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Poor Xtina! Not Myself Tonight Voted Worst Music Video Of 2010

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And that is saying something when you hear some of the people she beat out!

According to an online poll, Christina Aguilera's video for Not Myself Tonight was the worst music video of the year.

Xtina beat out Countess Luann's Money Can't Buy You Class, along with Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore fame and her video for I'm Hot, which was just a slideshow of her Facebook pictures!

Crazy, huh? We find that hard to believe!

Better luck next year, honey.

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74 comments to “Poor Xtina! Not Myself Tonight Voted Worst Music Video Of 2010”

  1. 1

    the pinnacle of desperation. gaga copycat

  2. 2

    Exactly what website conducted this online poll? I didn't like this video personally but i find it hard to believe it would beat out half assed done videos by reality stars.

  3. 3

    Lol..?Nothing beats Mantess LuAnn's song/music video.
    Wouldn't be surprised if CaCa's fans all voted for hers as the worse.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Hmmm, where's the link to this "poll" Perez?

  6. 6

    Worst would be like a Khia video. Pure lame hate. NMT is a GREAT video

  7. 7

    Probably because everyone hates her ugly ass. She thinks she's such hot shit and a total bitch. Haha. Serves her right.

  8. GG78 says – reply to this


    I've seen WAY WORSE videos this past year. Must of been a bucn of Xtina haters on the web site that conducted that poll. Just like you, Perez !

  9. Laury says – reply to this


    Xtina fans will start bitching about this in 3…2…

    And yeah, the video was horrible, as was Bionic.

  10. cymro says – reply to this


    you must be so proud of the effect you've had on her career, perez! no more bullying? that's laughable - you just happen to do it in a passive-aggressive way instead and delight in reporting anything you can from other sites to bully her without actually putting your name on it. whatever anyone thinks of the video, it's directed by hype williams who is one of the masters in the field - this just proves how ridiculous all the hatred is.

  11. 11

    Looks like it came straight out of Madonna's playbook!

  12. 12

    I call BS on this polll…please, who voted, only you Perez? This wasn't the best video, but the worst? BS.

  13. 13

    I just watched it now for the second time…the first time I saw it I vowed never to watch it again…it's just so awful.

  14. 14

    poeple will hate just to hate. the polls a joke. was the video the best? no. was it the worst? far from it. why she got so much hate for this video/album i'll never understand.

  15. 15

    No wonder, the slut copied GaGa and Madonna in every shot of that video. I'm glad the whore's career is down the tubes. Hopefully she gets the hint and stops releasing music.

  16. 16

    I saw alot of bad videos this year….Can't believe this was the worst! Who conducted this poll again!?….

  17. 17

    Like many great voice's before her, she will bounce back. Like Britney, and Madonna…Christina has staying power. I'm a Gaga fan, but don't understand the hype. Very catchy tunes, but the whole act has been done before. Christina's voice stands the test of time, and will be known in the like's of: Patty Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey. Im pretty sure Christina is pretty ok to be in the company of these talented woman. People need to stop bashing and support one another. It's a hard world to live in, for anyone…including celebrites. So lets stop the hate.

  18. 18

    The Haters on this site need to get jobs or hit gyms already!!…

  19. 19

    Yawn to the video….been there done that type of one.

    She doesn't need to do that….her voice can carry her without the hype and desperate need for attention type video that Madonna did years ago. This type makes me embarrassed for artists. Why do they feel the need to go this far? I am so over the sex sells stuff….lets go back to basics.

  20. 20

    That poseur video sucked. It looked forced and lame.

  21. 21

    she deff didnt have the worst video.
    angelina did.

    and not myself tonight was a good video
    but we all know you made that list perez.

  22. 22

    All of her songs sound exactly a like. She is so not sexy yet that image is what she chronically tries to force feed on every one. She is played OUT.

  23. 23

    an "online poll"… hahahahahaha.. ok…

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Tackiest, that's for sure.

  25. 25

    She is so dreadful. Who art directed this piece of work? Some tweeked out blind queen?

