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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Confesses Her Salary To The Judge! She Makes…

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$280,000 a year! $280K!!!

We wish we were joking about this!

This morning, Amber Portwood, one of the stars of Teen Mom, was ordered to appear before the Madison County magistrate for questioning after she was released on bail.

Now, lets make sure you get all the facts straight. This is a girl who got pregnant at 16, had a baby, was found by MTV and thrown on the air to give a "real" look at teenage motherhood. During the taping of an episode, she lost it and beat the hell out of her baby daddy, in front of her child. The footage aired on television and chaos ensued. She's now booked on two felony charges and a misdemeanor for domestic battery. This morning, she was released on bail.

Now, during her questioning, she was asked to provide her occupation and salary. She replied to the judge that she's a “television personality,” but then had her lawyer object to her having to state her salary. The judge insisted and that's when the world learned that the reality star now makes more money than most hard-working Americans, simply for being on television.

We can't imagine how this girl makes so much, yet still lives the way she does. Hope Leah has a college fund set up!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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111 comments to “Teen Mom Amber Portwood Confesses Her Salary To The Judge! She Makes…”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    And yet you have real people, intelligent people just struggling. This country glorifies the completely useless.

  3. malii says – reply to this


    omg i can feel a loooot of teen getting pregnant as im writting this D:

  4. 4

    You're starting to post more about her then CaCa. Thank god.

  5. 5

    I made an account just to comment on this, this makes me beyond angry. She deserves none of this money! UGGHHHH

  6. 6

    i just watched the episode that Amber hit Gary… Leah wasnt there… she even says that she is pissed because he came back without Leah. and as far as im concerned that d-bag deserved to get hit. yes sometimes the only way to make a dumbass understand is to kick him in the ass… and even you high and mighty who say violence is never ok… well put yourself in her situation.

  7. 7

    Are you really surprised, Perez? Of course she makes more money than most adults when she brings in viewership. I don't think she SHOULD, but you can't say you are shocked by this. She has been told by producers the other moms are dull and she is the golden goose.

  8. 8

    im sure the teen moms salary is stipend. dont be a dumb ass perez and PLEASE check your facts… LEAH WAS NOT THERE WHEN AMBER HIT GARY!! you are NOT helping… what happend to your new way of doing things?

  9. 9

    Her show is over why is she still getting money? Must be nice to be a worthless loser and make more than a hard working person..Fuck this country sometimes..I just don't get it. :/

  10. 10

    Just like the Jersey Shore douchebags….. MTV SUCKS!

  11. 11

    Re: truthTELLER28

    she was there. its stated in the police reports and such.

  12. 12

    all that $$$ & her eyebrows look like that?!?!

  13. 13

    Re: truthTELLER28 – Leah was present. The footage just wasn't aired. The police have reviewed the footage and have concluded that Leah WAS present and that's where one of her charges came from.

  14. 14

    I went to college for 8 very expensive years to make a living. I guess I did it the dumb way.

  15. 15

    Re: TheBestRedDress

    Truer words have never been spoken

  16. 16

    okay that is ridiculous, if she makes THAT much whydoes she live in a shitty little house? why would it show farrah crying because she cant make enough to pay the bills? because that much money would pay some bills!

  17. 17

    280K a year and yet she lives like total trailer trash in a tiny filthy apartment??? If she made that much money she could very easily afford a nanny to watch the kid while she went to school to get her GED or even (dare we dream) a college degree. She could also afford a maid to clean up her shit. And she could start a career. Common sense says something here just does not add up!

  18. 18

    Re: truthTELLER28 – Leah WAS there, they said it was in the police reports and unedited footage that she was in fact there when the beating occured. im pretty sure the police arent lying.

  19. 19

    Lol! When you posted how much snooki and the other tards earned you didnt say they didnt deserve it or w/e, but now you are so fucking surprised that she makes 270k "just for being on the television". So snooki and the other tards are just not being on the tv?

  20. ta-da says – reply to this


    damn. i'd pop a baby out at 16 for that salary!….oh, but wait, i waited till i was MARRIED & could AFFORD a baby. oh poo! when you do things the right way, you always get the shitty end of the stick :( …………f*ckin loser, bitch

  21. 21

    Hope she has to put a chunk of that aside for the baby.

    Rupert Everett is a middle aged, whiny bitch.

