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Lauryn Hill Shows Up THREE Hours Late, Says She's "Worth The Wait"

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Maybe in 1998 honey, but not anymore.

At a concert in Williamsburg, New York earlier this week, Lauryn Hill made fans wait three hours at a concert before finally gracing the audience with her presence.

Her keyboard player taped a sign on his kit that read, "I Was On Time," while two fans in the front row held up signs saying, "You Just Lost One" and "This Is Insulting."


Lauryn responded to the fans' disappointment saying she was "worth the wait" and motioned for them to leave the club.

Watch the rest of her response (above).

What do U think? Worth the wait? Or waste of time?

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95 comments to “Lauryn Hill Shows Up THREE Hours Late, Says She's "Worth The Wait"”

  1. GG78 says – reply to this


    She's very talented, but she's also a rude kunt.

  2. 2

    wow ! no matter how good you are you can't just arrive late and say that - its just rude !

  3. 3

    Wow, Lauryn get some humbleness. Anyway remember Lady Gaga, Perez? I know you remember her saying her album is the best album. Why didn't you say anything about that and her cockyness? hyprocrite.

  4. 4

    total waste of time. Shes too much of a diva and has nothing new to offer but her fans but a half assed apology. If she were professional she would be no more than 15 minutes late. I mean really how much effort went into this show. its not madison square garden.

  5. cymro says – reply to this


    I went to see her in Manchester, England, a few years ago and she was late and her voice was awful. She is the greatest female rapper/soul singer of all time and Miseducation and her Unplugged album are breathtaking, putting to shame everyone in the field today, but live? Never again.

  6. 6

    Arrogance much? :(

  7. 7

    so not cool. lauren, you are "over the hill". you just lost another one.

  8. 8

    Lauryn, this is not the 90's anymore…You are not worth anyones time. How rude to tell your "paying" fans to leave, after you were 3hrs late. What a freakin' rude-ass.

  9. 9

    Oh shut up and sing bitch

  10. 10

    ……I don't even know who this bitch is.

  11. 11

    ya, I don't know her.

  12. 12

    Waste of time, she should show her fans some respect, what a BITCH!!

  13. 13

    Wow how lame and unprofessional. NOT worth the wait. She is so full of herself.

  14. 14

    What a bitch.
    "I sacrificed my twenties for you."
    As I recall you also got accolades (more than you deserved) and rewards. And no one forced you to become a singer. You could have become an accountant.
    What an ingrate. A little graciousness goes a long way. Someone should have had a rotten tomato on hand.

  15. 15

    Three hours for one of the best artists of ALL time, it's worth it. Plus, that's what the bars for. I waited 2 hours earlier this year for Courtney Love to get her ass on stage for a long 45 minutes set. It was incredible and I suspect Lauryn will be the same. I see her in a few weeks in STL.

  16. 16

    Wow, instead of giving a sincere apology for making her fans wait 3 hours, she was rude and extremely defensive.

  17. 17

    AAAAAAnnnd. What the F*ck is she wearing?!?!?

  18. Jaded says – reply to this


    She sacrificed her 20's. Yes the gobs of cash and praise and the ability to make a living doing what you love is a real sacrifice. She should be canonized for it. Saint Lauryn.
    This woman is an ungrateful bitch who still doesn't get that it's her fans that make her who she is not her voice. There are plenty of talented singers, performers, and musicians out there, I don't care how talented you are if you alienate your fan base then you are left with nothing but a washed up career. Oh wait! Maybe that's why she's being such a bitch because no one really cares for her antics anymore.

  19. 19

    Stupid, Self-important, Rude Bitch. How would she feel if none of her fans showed up to her performances until 3 hours after she was supposed to start the show. Would they be worth the wait? Without your fans, you are nothing.

    Also, I wish that "sacrificing my twenties" meant making millions of dollars.

  20. 20

    Re: Kory Isenberg – wow, people spend their hard earned money to be treated like this on purpose? idiots.

  21. 21

    i have NO idea who that is lol

  22. 22

    That was offensive, and ridiculous. She needs to get over herself!

  23. 7tizz says – reply to this


    I wish I could be that late for my job. And wtf is 'sacrificing my 20s for you'? One can only dream for the kind of life she had in her 20s. What a dumb, ungreatful, fat bitch.

  24. 24

    She used to be SUCH a brilliant talent, in my opinion anyway! She has never been positive, or even respectful to any of her fans in the first place. Pretty much anything rude she does to her very few fans she has left does not surprise me at all. What a WASTE!!

