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106 comments to “Chris Brown Goes Homophobic On Twitter”

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  1. 1

    chrisbrown Chris Brown
    BTW… i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love

    So stop beign so fucking sensitive

  2. 2

    don't some people say that?

  3. 3

    haha chris brown. You are officially my hero. perez go suck a dick.

  4. 4

    "… just starting to win us over."

    LOL! Because you matter so much? ROTFLMAO!
    You go Breezy and ignore this self-important worm. LOL!

  5. 5

    NOTHING this sorry excuse for a human - says or does should matter. He is a woman abuser. Why wouldnt he attack the gays? Hey? Next thing you know he'll be attcking animals, small children, small kids. Ugh…sorry excuse for a human…He needs to learn how to spell along with use proper grammer.

  6. 6

    Damn Perez, you go back on being "proud" of Chris every chance you get. He didn't say anything negative about homesexuals. He didn't cross any "lines". First figure out why the two had beef then put your mouth into it.

  7. 7

    Raz B was actually being molested and raped by his management team while he was in B2k. If you go on youtube, there is a conversation between him and Marques Houston's sister and Raz was basically telling her how the experience affected him negatively (MH was reportedly one of the molestors) and she didn't even care. This is why black men never come out when they are raped or molested by men because our culture doesn't know how to handle it. Sad. He was being molested when he was in that group, but even if he wasn't CB did not need to go there.

  8. 8

    You're surprised that someone who beats on women would be homophobic? *Gasp* I'm sure he's racist and harms animals as well. Those traits go hand in hand with a sociopath….

  9. 9

    soo is someone gonna take back that piece of shit anger management certificate

  10. 10

    that wasn't homophobic stop being so damn sensitive

  11. 11

    i used to love him but now he just makes himself look like an ignorant asswipe all the time. he really needs to grow up and make smarter choices or hes never going to make a comeback.

  12. 12

    What did he say that was wrong?! STFU!

  13. 13

    Umm….there is nothing this guy could do that could make my opinion of him turn around. I hope his career tanks and that he tanks along with it. The world doesn't need hateful people like him. We have enough already.

  14. 14

    Didja think because he got a piece of paper that his hatred, anger and entitlement would magically go away? And are you more concerned because his cyber-venom is now directed at a few percent of men which include you, rather than 51% of the population?

  15. 15

    hals und rückenbein durchmessern

  16. 16

    Once an ignorant person, always an ignorant person.

  17. 17

    what a moron. i'm not homophobic, he's just disrespectful. what the hell does that even mean? disrespectful people are gay? gay people are disrespectful? it's okay to call people homo when they are being disrespectful, because that way it is not homophobic? so many things wrong with that sentence.. people should just stop using sexuality as insults.

  18. 18

    Perez…I knew you would take such a small part of the situation and turn it into what its not. You should've been reporting the whole argument all day because it was actually hilarious. both Chris Brown AND Raz B were saying offensive things. instead of turning this into Chris Brown Is A Bad Guy article….you should've turned it into Has-Been Ex Boy Band Member Seeking Attention.

  19. 19

    Dnt Fxckin Start! Hes Not Homophobic And U Shuld Take A Look At The Other Guys Tweets

  20. 20

    Oh and I've noticed that since you've been in Israel, you're suddenly acting like such a good man and spreading positive cheer in every single post of yours, when normally you'd have nothing but bad things to say.

    So the question is- when you get back to LA, how long will it take for you to get back to being the miserable and angry asshole that you really are? A couple of hours? A couple of minutes? Let's see…

  21. 21

    well duh it's all an act, he's a real asshole and will never change is asshole ways

  22. 22

    Perez, Iv been looking at your coverage of Chris Brown over the last year or so and your opinion of him changes more often than Lady Gaga changes outfits, irrespective of what he does or doesnt do.
    That B2K guy started it and while chris should not have dignified him with a response, he did..big f*cking deal. He says this is not directed at his gay fans, just at one loser who hits low.
    I love your website and follow it daily but to be fair, your opinions are not always based on fact, rather than your own likes/dislikes, which are not general consensus.

  23. 23

    WOOOOOW look at the fake stupid headline to this post he told you he's not homophobic and sent love to all his gay fans too WHY DONT YOU TALK ABOUT THAT. its ok chris brown hates perez hilton remember when he tweeted a year ago saying what is you existence just to make fun/judge people and its true TEAMBREEZY ALL DAY

  24. 24

    stop writing stupid articles like this you damn homo #homothug

  25. 25

    Re: justbreathe19 – maybe i'm, dual magnetic

  26. 26


  27. 27


  28. 28

    he wasnt being homophobic, the other guy went talking stuff about him and the incident with rihanna and being disrespectful to him, and he just responded back to defend himself,

    also said " BTW… i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love"

  29. 29

    First of all Perez, you should show the ENTIRE conversation. Raz B has gone back and forth on that whole molestation claim, so he is calling him out on it. Second, RazB, Chris' supposed victim, was calling Chris Brown a down low gay, so he has every right to defend himself. I'm not Chris fan AT ALL, but you are stretching here.

