48

    Whatever Kesha meant, the interesting and unfortunate thing is that she apparently feels that it's ok for women to act a certain way, but not men. For that, she is utterly lame.

  49. 49

    word! K$sha is dirty and gross, with no talent, she be gone very soon!

  50. 50

    you know what, there is no RIGHT to never be offended. SO SUCK IT UP MANGINA. Life SUCKS, DEAL with it.

  51. 51

    Re: Wenchtits – just like this person who felt a negative reaction from it has his.

  52. 52

    let me just say that in the song kesha is using it as a figure of speech and telling some dude to stop being such a little bitch im sure that it is totally not directed toward the transgender community

    chill out pleas

  53. 53

    ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS????!!! this song has NOTHING to do with LGBT community. NOTHINGGGG!!! fucking idiots. this song is about dudes that act like big babies. I can't believe this is even an issue.

  54. 54

    Yeah, I am a woman and I am proud of the dick that I don't have.
    Cuz Dick means disadvantage. I recommend bottom surgery for all male hypocrites, whether they like it or not. Some are obviously better off without it. Cheer$!

  55. 55

    who knew those trannies took shit so literally? lol. as a gay man myself i think sometimes in the lgbt community people look for reasons to be offended by things. even song lyrics as inane and harmless as "i just can't date a dude with a vag". as if she actually meant that she just isn't into ftm transexuals. lol its absurd. no one should ever take offense to something just for the sake of it. you measure the intent and you handle it accordingly. i doubt any ftm is at home in the fetal position thinking that no one is ever going to love him because he was born with a vagina. its absurd and there are bigger fish to fry and much larger battles to fight.

  56. 56

    what the fuck ever happened to freedom of speech? I am so fucking tired of having to walk on eggshells not to piss off this side or that side by what I say.

  57. 57

    well everyone gets offended these days..Ke$ha means she doesn't want to date girly men (not manly men)..get over it.

  58. 58

    Talk about overanalyzing. =/

  59. 59

    people in this world are not going to make it to old age if they are different and get offended by STUPID THINGS. You don't like a singer, song, DON'T BUY!!! Tell your friends. BUT DON'T MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO. in this case, you look stupid. In other cases, it gives the person free advertising. like when Perez/Mario rants about Palin or Gosselin, he is just giving them free press, making them more popular. Save your anger for MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES-WORLD CRISIS, OUR DEBT REACHING 10'S OF TRILLIONS, OUR INEPT GOVERNMENT, KOREA, BOTH SIDES, IRAN, IRAQ…. Not for some song that some singer who will be insignificant in a short time…

  60. mac14 says – reply to this


    … honestly who cares what a chick who thinks she is a dude thinks.. no one

  61. 61

    Re: nverforgetsept11 – "what the fuck ever happened to freedom of speech?" Did you watch the video? This video is an example of it. He exercised free speech to say he don't like agree with the lyrics to a Kesha song. Now, I think it was a silly agreement. Another example of free speech. FYI: You are a dumbass.

    Happy Christmas!

  62. 62

    Trans gender get offended for everything!Fuck man.

  63. 63

    It is a bad sign in earth when man stop acting like man and prefer to act like wimps!

  64. 64

    while I understand and appreciate where they are coming from… clearly the message of the song is about a man who won't act like a man. this is a FAIL.

  65. 65

    yea i doubt she is really making her music all focused on the transgend community. if i had to cater to their sensitivity id be tired as hell from listening to it. just because your gay, trans doesn't always make you right.

  66. 66

    *groan* Why does everyone in this day and age have to be SO hyper-sensitive? I swear these people spend most of their lives LOOKING for something to chastise.

    First of all: it's a freaking Ke$ha song. It's not some serious, deep song with actual meaning. It's just a silly dance track. And if you actually listen to the song it's about a guy Ke$ha is seeing that starts getting all mushy and relationship-heavy when all she wanted was a fuck buddy. "I just can't date a dude with a vage" is a metaphor! Jesus!

  67. 67

    he was just voicing his opinion. not saying he is right, but it is his right.
    i would, however, like to say that i personally am disgusted by all of the hateful remarks about this video. calling someone a cry baby, a moron, a bitch, stupid, and retarded (not to mention the many offensive and politically incorrect terms used to refer to this individual i.e. "shehe"and "tranny") is cruel and extremely UNNECESSARY here. you all should be ashamed

  68. 68

    i would totally date a guy with a vagina, it's gross, stupid, and wrong that so many people disrespect people in the LGBT comunity and 60% of the time people don't even know there being rude
    i understand how dis kid feels

  69. 69

    Yes the lyrics could be considered offensive to some, however I don't feel like they were. As a MAJOR supporter of the LGBT community, I would be the first to step up and say that it is, if I thought that Ke$has intentions were to be offensive. But it wasn't.

  70. 70

    Way too much ridiculous BS for only being too minutes long. Kesha is a crazy party girl who was saying she didnt want a man that acted like a little girl. That little boy way OVER analyzed and thought way too much into it. All he did was make himself look like an immature idiot. As a HUGE supporter of the LGBT community myself, I can say this was not only a pointless video, but a completely pointless post in general on this site. I am sure there are a ton of Transgendered people that love getting the shout out from Kesha, and TRUST me, 'tranny,' is not any where near as nasty as the N word!!!

  71. 71

    LOL- *TWO minutes long!

  72. 72

    not sure what all the fuss is about? No one buys her trashy music anyway - its rubbish.

  73. 73

    EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL .. except shit that on the outside curve may offend less than 1% of the intended audience.

