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167 comments to “Kim Kardashian Gives Fans A Sneak Peak Of Her New Music Video”

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    Oops, for some reason my comment was posted twice. Didn't mean to

  3. 103

    haha this bitch is dusted. shes far too old to be entering a "pop" career and her face is mangled from plastic sugery and lip and cheek fillers. oh my god when she walked into the recording studio they guys working there must have broke their shite laughing at her. my god what a complete waste of a human beings life just walking around with shopping bags and get extensions and fake tans done.. rode hard and put away wet does not even cover it.

  4. 104

    Omg I can't believe someone actually told this women that she can't sing let along act on a reality show lol. They give everything to these hollywood people and fill their ears with bullshit.

  5. 105

    This is why i said music today is crap….

  6. 106

    LOL I like Kim K, but someone needs to tell her that having sex with black men does not make you black. Anyway I can't wait to hear her music and see if she ever performs live. Hope she isn't another Paris/Lindsay/etc who puts out tracks but never performs because she can't actually sing nor dance nor do anything really except stand in a studio and screech out something that'll be auto-tuned into oblivion! Good luck to her, I hope she succeeds though.

  7. 107

    i love her, but this is exactly what is wrong with the 'music business

  8. zenny says – reply to this


    Heck, I'll put my salami in her where the sun don't shine. That broad is a fame sucker with no talent but a big ass which many men have already become acquainted with. LOL!

  9. 109

    After seeing her have sex on tape like a whore and date every single professional sports athlete out there (and most likely screwed all of them) she will never be beautiful. Class=Beauty and Kim has NO class and will never ever be able to gain class. She can use her im a stupid slut baby voice all she wants. She will die a uselessv whore.

  10. 110

    You know everyone around her is saying, "Look Kim, your looks aren't gonna last forever. You need to make as much money now as possible by going down as many different avenues as possible. How about music?" I mean she has to be self-sufficient, she has about as much personality as the wax figure she looks like. I have never heard her say anything funny. I think it would be extremely entertaining if someone pushed her onstage and forced her to try to make a joke.

  11. 111

    oh my god do they pay you to say that she is hot??? im from brasil and i think she is absolutly ugly, kind of like a men, and so it's her sister Khloe and its so weird to hear americans say that she is hot, no way she would be famous here, pretty is somebody like giselle, or isabeli fontani, not kim kardashian!

  12. 112

    She is a gorgeous girl, if she had an actual good voice, she would've been famous years ago without the need of a sex tape. So i'm skeptical of her musical talents.

  13. 113

    Didn't know blow up sex dolls could make records.

  14. 114

    That first picture is hideous, I hate that myspace pout. The Kardashian girls have got to be the most boring people on the planet.

  15. 115

    she looks hot !

  16. 116

    Why do her and her family annoy me so much? Maybe because they are thrown in my face every minute of the day. I am so sick of them. I think it is sad that they, besides Bruce, are famous for no apparent reason whatsoever.

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  18. 118

    this bitch has no music career this should be a kim kardashian fall. just like paris hilton. her music career is not going to work just because she is rich and famouse already she thinks she can just walk in too some record company and say "I want to be a singer" and of course the excutives are going to say hell yeah cause all they want is her money. if she has a killer beat and it's full of auto tune like kesha it's going to be hit. we all know that no talent kesha sucks. yet she is successful I am sure if kim kardashian music is like kesha she is going to actually have a music career. but i dought she will she is going to become the next paris hilton. I am so tired that a bunch strippers think they can have a music career just by looking hot fuck that.

  19. 119

    People need to cancel E! channel for introducing the world to this FAMEHO and her family.The Kardashian's producer, Ryan Seacrest should be laughed out of the entertainment industry. I hope this season of American Idol is his last! I am not jealous but I do think it is ridiculous that tramps like this are getting all of the acting and music work in the industry when there are far more talented people in the world.

  20. 120

    She will probably sing about all those nasty black dicks she rides!

  21. GG78 says – reply to this


    Re: yumba1 – Very well said !

  22. 122

    Who cares about this big booty hoe?

  23. 123

    Ok, I will wait and hear how it sounds. But, she looks exactly like RIRI in that second picture. Wonder if that was on purpose? Anywho whatever Kim.

  24. 124

    Like really wtf!!!!! yead that bitch is sexy but singing?? she has just entered the paris hilton and hiedi montag ranks.. Dumb Bruad!!!!

  25. 125

    at least if she's famous for being successful at music I won't hate her as much as I do now for being famous for f-ing Ray J on camera. Just sayin.