  25. 25

    Lauryn is an inspiration of mine. I think she is such an amazing talent but if she wanted to start making a comeback I think she's going about it the wrong way. That is insulting to her fans, to the people who helped make her who she is. She threw it in their faces that she dedicated herself through her 20s to her fans but she needs to remember that there are a lot of other very talented people out there who would kill to have been able to entertain and perform and give their guts for those same people and taken every difficult moment in stride.

    I love you Lauryn Hill. Like I said, you inspire me but get your head on girl. God gave you talent but he gave a lot of other people talent too.

  26. 26

    I was at the show in brooklyn and it was a shit show. People were throwing full beers and garbage at the musicians while they were trying to stall for this piece of shit ingrate. The worst part was once this whore came on SHE SUCKED!!!!!!! People were leaving after 2 or 3 songs. She should never be allowed to play another show ever again. Fuck You Lauryn Hill. Hope u go broke!!!!!!!

  27. 27

    Triflin'. This is exactly why I didn't buy tickets to see her even though I really wanted to go to one of these shows because I'm a huge fan. I knew she would pull this crap.She does it every time. I'm so over Lauryn now.She really needs to get her shit together. When people are paying top dollar to see your ass in a recession, the least you can do is have the decency to show up on time.

  28. 28

    stupid b*tch. What a lame excuse "theres a lot that goes into that" . Theres a thing called planning and everybody else could come on time. The ego of this woman…

  29. 29

    how was she rude? she said she apologizes she loves them but she thinks she sworth the wait perez…shes the best rappe shut your ass up, shes better then nicki minaj! SO SHUT UP!! idiot..soon lady gaga's fame will be up to you asshole.

  30. 30

    I like her, respect her as an artist, but that is just downright RUDE and disrespectful to her fans and her band! I'd NEVER pay a dime to see her and have to wait 3 hours for her and not even get a "Sorry", but a slap in the face! Fuck that! She should be glad she even has people coming to her shows, let alone even know who the fuck her is anymore. :P

  31. 31

    That bitch be crazy.

  32. 32

    Cee yoU Next Tuesday Wednesday And Thursday!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    I love Lauryn Hill… but c'mon… three hours late?! That's inexcusable.

  35. 35

    Sacrificed her 20s? With a few albums with the Fugees and one very overrated solo album?

  36. 36

    who is she???? seriously though.. RUDE. i'm not sure who she thinks she is but her speech was rude. and like she really has anything else going on to not be on time.

  37. 37

    Re: Jonathan Nunez
    Three hours late means a world of difference to some people. You go to a show that you think starts at 8 and it starts at 11? Umm..no!

  38. 38

    How about, "You're a total ungrateful douchebag, and I want my money back"? Fuck her.

  39. 39

    How amazing that she keeps everybody waiting for 3 hours and expects respect for her 'performance'.
    When an artist starts a scheduled performance with excuses and insults, it is just demeaning to her audience!
    I've not listened to her music, but I have listened to the best entertainers, and the best entertainers Respect their audience.

    This is just awful and absolutely unprofessional!

  40. 40

    She should marry Kanye West they are the perfect pairing.

  41. 41

    You'd think after she said she didn't want white people to listen to her album, she'd show up on time.

  42. 42

    Ummm…what exactly was she doing for that three hours? She never did say. RUDE!

  43. 43

    It would have been awesome if everyone just left and she came out to an empty auditorium! Get served, bitch.

  44. 44

    What a bitch, seriously.

  45. open says – reply to this


    first of all, I couldn't even remember who she was until I saw the vid. secondly.. what a B!!! total B! And I can't believe people are cheering for her. wth is wrong with them?? NO one is worth me waiting 3 hrs for them to perform. refund please!

  46. open says – reply to this


    Re: Into The Nightlife – exactly. and she sacrificed her 20's for herself! period. she should be thankful her fans still want to hear her! B! and it does take a lot of work, but you do it before the show starts! duh! B!

  47. open says – reply to this


    Re: leeleefa – LOL. ;D
    I went to a whitney houston concert yeeeeaaarrss ago. she was an hour late. never went to see her again! done! that is so disrespectful to the fans.

  48. 48

    Who is she?!

  49. 49

    Not cool at all to the fans. You know people make plans after the concert. If you are a professional act like one.

  50. 50

    stupid kunt…..

  51. @v@ says – reply to this


    My personal physician isn't even worth a three hour wait.

    I was going to buy tickets to see her, but I sure won't now. See ya.

  52. 52

    nobody's worth a 3 hr. wait

  53. 53

    Re: OppaNuna Wow, really? There is a HUGE difference between telling an audience full of your fans- eager to hear some news about your new CD- that it's the best album ever and hyping up the anticipation of it's release and making a room full of your fans wait 3 hours to be graced with your presence and then trying to make it sound justifiable by her being "worth the wait" and asking people who sat there for 3 hours who displayed their disappointment to leave. It's one thing to be "cocky" about your work, an entire different thing to disrespect your fans. Are you seriously that big of a air head?!