  30. 30

    Sad what a lack of an education can do. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  31. 31

    he wasnt being homophobic, the other guy started talking about him being disrespectful and about the rihanna incident and he just defended himself

    he also said "BTW… i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love" why didnt you add that perez >.>

  32. 32

    Perez i'm an avid fan of this page
    I'm not a fan of Chris Brown, but in this case RazB started (read all his tweets and see the things he wrote about chris's mom) IM NOT DEFENDING HIM
    he's a lil boy and he MADE AN HORRIBLE MISTAKE but not for that we're going to call him womanbeater, douche, NO.
    Raz started this whole drama and at the end chris responded and NOW it's all chris' fault. I DONT THINK SO REALLY

  33. 33

    Dear Perez: I love you but, I dont agree with your post in regards to Chris Brown though he is no saint…who is?? That Hazbeen RazB started the shit talking first, if RazB supposedly was only stating "facts" then so was Chris. Now yes it was an immature cyberfight just leave it at that. ”Why are you so quick to start punching at Chris Brown? You don't like being targeted as a bully right? your past that now don't start picking on Chris again. Go look at there timelines u will figure out its not that serious….so….can we move on!! Thank you

  34. 34

    takes one to know one.

  35. 35

    RazB and some other dudes were talking about how Marques Houston and some other dude were molesting and raping them while they were in B2K.

    I don't know the situation, but B2k has been over for a good minute and now that the money has ran out, everyone has a story to tell.

    Chris Brown told the truth and this wasn't homophobic (though that peter pan comment was pushing it).

  36. 36

    people need to stop taking things so damn seriously. relax already with the gay stuff.

  37. 37

    By all means this is homophobic! This is his true thoughts on homosexuality, gay sex and our lifestyle. If this is what comes out your mouth during a dispute with a gay person. You sir, are homophobic! I guess not when your money counts on it. He is so stupid! Please, can someone make him and Kanye West just go AWAY!!!

  38. 38

    I don't think his comments were homophobic. I wasn't offended by what he said, and I'm gay.

    The guy he is referring to, RazB, actually did get "buttplugged" lol. Straight people get "buttplugged" all the time, we don't own it. lmao.

    And there are many homothugs out there, who take pride in that title, so…

    But in all seriousness, he has an image to rebuild so this was VERY dumb of him. His management needs to take his blackberry and disconnect his internet.

  39. 39

    Damn Mr. Hilton it's not funny, Chris his not homophobic !
    I love him

  40. 40

    Down low Brown is on the down low.

  41. 41

    I rarely agree with Perez but Chris Brown is DISGUSTING. Making fun of someone who was RAPED then saying they "LIKED " it WTF???? Since Raz-B got raped hese gay? This guy is just scum. THIS is his true character. He's not a nice person at all.

  42. 42


  43. 43


  44. 44

    Re: litnight – Thank you (:

  45. 45

    do i even need to say more ? i think everyone who told Perez to get his facts straight hit the nail on the head . Umm if anything Chris was taking a page from your book and fighting back when ppl pop off at the mouth for attention toward him . and he admitted to being immature, when will you Perez?

  46. 46

    Re: TRUTH-TELLER – Fuck off, you don't know the whole story. You should've seen what the other guy was saying to him. He was defending himself. Chris has made it clear he loves all his fans!

  47. eando says – reply to this


    I agree with ya Perez, I was starting to like Chris again and forgive him but he really must be an idiot. He should have a tweet muzzle put on him. he's probably hurting himself more than anyone else.

  48. 48

    I see that anger management thing has worked out really well for him…time for a refresher!

  49. 49

    I think the whole rihanna thing is a sensitive subject for chris brown so when some one hits a soft spot you go for theirs and thats exactly what he did, i dont think it was a homophobic, i just think it was a low blow.

  50. 50

    homofobic? perez are u kidding me!!?? I was starting to like u but u just can't give Chris Brown a break! celebrities are not perfect!
    Maybe you should read what raz-b wrote! he started it! AND! chris later wrote: BTW… i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love
    SOO he's not homofobic! so stfu perez!

  51. 51

    People yell this crap in videogames and sports all the time. What the hell is even considered homophobic anymore?

  52. 52

    Perez… Get a life!