  22. 22

    Re: truthTELLER28 – OMG YES finally someone who agrees with me!!! I totally agree with you dude.

  23. 23

    its probably from all the magazine covers all those bitches did. but now that her spot on the show is over, and we got new teens coming in she is not going to have that steady flow of cash, she needs to save that shit

  24. 24

    Re: truthTELLER28 – Amber has hit Gary more than once. There was a time when she pushed him and punched him with her daughter and her dad present. She also has a lot of anger issues, she is always yelling and cussing in front of her child. Girl has serious issues!

  25. 25

    Can they make a show called "30 and pregnant" so I can get some of that MTV money?!?! Sign me up I'm already knocked up!

  26. 26

    Re: truthTELLER28

    you sound very uneducated. if the situation was reversed and gary was hitting amber would you still think it was deserved? hitting your significant other is never ok, no matter what sex you are. if you are so immature that you react to arguments in that way then you deserve exactly what amber is going through right now.

  27. 27

    This is beyond offensive to me. This is wrong. The world is so backwards now. I am not trailer trash and don't have a bastard child, and this skank makes more than 10 times my annual salary.

  28. 28

    This is a dumb, ignorant, violent, hillbilly, beast who neglects her child and beats up the father and makes 280K?? That is FUCKED UP!

  29. 29

    Re: truthTELLER28 – If you read the police report, you would know that on one occassion that was not aired, Leah is present while Amber hits Gary as he is sitting on a sofa. On the first episode Amber hit Gary on, Leah was in the room in her carseat. If Amber doesnt care that a camera crew is watching her hit someone, I highly doubt she cares that her young daughter is watching either.

  30. 30

    Honestly, I know plenty of families who would DIE to make 280k a year so they could support their children. I cannot believe that she would live in a crappy apartment. Why not save money for a nicer place? Or why not realize that she should have TONS of money set aside for her childs education. Leah will eventually see that her mom was so worthless before she even turned two. Wow. Good parenting. If she goes to prision she won't get to see her daughter either. IDIOT.

  31. 31

    I hope this doesn't encourage other teens to get pregnant. She better hang on to that money, her 15 minutes are just about up.

  32. 32

    She hardly hit him, you all are the most judgmental gross human beings. The money is not paid until after filming to ensure it doesn't affect the hardships that come with parenthood at such a young age. These kids made a decision to be filmed, which whether they knew it or not, is quite brave. However, she deserves every damn cent of that money, because MTV makes millions from the show. She probably deserves more. None of you all are better than her, and you never ever will be. I'm not, Perez isn't, NOBODY is. If you think you are, then you obviously know NOTHING about spirituality, and would be the worst parents of all. Suck on that! Amber's gonna be okay.

  33. 33

    You have GOT to be fucking Kidding me…. pffffffft

  34. 34

    This makes absolutely no sense at all! How in the hell does an uneducated little girl make that much money!! And how in the hell is it possible that she makes that much money and still doesn't buy her daughter sheets for her bed!!!!!! Completely disgusting!

  35. 35

    Re: TheBestRedDress – SING IT!! Absolutely correct. This country, and the television-viewing audience is ridiculous. Why be an ass on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich when MTV will pay you tons of money and America will treat you like the most fascinating person on Earth? America, consider what you're paying your cable bill for. It's outrageously high, isn't it? Most of us tune into Snooki and Amber Portwood. Seriously?!? I don't and I haven't. The advertisers who pay for those shows don't deserve my eyes. Unfortunately, I don't know who they are cause they hardly deserve my cash either.

  36. 36

    This ugly, mean, untalented girl couldn't even pass a GED test, but she practically makes the equivalent of a brain surgeon. Because this definetly won't promote teenage pregnancy AT ALL.

    You go America.

  37. 37


  38. 38

    She spends all of that money on fake tans, eyebrow waxing, kra magra classes and booze. Duh!

    On a serious note, if she really does make that much, there's something seriously wrong with this country.

  39. 39

    "the reality star now makes more money than most hard-working Americans, simply for being on television." — I'm sorry, how is that different from your beloved Snooki and various other ridiculous people who get paid five time a normal American's salary just for existing?!
    This isn't news, Perez.

  40. 40

    Now I want to kick her in her cooter even harder!

