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Michael Jackson Autopsy Buried: Discovery Pulls It From Schedule

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Take a sigh of relief, MJ fans - your voices have been heard.

Yesterday, it was announced that the Discovery Channel had plans to run a special in the UK featuring a reenactment of Michael Jackson's autopsy. Plans for the special have now been scrapped, due to the backlash from fans and pleas from the Jackson estate.

A rep from the network released a statement to sources confirming the decesion, stating:

"Given the commencement of legal proceedings beginning next week, and at the request of Michael Jackson's estate, the scheduled broadcast of the medical documentary related to Michael Jackson's official autopsy has been postponed indefinitely."

It's for the best. The whole thing was in poor taste and we can only imagine the kind of pain it would have inflicted on his family.

Just let the man rest in peace already.

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10 comments to “Michael Jackson Autopsy Buried: Discovery Pulls It From Schedule”

  1. 1

    Pain that it would have inflicted on his family???? First of all MARIO, IT IS BEING SHOWN IN EUROPE, 2nd of all, it is a re enactment of MJ's AUTOPSY!!! Nothing there should be a surprise, the results of the autopsy have been printed in ALMOST EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD, ALL OVER THE INTERNET, ETC. But, taking it off the air while a pretrial, trial is going on is a good ideal, don't want either side to go back and say someone was 'tainted' because they got on the internet and looked up the show.

  2. 2

    as for it being in poor taste, HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THAT MARIO???? It is the Discovery Channel doing it, NOT MTV, VH1 OR EVERY WORSE, E! And, they have done the autopsy type thing before, and they have on TLC the ER show which shows people near death. You know, Mario, MOST PEOPLE REALLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT MICHAEL DIED OF. But, everyone did jump in and print what shape his body was in, from, THE AUTOPSY REPORT!!! and , that was here in the UNITED STATES WHERE HIS KIDS WERE!!!! so STOP THE CRAP ABOUT HIS FAMILY BEING IN PAIN, HURT. BLAH , BLAH BLAH. It is not his birthday, the anniversary of his death and the discovery channel is NOT SELLING ANYTHING. Probably the only reason the ESTATE IS COMPLAINING IS BECAUSE THEY DID NOT DO IT AND DID NOT RELEASE AN ALBUM WITH IT

  3. 3

    Re: justtfax – So you're saying, if your father or brother died, a televised reenactment wouldn't bother you in the least? People forget this was an actual human being with kids and family who loved him. I can completely understand why they would want to put a stop to it. It's totally disrespectful.

  4. 4

    "The whole thing was in poor taste.."
    Hello!!! This is on Perezhilto.com!!
    Pot meet kettle. You're both black.

  5. 5

    Good am glad they took it off personally I don't think it should come out ppl forget MJ was someones father, brother, son, uncle a human being he deserves respect being an entertainer doesn't change this.

  6. 6

    "Just let the man rest in peace already." You got that right.

    Good for MJ's family, friends, and fans fighting for him. Certain parts of people's lives and deaths should not be shared. This reenactment was a bad idea. Just another train wreck for Lookie Loos. A wonderful win for the people who love(d) him.

  7. 7

    Re: Courtney Anctil Brandrup – your comment says it all, i completly agree with you, i have nothing else to add, thank you.

  8. 8

    Now if they would only get rid of Sarah Palin too the network would be great again!

  9. 9

    How about they run Justin Bieber's autopsy instead?

  10. 10