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Spanish-Language Show Is #1 In The Ratings

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Yay! Latinos are taking over!

This is so cool!

Univision's Soy Tu Dueña was the number one show this past week, bringing in 5.8 million viewers in the key demographic, 18-49. The show beat out other top hit shows like CBS' NCIS: L.A., ABC's No Ordinary Family, and an NBC SNL special.

And this isn't the first time Soy Tu Deuña brought in the big ratings! Back in June, the show topped the key demo for the first time and has hit the spot many times since then.

Univision Networks president Cesar Conde says:

"Univision is committed to becoming the No. 1 television network in the United States among Adults 18-49, regardless of language, within the next five years and our ability to deliver top quality programming like Soy Tu Dueña allows us to further advance on this goal."


What can we say?? We love our telenovelas!

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115 comments to “Spanish-Language Show Is #1 In The Ratings”

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  1. 101

    . But they continue to hope that THEIR sons and daughters be able to have a better, more comfortable life. So it makes me furious when ignorant people dismiss Latinos as stupid and lazy. OF COURSE there are some like this, but this is true for people IN EVERY RACE. EVEN WHITE PEOPLE. I don't think illegal immigration is a good thing, and it should stop, but there is no need to shove all Latinos into the "Illegal Immigrant" category. It's almost 2011– can we please move forward and be more accepting of each other? I am tired of people feeling superior to homosexuals or people of color or women or whatever other random category. We are all PEOPLE. I don't like skimming over Perez's site in some of my free time and see comments like these. It makes me sick. I probably won't come on here anymore, but I thought I'd at least leave this comment. It astounds me that Perez congratulating a Spanish-language show could spark such hatred and rude accusations.

  2. 102

    So sorry for this spontaneous, jumbled essay but I was so mad and needed to put my thoughts out there.

  3. 103

    Re: SelenaR – I agree with EVERY single word you said. My parents have always worked hard for my siblings and I to thrive and have a better future. I'm proud of where I came from and will always cherish the values my parents taught me.

  4. 104

    Re: AprilLoraine – First of all its on moday throught friday for one hour at night so wouldnt open my mouth and say the government is paying latino to sit and watch t.v all day.

  5. 105

    Re: nyalan – not even this country allows freedom of speech and were allowed to talk in the language we want to. Your so prideful of being in this country that was taken from native americans. We are all immigrants b****.

  6. 106

    Re: GG78Re: GG78 – how does this program have to with illegal immigrants. Get your facts straight millions of hispanic people live here in america and we as you pay taxes. you an immigrant too. do not consider you self american you racist b****. This lands belongs to the native americans so if you think immigrants are taking over then consider yourself one.

  7. 107

    People are so stupid. We as latinos work hard and watch t.v at night to work. All these comments say we are living off the government. Get your s*** straight we take any job we could get. All those unemployed are mostly white people because they are too prideful to go get a job that involves geting dirty. I doubt any white person would go pick up fruits for 5 dollars an hour with strong heat and sun for 12 hours. Or work in construction under the cold or heat to help build building here in America, but no we are taking "their"jobs. Pathetic, they know for a fact they would not work in these kinds of jobs. stop blaming us for your actions. We come here to help our families not create problems.

  8. 108

    Re: SelenaR – Oh come on! Really? You want us to believe they can't learn english??? LMAO!! Right! Not sure where you live, but I know here in GA, MANY MANY illegals are going to college for almost nothing or FREE. The illegals get more funding and kickbacks than the ones who are legal!

  9. 109

    Re: yo momma 23 – was not referring to you as lazy and ignorant. That was someone else.

  10. 110

    Re: Liseth25 – Agree that latinos will take jobs most will not, I don't think that is the issue. The issue is when they just don't pay tax yet expect the same benefits that tax paying money is needed for in order to provide those services and then turn around and send it back to Mexico. I have no problem helping people, but when you come here pop out kid after kid with no insurance and rely on MY tax paying money to give you health care and after care for free, it is then I have a problem and I am sure I speak for many. If latinos who come here want respect and to stop being treated like second class people then start stepping up to the plate and paying taxes!!!

  11. 111

    So yeh white people. How does that sound to you

  12. 112

    some people are still in the ignorance. if your saying illegals go to school for free your wrong bc they cant go to school like that they must have social so therefore it wouldnt make them illegal. get your facts straight and then dissort them how ever you want them. oh we all pay taxes! the min you buy something you pay taxes. so dont bring that bull that at the end of the year we stay w all the money.

  13. 113

    Pffft Get over it people. It's NOT a syndicated show. It DOESN'T last 10 yrs like english speaking soap operas that bore the bejeeves out of you. Spanish soap operas have been translated in dozens of languages and are seen worldwide with a large majority being very well known and popluar. I had an Asian doctor once tell me how he would see translated novelas and was a big fan of Thalia. And they DO NOT dress as slutty as I have seen other actresses dressing now, especially on the shows that are very unappropiate for younger viewers. Sure the novelas might seem cheesy but at least they're not talking about cocaine and threesomes like on shows I've seen on the CW. It's NOT a fake reality show or a silly competiton. It's an imaginary world that fills the gap for us normal Latinos that after a long day of work just want to sprawl on the sofa and watch something fun and interesting that has nothing to do with the real world.
    I bet if the highest watching show was Dancing With The Stars nobody would complain….and fyi I think THAT is a sorry excuse for an hour wasted.
    I enjoy watching an occasional episode or so of one novela or another but don't make it a habit. The people here complaining are the ones that have nothing better to do but sit on THEIR asses and whine not us. Have a lovely day you big bunch of babies!

  14. 114

    Re: Miz Bitch To You
    From one MIZ to another..I have one question for you. When you by something, anything, what country is it from? I can guarantee you that it's not all 100% American made. So when you complain about Mexicano's sending their hard earned money back to their needing families in Mexico just remember that YOU'RE sending back money to China, Tawian, India, Bangladesh etc. everytime you buy a product made from them. Meanwhile they're laughing at you after ripping you off for paying 29.99 for something that cost them 5 dollars to make!
    Gee that sure shows American pride people! haha

  15. 115

    well what evs Univison is nnumber one and will continue to be number one i loved la duena and all the novelas and hope univison will keep up the good work!!! AJUA!!!!!!!!!!

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