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XTina And Her Man Are Back In El Lay

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Looks like it's getting serious!

After taking him on essentially a tour of the world, Christina Aguilera and her boy toy, Matt Rutler, were spotted out and about El Lay on Monday doing some post-Christmas shopping and grabbing lunch at Fred Segal.

Wow. Maybe they're in it for the long haul!

Hope you two had a nice holiday together!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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20 comments to “XTina And Her Man Are Back In El Lay”

  1. 1

    And once again…where is her child!?

  2. 2

    Re: sharkgrl89 – perez want her to look like a bad mother - he doesnt post the pics with her son
    there have been plenty of pics of her over the past few days with her child

  3. 3

    The father should get custody regardless,she's not firing right.

  4. 4

    she looks like the day after halloween when you fell asleep in your clown makeup and wig. Good god, she needs a makeover. That dude's a famewhore too, you can tell he's aware of the cameras at all times.

  5. 5

    long haul?? really mario????? he's a rebound and someone to fuck considering a shitty marriage doesn't consist of it………..

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Wow does she need a makeover.

  8. 8

    STF off ;( . She looks happy and she deserved to be she is a hard working mom she is extremelly talented , rich $$$$$$$$$ , young , famos , hot & beautiful girl . Haters get a fucking life and go and suck€£¥#% . and let's xtina live her life happy:$))

  9. 9

    Why all this bitches jealous €£¥#%rs are soo piss off about xtina be happy??? It's her life and she deserved to be happy she is a great mother !! Only cuzz things didn't work with Jordan doesn't mean she is a bad mother , and the sooners she finish her european promo tour for her amazing movie burlesque she backs to the USA to be with her son. She is a great mother and max has a happy and great life style thanks to his moms $$$$$$$$$$$ she born To be a SUPERSTAR !! Stop bien jealos mothefu#%^£¥

  10. 10

    Max has a better life style then any of this heaters motherfuckers losers ;( Keep pressing all this haters you all bunch of jealous you always sound like you have a chiilii in your disgusting ass;( keep pressing XTINAs 5th studio album is coming soon very soon!!

  11. 11

    To me it looks like she has no consideration for her husband who she is not divorced from yet and she is rubbing this new boy toy fling in his face. She is selfish and like someone else posted…where the heck is her son? She is always pictured with her fling while her husband is always pictured with their son. She needs to stop hurting Jordan and Max…..Tramp.

  12. 12

    Is it bad that i'm imagining locking him in a windowless room and leaving him there to rot? I can't stand either of them! What a long way to go from contantly gushing over your husband to dating somebody within a week after filing for divorce, shows how much respect you ever had for him. Not to mention this guy is just using you, duh! Honestly! Do you not see anything wrong with this? Nevermind, she disgusts me.

  13. 13

    Wasn't gonna say it, wasn't gonna go there, but why does she look like she's gained 10 pounds in her nose? Yeah, she's gained some weight, but how can someone's nose get fat? I kept thinking it was the camera angle or some weird makeup shading, but nope, I really think her noggin's gotten bigger!

  14. 14

    why does she date WAY under her league

  15. 15

    Re: sharkgrl89 – she spent much time with her boy these days…..google Christina,instead of having only this lame source!!

  16. 16

    i love how perez posts this…but none of the picutes of her and Max out from the weekend…and now everyone will say shes a shitty mother and blah blah blah. and the hate fest will start.
    you live a sad life dont you perez?

  17. 17

    she doesnt look happy. she looked happy back in 2006/07, thats just her pretending to be alright. that guy is totally broke. he is obviously a famewhore.
    i'm very disappointed to christina. she is rubbing this idiot all over jordans face. NEVER thought she would do that to him.

    and you, mario, are the worst bully of all. you even have the nerve to act like you give a shit about her. just sad.

  18. 18

    Where is her kid? What a horrible slut of a mother. She never cared about her child, she just had it for publicity. I hope the father gets full custody. What kind of whore jumps into a long term relationship two days after leaving their husband? She sings about being a whore in her music, and now we all know its true.

  19. 19

    Why does she have yellow hair, ugly as hell. With all her money, if it's even true that she has that much, she could maybe afford a stylist because to me she looks like a hooker of the lowest level. Yellow hair, indeed !

  20. 20

    Re: Chooch – i have noticed that about her nose too. i noticed her nose looked bigger a few weeks ago. strange huh? maybe shes a marcupial and she has a secret pouch in her nose where she hides her kid. i mean, its not like anyone ever sees her with her child. maybe the child is stuck somewhere in her nose.