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Nicole Richie's Probation Lifted!

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She's free, and finally able to put all of that silliness behind her!

Nicole Richie's 2006 DUI probation has been lifted - and two months early!

Sources reveal that Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, presented the judge with proof that her client had completed all the terms of probation, which included a good report from her alcohol education program!


We are so proud of you, bb.

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Nicole Richie's Probation Lifted!”

  1. 1

    "put all of that silliness behind her"

    Yeah, cause a DUI and alcholol education classes are just silly. Now she can get on to more serious things like…um…what is it she does again and why is she famous?

  2. 2

    she has made a 180! good on her

  3. 3

    Good for her! She's worked really hard to have a good life, grow up, and be a real adult. I"m happy for her!

  4. 4

    silliness? she could've killed someone driving the wrong way under the influence. i'm glad she's changed and everything but you can't regard her past indiscretions as "silliness"

  5. 5

    Re: sensfan999 – ohhhh, your bitter

  6. 6

    She made a real change so good for her but taking DUI classes is not silly I hope she learned her lesson. Looks like taking Paris and all those other people out of her life has made her a happier person.

  7. 7

    2006?? Damn, that's a long time to still be on probation for that- like a REAL long time. Although laws vary from state to state, most of them are pretty consistent with each other when it comes to DUI's. I got mine in '08, and my classes for it end in January, and that's actually a while compared to most others. But 2006?! Jesus Christ?! They sure as hell wouldn't have let a normal person take that much time to get her shit straight.

  8. TCYB says – reply to this


    41/2 year probation and Lohan gets away with murder.

  9. 9

    im so glad she turned her life around from being a classless reality show skank to the wonderful mother and wife she is today. im also glad she cut paris hiltons stupid ass out of her life because she still hasnt grown up and is still a trashy hoe. good for her growing up and trying to stay out of the negative spotlight for her familys sake.

  10. 10

    HOpe she can stay off the streets when she is drunk. She has two little ones she needs to think about. Hopefully, she is more settled now. Bet she still cusses like a sailor.

  11. 11

    im glad for her because she seems to be a genuinely different person and has paid her debt to society, but what she did was not "silliness", it was a DUI

  12. Bren says – reply to this


    She looks really good in this picture, nice to not see her in those Mrs. Roper granny dresses. She really changed her life around, bless her and her beautiful family.

  13. 13

    Amazing how cutting out poisonous people could do for your life. She did good for herself and she proved that she did a full 180.

  14. 14

    Perez, what the hell? Silliness? DUI is SERIOUS and just because she got a good report doesn't mean she won't drink and drive again. But oh, she's Nicole Richie, so she's allowed to get off easy, even though she endangered lives.

    Yeah, okay its good that she did well and changed. But dont call anything like that "silly". Just don't.

  15. 15

    Congrats Nicole! Happy New Year! Spend it with your family and have fun safely. Nice picture.

  16. 16

    Nicole Richie is the ONLY young celeb to take their probation seriously and she turned her life around. Good for her!

  17. 17

    good for her!

  18. 18

    It's nice to see what seems to be a 'success story'…if we only saw this type of accomplishment from a few other of her contemporaries!

  19. 19


  20. 20

    You're so proud of her? For what.. living the way most normal americans do? she got popped for a DUI… and now her drivers have to drive her around.. pathetic… nothing to be proud of here Perez.. and how dare you call getting a DUI silliness.. I mean someone could have really been hurt!

  21. 21

    If it wasn't for her Richie Richie Dad, she would be in the soup line. Some more soup please!

  22. 22

    Who is she? What does she do? What is her great talent?