  41. 41

    Re: truthTELLER28 – SO when a guy is in the same situation it's ok as Re: newfiechic – well?? If someone gets pregnant by being encourage by a show on mtv there stupidity is amazing.

  42. 42

    Ok wtf. Amber off of teen mom makes 280,000 dollars a year ..!! Guess all you need to do these days is get pregnant, get on MTV Oh and knock your baby daddy out a few times & go to jail..

  43. 43

    Re: ohthatj – I hope your significant other beats you one day , his defense can be " i barely touched her" WTF is wrong with you?

  44. 44


  45. 45

    Idiots like you PERVEz also make more money than you deserve. Give it to charity and fade into obscurity please, you make the world a shittier place!!

  46. 46

    This bitch is just worthless; Amber is the epitome of trailer trash. What has she done to deserve so much money….literally nothing. With such a large amount of money, there is no real excuse as to why she can't think enough of her daughter to want to move into a better place, or even AT LEAST get an education-let alone her GED. She is LAZY, and she is being compensated by MTV for being so.
    This makes me mad because there are so many people out there who are in her position that will NEVER have the opportunity she has now. This money is going to the wrong person—a person who is angry, violent and walks around with an undeserved sense of entitlement. This salary should be given to someone who has ambition, and WANTS to WORK towards a better future. She is such a waste of space.

  47. 47

    And to think that there's people out there looking for jobs, struggling to pay bills, and lose practically everything because of this fucked up economy, and these bitches REWARDED for getting knocked up young? Fucking ridiculous!

  48. 48

    That's pathetic!

  49. 49

    While I generally think it's ridiculous for someone who really does nothing to be making that much money, MTV is making faaaaar more than $280,000 from "Teen Mom". In large part because of Amber Portwood's craziness. Her salary should be based on the success of the show, right? Better than MTV making millions and then just throw a few crumbs to the poor, uneducated teen moms!

  50. 50

    shes annoying -_-

  51. 51

    wow wow n wow!!!

  52. 52

    Re: truthTELLER28

    So if she was being a dumbass it would be alright for him to sock her? You're a retard

  53. 53

    Good, fucking, lord. I want to slap the fucking shit out of everyone involved at MTV for giving pieces of shit like that, that much $$.
    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH that makes me so damn sick.

  54. 54

    God Bless America! Drag any low life, white trash, piece of crap off the street, put them in front of a camera and voila, instant celeb.

  55. 55

    Re: DeeDee77 – I AGREE its B.S aking that much to get knocked up!!

  56. 56

    BULL SH!!!TT!! bs!!
    $280,000 for getting pregnant and being on t.v! WOW…

    America is in need of a reality check!

    why cant MTV show the struggles of a college student and how damn expensive it is! trying to work full time and go to school how you have to potention for classes and protesting to keep unit prices down…
    then eventually becoming successful… and not milking being prego

  57. 57

    WTF. What kind of message is this sending kids, get pregnant at 16. This is ridiculous!

  58. 58

    Wow. This is fucking depressing. I'm on welfare and *can't* find a job, but this lowlife makes $300k/year. Really? Have I mentioned that I have an 8 year old son? That's fucking repulsive. Maybe I should contact MTV and they'll give me a job.

  59. 59

    Re: ohthatj – By far the lamest argument I have ever heard. I am a Stay at home mom of two and I would never ever subject my precious children to any of that. All the screaming and curse words in front of Leah, sicken me. She doesn't deserve anything, not even food stamps!! There are true hard working, intelligent, wonderful parents who deserve to get paid that much a year. Not some whiny little verbally and physically abusive, pathetic excuse of a mother. Do me a favor…..please DO NOT procreate! The last thing we need is another dumb ass like you in this world!!

  60. 60

    Re: The Head Honcho – Seriously… Should have gotten knocked up in high school

  61. 61

    I used to watch this show believeing in all the fake drama. parent teens struggling to make ends meet. its all bull shit if everyone on the show is making that much money.

  62. 62

    Okay I hate to say it but she didn't 'beat the hell' out of Gary. I mean have you seen Gary? She didn't like give him a black eye or split his head open. Stop making it out to be like she beat him with a bat.

  63. 63

    Re: KristenSmiling! – She still beat him,if the other way was the same physical damage , people would want to hang him .

