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Madonna Sends Special Gifts To Malawi Orphanage

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So generous! What an amazing gift to give these kiddies!

Sources are reporting that Madonna sent all kind of goodies to six orphanages in Malawi, including toys, chocolates and much needed clothes!

Officials at Madonna's charity, Raising Malawi, distributed the items along with handwritten Christmas cards from Madonna, Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy! The note read:

"To my Malawi children on Christmas and Boxing Day. I wish I was with you. See you soon, M."

Along with the generous gifts, Madonna also funded a party at one of the orphanages where over 1,000 people from the surrounding villages came to celebrate with the 2,500 orphans and underprivileged children.

Amazing! What a holiday treat for all!

Sometimes, we just have to stop and marvel at how big this woman's heart truly is!

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Madonna Sends Special Gifts To Malawi Orphanage”

  1. 1

  2. GG78 says – reply to this


    Fuck Malwi ! They treat women and gays like shit ! Madonna's gay fans need to STOP giving her Malwi charity money. They are killing gays there !

  3. 3

    Her face is starting to look rounder and rounder :S

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Please, sir, can we have some more?

  5. 5

    She can and should give more…..and the next time you give, make it $$.

  6. 6

    What the hell is wrong with her face? She needs to stop doing plastic surgery!

  7. GG78 says – reply to this


    Re: tiffer7497 – She's starting to look like The Cat Lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein !

  8. 8


  9. 9

    "See you soon" means I'll be visiting you guys soon to buy another baby. Her and Angelina sure do love collecting exotic children from around the world.

  10. 10

    Good for her.. its nice to see her spending her money on charities like this.

  11. 11

    Re: GG78 – Could you be more egocentric, xenophobic and selfish?
    Women and gays are mistreated all over the world. How dare you say f#@k Malawi.

  12. 12

    I usually don't want to slag off anyone who is trying to help in any way, but…

    Toys? Chocolate?

    I've been to Malawi (in Cikhangeni) as a volunteer nurse - toys and chocolate aren't going to cut it, and sending them just reinforces their (correct) belief that they live in hell while we live in Disneyland.

    How about clean drinking water, protein, modern medicine, birth control, EDUCATION, and the hope for a future? (Take care of the first few of those, and the 'hope' part will come naturally.) But people just want to feel good over the holidays, after which they go right back to forgetting that there are people dying for the stupidest of reasons.

    Madge is doing *something*, and that is great. But in this case, I think she messed up, probably because she knew the people in the US & UK would be confused if she sent Malawi kids penicillin and vitamins for Christmas.

  13. 13

    How big this woman's heart is? really? I could spend all night refuting that. but I am tired, enough to say her ego out weighs her heart by a million to one.

  14. 14

    MADONNA still beautiful i love u

  15. mvp says – reply to this


    Madonnas built schools and given 20 millions to them.

    long live the queen

  16. 16

    extensions ruin your hair.

  17. 17

    Re: Plokiju – Because it's Christmas and children are meant to get a treat (something these kids never get).

  18. 18

    Re: GG78 – actually she saved rhose gay men in malawi. they will do what she says . they release the couple cause she beg them. and its amazing what she does. she bought all those toys for the kids. she is helping those kids cause she doesnt want them to become like those malawin mens. they will think in a different way. GOD BLESS U M

  19. 19

    I suppose she is getting ready to purchase another child to add to her collection.

  20. Dxxx says – reply to this


    Re: Gagalicious_x – I am so fucking sick of Madonna, Brad, Angelina, et al. giving, giving, giving to every country on every continent except the one where they were born and made their fortunes in! It just enrages me that these “do greaters” ignore suffering children in their home country. St. Jude is a children’s hospital that works miracles for sick children and their families—is it ironic that Jennifer Aniston devotes her time, money and fame to this home based charity?

  21. 21

    If she was so sincere, why would she tweet that she would like to be with them. They would not have phones etc. Once again more publicity for frankenhead.

  22. 22

    Re: Plokiju – Well, we dont know the whole list of things she sent but then again is her foundation, so pretty sure the whole year is working as intented and the people are getting just more than chocolates.

  23. 23

    Re: Dxxx – Why does it matter where they send their help and money to? Shouldn't you be happy that these celebs are being generous and giving to children in need, regardless of what country they're helping out? Africa is the poorest continent, whereas America is one of the richest, if not the richest, country on earth. Doesn't it make sense to try to help those less fortunate than others?

  24. 24

    She really looks like hell these days! No wonder she has to pay boys to sleep with her! Uuugh!

  25. 25

    did she gain weight or is that a filler? why is her face so puffy? no big deal because she is still very pretty, but i am sad to see her sell out. she doesn't need fillers!

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Bah. She looks healthy, and is doing her thing. Filler, schmiller.