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Justin Bieber Checks Into Hotels Under The Name…

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Chandler Bing.

Ha! We didn't know that he was a Friends fan!

Most celebrities tend to check in to hotels under a fake name, as to protect their privacy, and apparently, Justin Bieber is no exception!

The pint-sized pop star recently booked a hotel room in Miami, and according to sources, it was under the HIGHlarious alias Chandler Bing, a la Matthew Perry's old character on the hit TV show!

The insider even revealed that when Justin ordered room service late one night, a hotel staffer found he and Selenita in the hallway outside of his room - because they had accidentally locked themselves out!

Oopsie! Ha!

So cute! We wonder if she was checked in herself under Monica Geller!

Or dare we say they were SHARED a room together?!


You two kiddies behave now!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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39 comments to “Justin Bieber Checks Into Hotels Under The Name…”

  1. 1

    the E! story you LINKED to, from yesterday said he had a SUITE. A SUITE normally has more than 1 room.

  2. 2

    Perez eeww. Please don't publish those sorts of insinuations.

  3. 3

    At least it wasn't under Chanandler Bong!

  4. 4


  5. malii says – reply to this


    i don't like this kind…but this just make me hate him a bit less! LOL
    i love friends and i love chandler HAHAHAHAHA

  6. 6

    selena isnt exactly a kid perez - shes 18

  7. 7

    you're disgusting, perez. these are kids, please!

  8. 8

    Chandler Bing? Everyone knows Joey was funnier lol!

  9. 9

    Feel like I'm reading from a 13 year olds diary. -__-

  10. 10

    Re: CBenji – ahhahahhaa…priceless!!! the good old days…

  11. 11


  12. 12

    So much for the purity ring bullshit. These idiots all vowed to not fuck before death, I mean marriage…same thing by the way. Gomez, Miley, Jonas, they all took it off, what a joke they are. The only reason Jordan Sparks still wears hers is she's hidious, no one will fuck her.

  13. 13

    Smells FAKE from a hundred miles away!

  14. 14

    By the way, the girl would be in deep trouble: statutory rape of a minor.

  15. 15

    Check out my lifestyle site:


  16. 16

    legal age is 16 in Canada… but if they were in Miami..so she could be in trouble.

  17. 17

    OMG…share a room? Scandalous. At least they aren't like you perez and getting it on in dirty bathroom stalls with any guy that will give you the time of day.

  18. 18

    Ummm…1.) Yes, this was a creepy post because it was posted from a 33 yr old gay man about an underage boy's sex life. 2.) So much for an alias since you fucking posted it online for the world to find out about and 3.) Just because they were hanging out in his suite doesn't mean they were having sex. I know I know…but they are celebrities. They can't just hang out in the open like us normal folks do. Its possible to just hang out, watch movies, play video games, talk, etc in a hotel suite (not small room) and not have sex.

  19. 19

    Big Question - Where was Kenny, Justin's bodyguard? Did he take some time off and go to a night club - taking the room key with him ???

  20. 20

    selena is 18…

  21. 21

    1) lousy hotel … does not protect its guests … you should fire all
    2) bad for this research and character assassination Perez should go to jail
    3) …

  22. 22

    1) lousy hotel … does not protect its guests … you should fire all
    2) for this bad research and character assassination should Perez go to jail
    3) …

  23. 23

    well now that we've announced it, he'll probably go with Chanandler Bong….if you get it, you rock

  24. 24

    OK, why would someone order room service, then leave the room (hence the fact that they were locked out)?? Sounds like a sketchy hotel to me, especially since both the room service AND the front desk were in on turning them in to the press.

  25. 25

    Selena needs to date someone her own age. You KNOW they were having sex in the hotel room. Where is his mother? I mean come on. Idc how famous he is. Having a hotel with another girl at 16 is just dumb.

  26. 26

    Uh, she's 18, he's 16. The fact nobody cares when other teen celebrities can't show their wrists without getting verbally beaten by media is pretty disgusting. Talk about sexist. When Miley is with older guys, she's a slut. When Justin Bieber is with older girls, it's sweet. No. Not really. What do they actually have in common? Crappy music? Bad vocals? 15 seconds that are tick-tocking away faster than you can screech "baby"? Oh, and I'm Canadian, legal age means to consent, that doesn't mean you can screw someone who is technically an adult. And if they were in America, the jurisdiction is different anyway, so even if it were otherwise for us Canadians, it doesn't make a difference. Who are we kidding? Their celebrities. Their mindless fans will continue to kiss ass, and the public will once again ignore. Just remember, Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter were sharing hotel rooms once upon a time. Just saying…

  27. 27

    Why does the press do that? Lets just tell what they get rooms under so people can stalk them easier. Lame.

  28. 28

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – dont you have to be atleast 18 to get a hotel room too..?

  29. 29


    Also, since I'm an adult and don't really know much about either of these kids (besides what I see on Perez and on the news) I find it odd so many girls are getting upset over it. If they love him so much you would think they would want him to have a girlfriend especially one as beautiful as this Selena girl is. According to preceding comments she seems to be a little bit older than him but well in Hollywood how much does that really matter.

  30. 30

    Well I guess he won't be using that name anymore since you announced it to the world. Now he has to find another one. Something about this story sounds odd. Even if they did get a room together, it doesn't mean they had sex. They're both good kids and Justins mom would kill him. They were probably just hanging out.

  31. 31

    so there wasn't anyone in the room to let them in - could they have sneaked off for a little alone time…to talk, of course. Or play Jenga.

  32. 32

    Re: CaliforniaDreamin – I'm a hotel manager, and sometimes, if it's like Prom season, we'll let a minor check in if they have there parents come in and make the reservation. But usually, no, you have to be at LEAST 21, because of liability. The only time I've really let in 18-20 year olds is if they're married and have kids, that kind of thing (and I can tell they're not there to party). If I could take a guess, he probably had his bodyguard check him in.

  33. 33

    did yuh slip it to that chipmunk yet ?……..good man.

  34. 34

    this guys lucky to even get a date

  35. 35

    well selena as said in past interviews that she loves "friends" and jennifter anniston was her favorite character and wanted to be like her. so maybe that name was her cute idea. i love her but i still dont get why she would be with a kid younger and shes 18. I really hope they're just friends. but w/ all the time they're spending together doesn't seem like it.

  36. 36

    Re: gorgeous_chik7 – if you saw the pics of them you would know JB was gonna get it in haha

  37. 37

    hmm i don't really care but still if i was 18 and dating a 16yr old my friends would call the cops on me.

  38. 38

    LOL Selena is 18

  39. 39

    I am a HUGE fan of Selena,don't get me wrong. But am I the only one noticing a pattern of how when the Jonas Brothers were big she dated Nick? And then when twilight was big she was supposedly dating Taylor? And now Justin Bieber is big and she is with him? Hmmmmmmmm… :) Lol I LOVE you selena!!!!!