  64. 64

    Haha! Now that's america for you, this white trash slut makes all this money and our public school teachers get paid (under paid) how much? Maybe MTV is paying her on how high she ranks on the ugly scale.lol Hopefully instead of getting another hideous tattoo she'll put a few dollars of her quarter million away for her daughter so she can go to college or therapy.

  65. 65

    this is disgusting that she is becomeing rich for being a dirty slut that beats on her boyfriend in front of her kid. i hope she dies or someone kills her for being a horrible person

  66. 66

    Re: DeeDee77 – go take a grammer class

  67. 67

    Re: truthTELLER28 – lmao have you ever watched the show??? it was on t.v. you dumbass

  68. 68

    Correction - she DID may $280,000 a year! Her show is over and she's blown all of her money.

  69. 69

    Re: Babycakes!!! – im sure she was not given the money until the end of the first season and she prob has to live a "normal" life..as in life without money during taping

  70. 70

    Re: The Head Honcho – I was there 8, too, and clearly should have skipped high school, college, grad school, and just have gotten pregnant at 16 and called MTV!
    She has no future, though, and not even a GED. She'll be working the fryer at McDonald's in 2 years after the money is all gone.

  71. 71

    Stop blaming "America";it wasn't the government who put $280K in her hands! She didn't get all that just from MTV, she had magazine interviews and what not, now she's making good $ because her stupidity got her high ratings. Gary isn't even the issue, its LEAH, a baby should never be around that violence! She said herself "I just don't care about my GED anymore"! It's not America's fault some psycho lucked out!She's so irresponsible she'll blow through that money with more ex-convict boyfriends and sitting around all day. A diploma and college degree- No one can ever take from you. $ in the bank for a show done at Age 16 and 15 minutes of fame- You do the math =)

  72. 72

    If she makes that much why was she saying that she was struggleing to get by on Teen Mom? I want to know how much Gary makes,because he always seemed like the only one of the 2 that had a good head on his shoulders. Also if she makes that much why didn't she ever go to work on the series? She always let Gary work and stayed home…

  73. 73

    Re: LagunaBarbie44 – watch the show. its clear she isnt there.

  74. 74

    I don't care what they say about trying to show the consequences of having a baby in your teens, MTV is in the business of making TV shows and getting rating, I would not doubt if she was advised to stay in the small modest dwelling because it made for "Good TV"

  75. 75

    Re: Frag The Paps – name calling is really sweet thanks… clearly if the roles were reversed it wouldnt b ok. but when a father threatens CPS yeah he deserves to get hit.

  76. 76

    Re: Tanica – ok whore

  77. 77


  78. 78

    Re: truthTELLER28

    Leah was there plenty of times when amber hit gary. I have watched every episode and remember cringing at my seat when she would hit gary in front of her crying daughter. No one deserves to get hit not even a man

  79. 79

    Re: ohthatj

    she hardly hit him? what show were you watching? she hit him in damn near half the episodes? she is a piece of shit mother and deserves for her daughter to be taken from her dumb ass.

  80. 80

    I'm so sick of hearing about this girl. I do admit I watched MTV's "Teen Mom" and "16 and pregnant" — But I don't think being a 16yr old who gets pregnant and is documented on TV should make you a "TV personality". It's sending the wrong message to young girls. I mean they probably think if they get pregnant at a young age they can get on the show, which I have heard rumors about teen girls actually getting pregnant on purpose to get on TV.
    I'm so sick to learn that this bitch who beats her man makes $280K/year to be nothing but a low life who hits her ex in front of her child and documents it on TV. I hope she gets charged and faces jail time. But knowing the way the gossip world works, this is only gonna make her popular and that's really sad

  81. 81

    Well she gets money for all of the magazine covers & appearances, so I don't think it's all from the show. It's disgusting none the less.

  82. 82

    Don't get me started on this! I have watched the show (OK, I am a closeted reality show lover) and I can almost guarantee you she and the daddy DO NOT have a college fund set up. The money will be gone once the show is over. Poverty & low class is a mindset more than anything and people with it who come into some money, lose it. They don't see how education is pretty much the ONLY thing to take the next generation to the next level. With that salary a very nice college fund should have and could have been set up to help elevate the baby out of a "teen mom" future. I am very concerned about the message this show is sending to teens.

  83. 83

    Re: No_Publicity – EXACTLY! Well said. We can only hope that message gets through.