    Then you need to STFU AND APOLOGIZE.

  74. Misa7 says – reply to this


    Re: mac14
    i agree!!

  75. 75

    I think Kesha didn't think that this would hurt someone but it did so this IS IMPORTANT. Kesha is famous whether U like it or not and things that she says have impact in people. And yeah some of U think that this doesn't matter at all BUT so many people in this world are ignorant and hateful so I think we should REALLY REALLY think what we sing about. And……I just wanna say this guy is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  76. 76

    This song can be taken like any other. It depends on how you, the listener, interprets the lyrics. Watching this video and then listening to her song, "Grow a Pear," it seems reasonable to feel offended and disgusted. I am not saying this was done with malicious intent on Ke$ha's behalf, but how about some sensitivity people?

    Just as we are all entitled to our own taste in music, we will hear the same song differently. You can't view the world as black and white.

  77. 77

    I think it's fair to say there are many interpretations to the song. This man was obviously hurt enough about not only the lyrics, but the things that Ke$ha has said in the past calling people 'Trannies' to bring the issue forward.
    There's going to be issues with these kinds of topics for years to come. What people need to do is be aware of the issues, and understand them from all sides. This is one side, but I'm sure there are others that should be taken into consideration before people start saying 'This guy's an idiot he's being a little blahblahblah.' Know the facts before you start backtalking someone who's been courageous enough to put themselves out there like this in public view.

  78. 78

    its ke$ha, for gods sake who the hell cares what keshas saying, she probably doesn't know what she's saying. get over it

  79. 79

    first of all, him saying "i doubt you have ever heard of the f -> m community, which makes you a hypocrite, Ke$ha". Even if she hasn't heard of f -> m, that doesn't make her a hypocrite! a "hypocrite" is someone who, according to dictionary.com is "a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs".
    if you don't know something exists, you CANNOT be a hypocrite.

  80. 80

    This he/she person needs to use professional and acceptable vocabulary if he/she wants to ever be taken seriously. Also, "trannie" is not equal to the N word. Not by any stretch of the imagination. What a horrible, misinformed, and unintelligent thing to say.

  81. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Oh BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82

    I don't understand why having a vagina should be an insult to a man anyway. Isn't that kind of sexist to women? Like having female genitles makes you 'less' or 'worse'? It's dumb that having a vagina is shorthand for being whiny, selfish, weak, irrational and having a dick makes you strong, confident, dependable etc. It's important to examine and question the way we use language, especially in popular culture (mass culture). Some of you people REALLY need Sociology 101.

  83. 83

    Gah you're all a bunch of sensitive freaks….

  84. 84

    Well put. I hope Kesha responds.

  85. 85

    Re: Gagalicious_x – you are retarded

  86. 86

    Ok but how about the fact that "men" with vaginas really are NOT attractive? I'm sorry but if you look at that song literally — it's the truth. Sorry if it's offensive but still true nonetheless.

  87. 87


  88. 88

    Did I reallly read this comment from you Perez? Aren't you the one who had a three day hardon thinking about that WOman thing? Didn't you then meet that POS and suck on it's tit? Did your mother see those pictures? *NOW* you're upset by things that make the trans community look bad? I really think you have a mental illness, but I'm not sure what the name of it would be.

  89. 89

    Re: gorgeous_chik7 – ] Did you not hear this person clearly say that they know it wasn't in context, but that it was still hurtful. It's just like someone saying that you are ACTING like a bitch, it makes you think they called you one. They didn't however it still makes you think so. If you listened you would understand that.

  90. 90

    Why is no one talking about how the name of the song is "Grow a PEAR?!" Pear, as in the fruit. Kesha is an idiot and so is whoever okayed that title.

  91. 91


  92. 92

    Why has only one person touched upon the fact that its titled "grow a PEAR" when it should be titled "grow a PAIR"?

    God, some people need to go back to school and learn some grammar and spelling.

  93. 93

    Oh for God's sake…

  94. 94

    Re: QuinneVengeance – Noticed, but I just assumed it was a lame pun, like pear, fruit, fruit grows?

  95. 95

    The kid obviously admitted he knew the song wasn't about transgenders, so that's not the issue… but letting a song about whiny guys trigger these emotions is a bit ridiculous. Ke$ha has always supported your community, and you should be thankful for that, because not many people are open to admit that… instead of pushing away your supporters you should embrace them. Especially since the margin between support and hate is very wide.

  96. 96

    "Grow A Pear! "

    Ouch! That would hurt.

  97. 97

    Some people will actually find the lyrics to be literal. With Ke$ha's song "We R Who We R," she's supposedly sticking up for everyone, including the LGBT community. When she goes around saying "tranny" and singing lyrics that could potentially be translated into something offensive to the transgender community, that's kind of hypocritical. This person is just trying to make awareness about it. I agree too, Ke$ha probably didn't intentionally mean those lyrics and she probably didn't even relate it to the trans, but still, she should reword somethings INCASE it COULD offend someone she's been "sticking up for."

  98. 98

    he did say he knows it wasn't her intent to offend.
    but in the end, she did.
    and i think he did a brave thing, and a good thing to speak out :)

  99. 99

    This is America. Freedom of Speech
    people have the right to say what they want thank you to the founding fathers
    Why are people such babies now a days, why does everything bother every one so much. I'm called terrorist, spic and wetback
    You dont see me complaining
    YOU give the power to the word which makes it offensive
    I dont think this is appropriate but whatever I tell this to EVERYONE, man up

  100. 100

    although i dislike kesha and even i realize that wasn't her intent, this was very well spoken and had many good points

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