  54. 54

    I like that she apologized. but to say something like… im worth the wait.. REALLY? i wish everyone there would of walked out that door that left her ass alone on stage and put her ass back in check. she's talented but really a nobody these days in age. she's no MJ.

  55. 55

    What an insensitive, arrogant has-been.

  56. 56

    Wow. She "sacrificed her 20s to show you love." And she was paid handsomely for it! Just apologize and get to singing. Who wants to wait for 3 hours and then be subjected to a lecture on how they should feel bad because she's had to sacrifice sooooo much! If being a singer is so difficult for you, go get a 9 to 5 day job like the rest of us.

  57. 57

    She has always been rude and self absorbed. Just show up & sing bitch.

  58. 58

    It's pretty bad when the keyboard player puts snark on his instrument. Seems like the band is unhappy with her, too.

    Why were people waiting for 3 hours for her to come on stage? Wasn't the venue offering refunds after an hour or two?

  59. 59

    She has fucked up her voice with all the drugs, she sounds totally different, what a waste. She may have worked during her 20's, but she was paid for it. It's not like she was out volunteering not making any money, please!! I saw her in 2002 in Chicago and she was still good then, but you could tell she was on the decline. If you want to hear her, listen to old fugees or miseducation, she is OVA!

  60. 60

    Imagine if Shania Twain had said she didnt want black people listening to her album? But since Lauryn Hill is black she gets a pass and her rude behavior is chalked up to being a "diva". Get over yourself. She's got a bigger ego than Kanye but at least he knows how to make good CDs

  61. mojie says – reply to this


    She did a show in Burlington, VT on 12/19 and didn't come to the stage until MIDNIGHT, her show was scheduled to start at 8 P.M. Ridiculous!!!

  62. 62

    apparently she thinks quite a lot of herself. she should go back to the Roots, if they'd have her .

  63. 63

    Iwish I could get away with that. Who does she think she is?

  64. 64

    Shameful …

  65. 65

    ouch! 3 hours? yikes. 1 - how unprofessional. 2 - she's just barely relevant, this is not going to make it any easier for her to be liked 3 - this kind of attitude is disgusting.

  66. 66

    I'm so confused at what happened here. We own a venue and it's in our contracts with talent that…obviously…they can't "no show." Three hours late would be deemed a "no show" and she would have owed me a shit ton of money. I NEVER would have waited for her ass. NEVER. An hour late? Sucks but it happens. Three hours late AND a lecture? Uh, no.

  67. 67

    She obviously doesn't get who pays her bills. Asshat.

  68. 68

    What a self righteous twat.

  69. 69

    What an incredibly arrogant egomaniac. Bitch needs a leeson in real life - something she obviously didn't get in her 20's.

  70. 70

    Re: Jonathan Nunez – dude seriously Lauryn Hill ain't got shit on Nicki, Two totally different people.

  71. peppa says – reply to this


    What a spoiled bitch. This actually angers me and I LOVE Lauryn Hill- I'm going to see her in a few weeks in Toronto! But this makes me want to get a refund for my tickets right now.

    A) No Lauryn did not "sacrifice" her 20's for us. Please. Her 20's have allowed her to "retire" at a younger age than most of us. Sacrifice is giving up all your belongings and moving to a 3rd world country to help ppl. Becoming famous for something you love to do, getting highly acclaimed for it and paid very generously for it is not sacrifice.
    B) The tickets to her show aren't exactly cheap. In fact, it's the most money I have ever paid for concert tickets. For lots of us, we are sacrificing our money for rent or food to see HER. Many ppl will have to stay up extra late and feel like crap the next day at work all to see their favourite artist perform. Does she even know how regular ppl have to work? Or has she lost her shit so hard that she thinks everyone has a comfy wealthy life like her?
    C) I used to love Lauryn Hill for her soul. I thought she was real. I thought I could relate to her. Her music pulled me through hard times. I always defended her. I'm white- but defended her racism rumours back in the day. But this is too far. You can't be a selfish bitch and ungrateful and angry and have still have soul. She lost the part of herself that I loved the most. I will see her in TO still, but my expectations are pretty damn low now.

  72. 72

    Re: Jonathan Nunez – She is rude, because she apologized half-assed and then tried to justify and tell everyone to deal with it. Like when you make a little kid apologize and you can tell they don't really mean it. She should have apologized sincerely from the heart and then started singing. Telling people to get a refund? She knows damn well they wouldn't be able to get a refund. She sacrificed her 20s for her fans? Please, she sacrificed her 20s for cash and fame.