  26. 26

    I have to be honest its not great but I love the song! But how many videos do we actually see and go "oh I love that". I think the worst video of this year was stutterin by fefe. I love the song, tragic video

  27. 27

    let me guess, probably a gaga related fan site?…to be honest i think xtinas was probably better than atleast 100 other music videos..just retarded gaga fans who have no life or brain

  28. 28

    I like how Perez says that he has "changed" and that he's no longer the bully he once was. What a joke. If that was true, he would have had awards for the "best of" entertainment, not awards for the "worst." Once a prick, always a prick. If Perez were objective and fair with other celebrities, he would have had a "worst lip synching" award and Britney Spears would have won for her Circus tour. But no, he would never speak ill of Britney or Gaga. He gives new meaning to the word transparency.

  29. 29

    I love gaga and xtina it did visually/chronologically through out copy but who cares it was hot and fun love it

  30. 30

    The video was crap. A veteran musician to put out such a clearly cheap video.

  31. 31

    There's NOOOO way that's accurate.

  32. 32

    It wasn't a poll. It was just on Yahoo, some WRITER not a poll wrote it.

  33. 33

    love love christina ive seen her live she a superstar !!!!
    perez i miss the old you (u dont need to be nasty but come on you are soo boring)

  34. Jaxmo says – reply to this


    …video's shoddy, too much nothing

  35. 35

    Re: cymro – stop using "bully".. such a over used word here.. yeesh if she sucked then she sucked, he also mentioned the others who sucked too xP

  36. 36

    well idk i didn't like the video either.. i don't think a lot of people did.. a lot of negative comments on the youtube site too.. it was just too much.. i know moms can be sexy but this was gross ..

  37. 37

    the worst video of the year goes to LADY GAGA AND BEYONCE FOR TELEPHONE! okay? nobody in their sober state would EVER like that garbage of a video. please.

  38. 38

    Re: buzzcuts – yeah and lady gaga's bullshit TELEPHONE video really rocked eh? i love the double standard.

  39. 39

    i can see why!!!!! first of all she's trying too hard to be like lady gaga and second it really doesnt suit her!!!! its actually quite disturbing for her to do. Gaga can pull it off, however Aguilera really can't, it's so not her!
    I wonder what Lady G would have to say about her vid?

  40. 40

    Cringeworthy. You're past your prime sweety. Time to go home to the baby, doncha think?

  41. 6one9 says – reply to this


    A tad extreme I do believe! so??

  42. 42

    i luv xtina to death but it just was not her best album stripped was her best album. But i noe she will bounce back. But who cares BURLESQUE was awesome. But her video was definately no the worst video.

  43. 43

    She tries to hard. Some hot sex is cool but she make this video as raunchy as she could and it backfired on her. She just needs to be her. Not Xtine, not Gaga,not Monro, not dirty fighter chick, just Christina and go back to those roots. She's an amazing singer but just seems lost on what she wants to be. Dont be anything,just be Christina.

  44. J17 says – reply to this


    Re: grenstorm – umm garbage? it's a work of art. unintelligent people like you sicken me.

  45. 45

    VOTED??? oh really ?? who voted?? desperado Gaga ugly fans ?? or loooosers like you,PigAss HoleTon?? this video is not her best one,but still it is creative,workout and sexy….. Thumbs up for Xtina…..Pedofile Hilton and LaZy GaGarbage suck

  46. 46

    Re: grenstorm – oh yeah,right you are….. Xtina's videos are way better Gaga's UGLY flop ass videos…..

  47. 47

    This isnt the best video I have to agree

  48. 48

    Not Myself Tonight the hottest video! It is not best but hot. And where's the link to this poll? I know real voting where саса Alejandro wins the worst song of year! haha

  49. 49

    lol, you idiots need to Stop acting like people who dont like Xtina's crap jut aren't "smart" or "deep" enough to get it, lol its pure trash. Doesn't matter is she can sing or not, she is a lame celebrity.

