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Not So Fast, Bristol! Levi Hasn't Given Consent For Arizona Move

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As much as we're sure she'd like to forget the fact, Levi Johnston is still Bristol Palin's baby daddy, meaning he has a say in whether or not she can move him to Arizona, thousands of miles away from Wasilla, Alaska.

According to Levi's rep, he is "aware" of Bristol's house purchase, but the pair have not yet discussed what this will mean in terms of custody of 2-year-old Tripp. The good news is that Levi doesn't seem all that interested in standing in the way of her big move. Levi's rep reveals:

"Levi is not at all upset that Bristol is going to Arizona … After the holidays, Levi and Bristol will get together and discuss plans for Tripp."

Maybe Levi has yet to realize how costly it will be for him to fly to visit his son every other weekend…or maybe he just doesn't care? Either way, he shouldn't be so nonchalant about custody of Tripp if he wants to stay a part of his life.

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21 comments to “Not So Fast, Bristol! Levi Hasn't Given Consent For Arizona Move”

  1. 1

    When it came out that Levi had a new girlfriend that wanted to meet Tripp, Bristol said that she was pleased because Levi hadn't visited him in months. My guess is that he isn't paying child support either. Maybe he legally gets a say, but he doesn't deserve one.

  2. 2

    I really don't understand why they feel the need to have their reps release statements about their personal lives. its pathetic.

  3. 3

    Any one else not care?

  4. 4

    He needs a 'legal rep' Bristol normally answers questions asked of her or her mother's rep answers. BUT, Bristol did say herself, that Levi has not asked to see the kid in over 5 months MARIO, so, the EVERYOTHER WEEKEND THING- he has NO INTEREST IN THAT. The baby/toddler is just a 'check he has to payout'

  5. 5

    He doesn't care because he is a shitty dad who doesn't see his son.

  6. 6

    Re: LizardKinG – *takes a seat on the bench with the I don't care either group* LOL

  7. 7

    I find myself not giving 2 shits abt Perez's posts anymore.. but rather more about the people's comments who post here.. its more entertaining to see what other people have to say, because we all know Perez plays favorties and his reporting is watered down and trite.

  8. 8

    nobody cares about either of these people.

  9. 9

    Re: LizardKinG – DITTO !!

  10. 10

    Of course he wants the triple-chinned cow Bristol as far away as possible!

  11. 11

    Re: MsJules – Seriously… Some of the people that post the stuff on here you wanna look at and say "what planet are you from?"

  12. 12

    Is he wearing makeup?

  13. 13

    Re: LizardKinG – What's to care about?

  14. 14

    uhm idk why it would matter if she took his kid, because she stated that he hadnt even asked to see the child in over 5 months?? hes such a great father. not that she is a wonderful mother but dude doesnt give a shit about his kid.

  15. 15

    Seriously, is this a joke? They are not married. He does not see the baby regularly months at a time, if at all. Luckily she is supporting their child because he probably is not contributing much, if at all… Because she got pregnant by him, her son's deadbeat father has a say at all?

  16. 16

    Sarah is living in Arizona now during the winters. I'm sure Bristol will just follow her back for the summers seeing as how she couldn't possibly live without her mom's tit in her mouth.

  17. 17

    He's nothing but a scumbag loser piece of shit and she's too good for that lazy fucking moron anyway!!!! Get a job you piece of garbage.

  18. 18

    He hasn't done porn yet?

  19. 19

    Re: pghamy – Levi USES Tripp.

  20. 20

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight…actually if she has primary custody (which she does) she can legally do whatever she wants. She may have to notify him that she's moving, but he can't stop her. All he can do is request a modification to visitation based on the new living arrangements. I don't know the details of Alaska family law, but doesn't seem like he has much of any rights and doesn't really want any.

  21. @v@ says – reply to this


    Too young to have children = haphazard parenting. The mother usually has to carry the load. Take note, young women.