    P.S. No matter how much she apologized, being 3 hours late is rude. Period. The only way 3 hrs late would be acceptable is something like a car accident, flight delay, sickness, etc. Otherwise, not OK.

  73. 73

    Re: Kory Isenberg

    You're obviously an idiot

  74. 74

    WTH! She's crazy! There are plenty of bands and performers that are on time. ALL the time… "She sacrificed her twenties for her fans." HUH??? I would've already left after 30 minutes, not waited till she asked me. :l

  75. 75

    typical ignorant behavior. Seems to me THOSE type of people think they're sh*t doesn't stink. Listen to how she talks DOWN to them, just awful.

  76. 76

    Re: Nouvel – EXACTLY! defensive! Just so quick to jump down those peoples throats. And I'm sure those people showed up to work three hours late to see her HAS BEEN ass onstage too? Entitlement and defensive. ugh. makes me so mad. ugh.

  77. 77

    HEY! Lay off of her! she was just catching up on episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and his house band, The Roots! lmfao, Ingrateful loser!

  78. Jai says – reply to this


    Lauryn Hill is a headcase.

  79. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jai – Right. I don't think she so much has arrogance as she has issues.

  80. 80

    Re: YoungTaurus – Actually, it started at 12. The dj came on at 11 to try and appease everyone, which worked for a while before people got pissed.

  81. 81

    Lmao. I was at the show; front row, by the bassist. Maybe she said that so that the angry people throwing the cups would leave, but I don't know. All I know is that I had been waiting since 6PM for her, and she comes on at 12. 12!!!! And then she talks to us condescendingly.

    Later on she apologized several times for the people that stayed, but dayum, I would've left a lot earlier if the tickets had been cheaper.

    I was so excited for this concert; I love Lauryn Hill, I grew up listening to her music. You sacrificed your twenties for us? How about I sacrificed $80 + tax and 6 hours of my time waiting for you? How about I almost froze my toes waiting outside in the freezing snow for you? How about I got home at 4am because of you?

    And I didn't win five Grammy's or millions of dollars in the process. So please, don't complain.

  82. 82

    I'll never forgive her for the hatchet-job she did on "Killing Me Softly."

  83. 83

    HAHAHA I hate this bitch!! She was my school's homecoming performance and she showed up over 2 hours late. And guess what? She sucked! The DJ's trying to stall for her had 10 times the talent she had. Thanks for wasting my time and tuition money LH.

  84. 84

    Miss Hill, HELLO! What kind of crack were you smoking? Were you running on dope time? YOU were three hours late, not the audience. Was that an apology between the "I can understand if you want a refund" and "I'm worth the wait?" You are truly a legend in your own mind.

  85. 85

    The real shame is that the people throwing the beers onstage didn't have better aim and put one right in her cracked out grill

  86. 86

    There may have been a very good reason for her to be late, maybe not 3 hours, but she shouldn't have came out and said that to her fans who paid to see her. Those people are her supporters and I think they deserved an explanation as to why she was 3 hours late, instead of a rude announcement of "I'm worth the wait." Honestly I'm a fan, and if I would have been there i might just have been fine with the lateness cause I'm sure it was a good show. But as soon as she said how much she's worth and being all arrogant I would have turned around and left. Arrogance is not attractive whatsoever.

  87. 87

    Sacrificing her life??!! What, did someone have a gun to her head during the 90's?? Ungrateful bitch.

  88. 88

    Re: OppaNuna – that is so not the same thing, not even in the same ballpark. LG saying her album is the best is not the same as what LH did and then being disrespectful about it to her fans. Maybe LG's album is great beauty is in the eye of the beholder and maybe to her its the best, but by saying it she doesn't insult or offend anyone. LH being 3 hours late and then offending her fans is rude, especially to the ppl who made her who she is bc without them she would be nothing.

  89. 89

    she needs a reality check, lauryn sweety you're not relevant anymore. if performing and being a professional is so hard for you, then don't waste honest ppl's time and money.

  90. 90


    Thats just bullshit.

  91. 91

    what a freakin' bitch, that's completly unprofessional

  92. 92

    I waited 4 hours in the sun (no shade) at Rock the Bells at Merriweather Post Pavillion thispasy summer to see Lauryn. When she finally came out she was dressed like Harriet Tubman and rushed through her whole set. Yeah I only paid $60 for the but when I got there I loved her. When I rolled out I'm like fuck that bitch.

  93. 93

    Give the fans their money back you egotistical crazy!! YOU ARE NOT WORTH A 3 HOUR WAIT, nobody is when you're paying to see a SCHEDULED PERFORMANCE. I would have walked out.

  94. 94

    Re: Kory Isenberg
    I'm sorry but you just buried yourself by admitting that you would wait for Courtney Love. You poor thing.

  95. 95