  53. 53

    idd i see there is no sign of the shit razb was saying about CB and the fact raz started it

  54. 54

    WOW-And you all are suprised?! The majority of young,black men say stuff like that all the time!! It's just common lingo among them. No, it's not appropriate, especially considering how many young fans he has, but if you're to penalize him then you need to start penalizing the other guys you see talking like that when you're going about your daily business. I've seen some females do it, too. It's too common to just get mad at one person over.

  55. 55

    perez i love ya, but i don't agree with you on this at all. sure chris should be more careful with his choice of words cause lets be honest, after last years incident this kind of stuff is just bad press for him and he's obvi going to be the one getting all the shit.. but common! raz-b had absolutely no business calling him a woman beater! what is that?! not cool…

  56. 56

    And how is that different from what you said to Will.I.Am? Such a hypocrite.

  57. 57

    Not a fan. Wish he would just go away and let someone else make records. He hates gays and women. Can't buy any music from that.

  58. 58

    WOW! Perez internalizing everything and making it about himself?!?! NEVER! Ha! Wasnt he the little bitch that called Will.I.Am a F*g during a fight? JUST SAYIN'!

  59. 59

    eh. i didn't think it was that bad.

  60. 60

    i love chris beat her down even more now!!!

  61. 61

    Perez is mad he ain't gettin buttplugged

  62. 62

    He didn't say anything to bad Im most pisted that he used the N-word over and over agin.

  63. 63

    HA! I'm actually gay and have not been such a big fan of Chris the last couple years (after being a HUGE fan of his in the beginning), BUT, I actually side w/him on this one!!!

  64. 64

    You do relize that Raz-B was calling Chris gay and saying he had a boyfriend through the hold thing. Is that not just as bad as what Chris said?

  65. 65

    LMAO you'll forget him for beating a woman but the moment he calls someone a homo you get all butthurt. LAWL homothug is my new fave word.

  66. 66

    IMO he didnt cross any lines. and it was a 2 way argument with both parties saying things but like usual you leave out 90% of what was said.. Raz B started talking shit out of no where…and although Chris should have ignored it…he talked back. thats all it is. your trying to make something out of nothing.

  67. 67

    Re: luckyloser611 – You are right, it was hilarios and Raz-B started the whole thing, why perez doesnt post what he said?
    Yes, maybe Chris should had think more about his words but still he didnt croose any line for be called homophobic at all.

  68. 68

    I'm gay and I don't think that was homophobic, that's how str8 guys talk, it's amazing hiw much they know about gay sex

  69. 69

    since when did buttplug became a homophobic word? just as the word gay is not homophobic, it's called saying as it is.

  70. 70

    Ummm, imma need you to be comprehensive in your reporting perez! Razb attacked chris for no reason and like a G chris brown Went in!!!
    BOTH parties accused each other of being gay (like it is a bad thing) but chris brown totally won that argument! It was pretty funny imo.
    Stop being so bias, and get a life.

  71. 71

    Re: llyoll5 – agreed.

  72. 72

    gay people sound like its fucking slavery now a days, thay are words, not everyone has to except the gay community, if its like that, i bet like 90 percent of the real white folk like none of you guys, you know real christians, leave that boy alone and ask them, if they like you guys, shit a black presidant sign that bill you know black, idiots, would bush would, smh we all live together, so stop the shit. their is enough shit going on in the world for gay, hispanics, blacks, mexicans, rights we need to stick together and fight real problems

  73. 73

    just because chris brown didn't start it, or because the other guy was saying hurtful things too does NOT mean what chris said wasn't homophobic, he is clearly using the guys sexual preference to TRY to offend him, it's nothing to be ashamed of, so it shouldn't be used as an insult.

  74. 74

    Wah Wah wah.

  75. 75

    Guess you forgot about that time you referred to someone as a f*gg*t, Perez…

  76. 76

    i understand how homosexuals could be mad at chris but raz b did say

    yo @chrisbrown i heard about all yo BoyFriends & tell yo cheerleader @1omarion 2 shut the fuck up b4 i send J BOOG 2 fuck HIS MaMa again

    now I.M.O that is RUDE and HOMOPHOBIC …raz b started it if he didnt bring up the thing that happened a year ago nothin would've happened

  77. 77

    man get both sides of the story! Raz B was the one who started it and his comments were not necessary! just gotta let Chris Breezy move on with his life, he's trying to be better!! his career is skyrocketing once again while this Raz B guy is a has-been wanting attention!

  78. 78

    Considering how his career is going, he might want to focus more on his spelling and grammar skills and less on who is or is not a "homothug".

  79. 79

    If what SashaiG says is true then Chris Brown is awful!!!

  80. 80

    Im done. I was a fan, i thought he was one of the best singers/dancers out there. I was rooting for him to get through the Rihanna stuff. but im done. thats pretty disrectful. dick in the booty ass lil boy damn thats a new level of homophobia.