  50. 50

    you find it hard to believe?
    you were the one who spent months bashing her and her video

  51. 51

    She is a copycat. First she copie britney then marilyn and now GAGA !!!
    This video was horrible.
    But her voice is really strong and good, but she sell herself bitchy !

  52. 52

    Re: OriginalRecipe – Okay that was mean earlier, THIS video is Trash, not Tina. Do Celebrities read this you think? lol i feel bad

  53. 53

    I've seen far worse

  54. 54

    To everyone asking what online poll conducted this survey, it was Yahoo. All you have to is click on the word "beat" that is highlighted in the very sentence to get to it.
    Perez had nothing to do with it, and it's not like it's the end all of all polls.
    But it is a stupid video.

  55. 55

    Forget about Christina's video, take a look at #2: Dutch Z-list celeb Dries Roelvink. I dont' know how it came in the list, but it surely deserves the #1 spot.

  56. 56

    Re: Melissa Katthöfer
    Lol When Christina copy good girl Britney? She always been bad girl!! And Xtina was hot and dirty sexy!!! Now caca copy her and Madonna. Caca just ugly whore who can´t sing

  57. 57


  58. 58

    If she wasn't copying Gaga this video would have been gud

  59. 59

    Her video is no where near as bad as that Spectacular video by that Cheetah Girl. THAT was the worst video of the year. What happened to stop bullying celebrities? What happened to stop bullying Christina!

  60. 60

    Re: jennycakes – Bullying's bullying regardless of if it's 'over used'. Singling out a single star one of which he's been bullying for the full year is hardly playing it fair. Sure he does it to other stars but not to the extent of this. ANYTHING he can get to make X-Tina look bad he gets.

  61. 61

    Madonna she aint!

  62. 62

    its because shes trying too hard to be like gaga in it…if you couldnt tell already.

  63. 63

    You enjoy writing negative posts about Miss.Aguilera don't you? Child.

  64. 64

    Perez you are a sick fucker what you need to be worrying about is not posting you and your mother on this site, I can't take it the bitch is ugly! Is she even legal in this country? instead of worrying about Christina and career perhaps you should be working on making your rat mother a citizen. And how can she even stand her son! And don't worry slowly but surely people are getting sick of lady caca and her circus! Her time will come and you will have to find a new ass to kiss.

  65. 65

    i don't understand why she keeps slutting it up in her videos…that's for acts without actual talent! if you have a wonderful voice like hers she should focus on THAT and quit trying so hard to be sexy.

    she's not sexy! she's weird looking and has no idea how to put on makeup…and someone should ban that red lipstick forever.

  66. 66

    "According to an online poll…" Nuff said.

  67. 67

    I don't see how this is the WORST video of the year… really? What poll was this?

  68. 68

    If you click the word beat it'll bring you to yahoo, and you will notice it was NOT A POLL. It was written by some shit person at yahoo, I wish Perez would get it straight before making a dumbass of himself.

  69. 69

    what a rip off. of course this was voted worst video. it's got theft written all over it. we've already seen everything in this video from Gaga and Britney, and they did waayyy better! with the budget she had Xtina should have brought it a little better. hang it up girl. hang it up.

  70. 70

    not myself tonight was a terrible music video. she is much more talented than that crap. i hope her next album showcases her incredible voice more rather showing her crawling on the floor in bondage outfits.

  71. 71

    Re: grenstorm – That video was great — total camp. You just don't get it.

  72. 72

    And this information comes from???… Nobody knows the site!!! hahahaha… POOR PEREZ, TRYIN' TO SAVE GAG'S CAREER NOW NOBODY EVEN MENTION HER!!

  73. 73

    OMG! I thought this was the hottest video in the last decade, let alone 2010! Tina's sexy and talented. People are just jealous bitches.

  74. 74

    Im confused. How exactly is the video copying from anyything lady gaga? It looks to me like its a tribute to Madonna …. I think its super sexy and campy, hell the song is called "NOT MYSELF TONIGHT" the other side of her that wants to act out like whorezilla. I Think she is a beautiful person!!