  84. 84

    If people would stop watching this trash it wouldn't be rewarded.

  85. 85

    This…sucks…..I used to feel bad for her, now I'm sick to my stomach…

  86. 86

    Re: Tanica – That might have been a lot more effective had you spelled "grammar" correctly.

  87. 87

    I understand that one of her charges is for hitting Gary in front of Leah…. but REALLY PEOPLE?! It is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. No one, no matter how big of a d bag they are) deserves to be BEAT UP! Its ridiculous to read some of these comments "he deserves it, I would have beat him". I would not announce in public that some of you are advocates for domestic violence because that is absolutely what those comments make you sound like you are!

  88. 88

    It is amusing to me that being a teenage mother automatically makes someone a whore. Some of you need to get a coke and a smile…For being so pissed, plenty of you know a whole lot about this girl, so you can thank yourselves for helping fund her $280K annual salary. And in the meantime, reading something other than PerezHilton for verification of what "message" this show is sending teens might be beneficial, because the teenage pregnancy rate has decreased for the year 2010 (in contrast to the increase in general birth rate since the early 2000s), whether the reason for it is attributable to this show or not.
    As for Amber, she needs help, yes, but her story sheds light on plenty of circumstances that occur in pregnancies and relationships of ALL ages. This is not a secular teenage mother "trailer trash" problem.
    Baby Leah needs better guidance in her life, and I hope that she gets that. She's truly the most important person in this clusterf*ck of drama.

  89. 89


  90. 90

    I do not like hearing she makes this much either, but does not make anymore sense that Jersey Shore folks makes that amount per episode either. Why would MTV give Jersey Shore cast thousands and not the Teen Mom cast anything?

  91. 91

    I have never commented before but this is just something I can't just set back and take without saying something. My wife and I both have advanced degrees (she is a doctor, I have my MBA). Neither one of us have ever been in any legal trouble and we waited until our early 30's before having our first child. Combined our salary is not half of what this ignorant, trashy scumbag makes BY HER SELF!! What makes me angrier is that other 16 year olds will think this is okay and emulate it and its their children that suffer. We need to stop this glorification by NOT WATCHING THE SHOW!!

  92. 92

    Holy Crap and WTF??? I work my ass off and don't even come close to half that. Something is so wrong with our society when that is okay.

  93. 93

    Re: Mr.Johnsson – YES! EXACTLY! Perez and his double standards…

  94. 94

    Re: IvyLeagueBitch – I've seen your comments on Amber's situation before, and I agree with you once again. Amber could easily live a few years on less than half that money and not only set up a college fund for her daughter, but also put herself through school! She's not doing anything to better her situation. If the stories about their spending are true, she's blowing through her money without concern for the future. It's sad.

  95. 95

    mtv used to be cool now they are a boil on the butt of this country. fucked up beyond words.

  96. 96

    Not simply for being on television, simply for getting knocked up at 16 and then beating the crap out of her baby daddy….class, pure KLASS. Let's hope that baby has a fund set up and that mommy starts looking for a real home for that child rather than a dirt apartment with the bed on the FLOOR not even on a bed frame. Trash, complete trash….and shame on us for making her a 'personality'…..she's a douche.

  97. 97

    I hope this dumb kunt gets mugged

  98. 98

    @Archie's Kid - We can only hope MTV does set up some type of fund for the children featured on the show. It would make a lot of sense. I can definitely see Macey and possibly Farah putting away a large chunk of their earnings for their children, but Amber would never do that.

  99. 99

    this is absolutely disgusting. no wonder everyone hates our country

  100. 100

    No shit, she's one of the 'stars' in a reality television show. Of course she has to get paid for giving up her personal private life for the cameras and the millions upon millions of people out there that make it a priority to tune in and obsess over this shit every week.

    If anyone is to blame for the success of these girls and for them getting paid as much as 280k, then it's the viewers; the public that contributes to the ratings. The public is to blame for turning these girls from 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom into pseudo-celebrities. If there wasn't SO much goddamn attention placed on these girls by the viewers, the public, every single one of you out there that keeps these girls on the stove for constant daily conversation, then they wouldn't be getting paid more than an average stipend for their contributions to the series.

    You can't complain about their pay checks when you're one of the people that has helped give it to them. You guys that watch this shit and obsess over the lives of these young adults are to blame for allowing them to get paid so much money.

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