  81. 81

    This surprises you? Because he completed his domestic violence class (which was required if he wants to stay out of jail), and he's been on good behavior and obviously has a good PR person, you think he's something other than a sick, violent, disgusting little boy? He showed his true colors when he beat Rihanna. He didn't just slap her or give her a black eye (which is bad enough), he beat the living s**t out of her, and sorry, but that is not something a normal man does. He comes out with a good song and all the sheep love him again? Pathetic. He will always be a low-life piece of s**t.

  82. 82

    Oh, but for the record, RazB is also a total loser and a thirsty bitch.

  83. 83



  84. 84

    Re: Emily Caldwell – He didn't give Rihanna a black eye, or a broken nose, or a bruised rib, or a limp, etc etc. What he did to her was horrible enough not to FABRICATE sweety. And committing one solitary act of non-random violence does not deem someone to be a sociopathic bigot.

    These are seperate incidents of a verbal and physical tirade. And if his anger has gone from psychcal to verbal that is progress. Not to make excuses for him but he grew up with abuse and has a lot of unresovled issues from WHEN HE was a victim. It's not something you get over because you have a 21st birthday making you an adult.

  85. 85

    I also LOVE how people would hate on Perez for being too opinionated or talking so much shit but most of y'all are the same way.
    Stop living in the past, everyone has skeletons in the closet INCLUDING BREEZY he got over 'em, he owned up to what he did and is going on with life. 'cos LIFE GOES ON so move on people.
    And just cus he hit a woman don't mean he's homophobic or gonna abuse animals, some of you are dumb as fuuuckkkk

  86. 86

    CHRIS BROWN……….GO AWAY! I hope you and Michael Vick a happy happy life in HELL! Maybe you can be roomies!!!!!

  87. 87

    he will only appologize again..he doesnt care

  88. 88

    That didn't even sound intelligent at all. He needs to grow up. He shouldn't be forgiven if he beats women.

  89. 89

    Person 1: Whats anal like?
    Person 2: Its like having a dick up your ass.


  90. 90

    Who is this "we" you're referencing again Mario?

  91. 91

    LOL @ Peter pan decides to pop off.

  92. 92

    You didn't like his choice of words.. when you yourself used a horrible homophobic slur when you where fighting with Will.I.Am…. will you you PLEASE stop pretending you care about gay rights!!! You are the worst example of anyone I have ever heard of or read about

  93. 93

    he is a young mel gibson in the making

  94. orlaa says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. He's not homophobic. You just jump at every chance to slate chris brown. Dont think you really have the right too either. Chris didnt start this. cop on./ you like Cher lloyd, she punched 2 girls at the xfactor bootcamp. gonna slate her for that? I think not.

  95. 95

    I loved this twitfight.. it was Lame Raz B was alll DICK riding Rhianna begging her for a chance (it was pretty pathetic) and Raz B all of the sudden out of no where goes in on Eric Benet and Chris Brown… all because he is lame and washed up and wanted some attention smh.. I Love Chris just wish he wlda chosen better words.. not because I care.. but because it sucks ppl will look down at him.. not me tho.. Team Breezy all day!

  96. 96

    first of all…fuck u perez…u're biased so u dnt get to be in the jury!….as for that raz he's a big idiot…he knew that his career died centuries ago nd he was lookn for who to exploit for publicity…come to think of it perez nd raz hav that in common, so why wudnt he take his side??…i agree that chris should not have even replied him cos that was a waste of his time..nd i think it was immature…but what he said was not homophobic…so people should just leave chris alone..
    so when the dude tried to hit on rihanna n got nothing,he decided to pick on chris ryt?….fuckin psycho obssessed loser!….

  97. 97

    Re: douchehater – what is homophobic then? no i dont think chris brown is "afraid" of gay people. so maybe he's not. but those comments were rediculous. i wasn't at all offended by the rihanna stuff because i know whats not my business. but this is different. and its not some little faux paus when you bring up buttplugs youre serious.

  98. lolli says – reply to this



  99. 99

    You truly believed Chris was becomming a better person? Shame on you. He isn't fooling me, I'll never be a Chris Brown fan again. He's an abusive, self-centered, overly ambitious, cocky prick and I hope his career continues to tank. Some things are unforgiveable - such as abuse - and abusers NEVER change, they're SOCIOPATHS and their minds just don't understand compassion and sympathy. Scary shit, right? On the outside: charming and sweet. On the inside: cold and calculating.

  100. 100

    Re: white_is_ugly – if chris brown is your hero.
    then you have extermly low standards.
    which says a lot about who you are.

    nasty ghetto people

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