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  27. 127

    I think in the begining of the song she is saying "do me.. do me.. do me.." not really suprised though

  28. 128

    THIS IS TOTALLY UNEXCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna know who the hell encouraged this woman to SING or whatever she is doing on the song. I HEARD IT and i almost suffocated. LIKE seriously WHY, WHY JESUS.

  29. 129

    Re: Abbylynn – The fact that you just compared lady gaga to Kim K. is mind blowing seriously dude you must be smoking shitty weed.

  30. 130

    hahahaa im laughing at peoples comments

    the only words i saw kim writing was the "me me me "
    typical libra


  31. 131

    oh My God!!! Please go away. SHe is not Jlo and she is certainly not a singer. Autotuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 132

    first how can she have a new single out she is not a singer she is an unpaid porn star. or what most people know as a whore.

    plus she is gisgustingly built she has the body of a shaved red assed baboon.

    i would puke if i had to see her naked coming at me.

  33. 133

    Does she get peed on again?

  34. 134

    The 'richest' family in Las Calabasas, now takes a run at the music industry!!
    The little California town, soon to be re-named, "Kardville", in honor of it's most famous residents, the Kardashians/Jenner Clan. This is just an opportunity for Kimmy to make mad bank, the "E" channel is hyping the upcoming season of "Keeping Up With…", as well as spin-off, "Kourtney and Kim in NYC", so she decided to go a different route, and came up with the music industry. So many kids are gonna buy this trash, just because of the Kardashian name, man, it's true…the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, hell, I can live with that, as long as I MAINTAIN MY SELF RESPECT!!

  35. 135

    I cant believe you would compare her to JLo…that like comparing Brittney Spears to Paris Hilton…

  36. 136

    Awww!!!….I am glad i don't listen to retarded Music of this centrury. I will stick with Classic rock.

  37. 137

    lmao, the bitch can't sing… just like she cant fuck.

    the only thing famous is her ass, just like JLo.

  38. 138

    Wow, I was just saying a few days before seeing this that I am admired that Kim didn't go in the music industry since everyone who makes it as a model/actress tries. (Ex: Paris Hiedi)

  39. 139

    I Love Kim, but she looks ridiculous in these photos. I have serious doubts that she can actually sing. Too many people have been trying to mask their inability to sing with sex appeal. I really hope she doesn't make a fool out of herself :\

  40. 140

    Why is this girl so desperate for attention? She even competes with her sisters, I'm sure one of them is going to announce a new pregnancy soon. Maybe the braids are to get Reggie back… or some other baller. Kris Jenner has raised her children into very unlikable adults.

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  42. 142

    Rode hard and put up wet, HOMEBOY WHORE

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  44. 144

    you know she'll make atleast a million off this bullshyt. shes got some delustional fans who worship the ground she walks on. look, they buy her book, perfume, shyt from their stores, etc…im just glad i dont contribute to her wealth. this biotch needs a huge azz platter of humble pie!

  45. 145

    Everyone knows she's obsessed with JLO but JLO'S butt is real and Kim is a hobo,attention hog that's had soo much plastic sutgery she looks like octo mom so why do people think she's soo beautiful?.I feel bad for the true talent out there that can't catch a break and all she had to do was spread her legs,soo wrong.

  46. 146

    I have to tell you Perez ..I think she is a very pretty girl along with her sisters but I do feel like she is doing anything to get money..I mean why is she famous again ? Her family is famous for nothing come on when will this end..please kim stick to what you do best promoting yourself and your family…no singing please…i swear everyone can be a star nowadays…

  47. 147

    I think Kim K is great. She's done very well for herslef and her family but whoever convinced her to do this should be shot. She's already demonstrated that she can't sing(see 2010 Emmy's) and she can't dance(see Dancing With The Stars) so why put yourself out there like this. Money is all fine and dandy but have SOME respect. And please don't compare her to J. Lopez. J Lopez may not have been the best singer(ok, she can't sing) but at least she has stage presence and is a great dancer. But then again if Ke$ha can dominate the charts in 2010 pretty much talking to a beat, i guess all it takes are some great producers and really catchy songs so Kim K COULD have a chance to do well. Good luck girl, i'll keep an open mind!

  48. 148

    She needs to stick to making sex tapes and getting pee'd on. why the hell is she famous? We (the public) need to stop making losers like this famous, make them get a job and maybe they can contribute something to society

  49. 149

    She should stick with what she knows and is good with…porn movies!

  50. 150

    I hope her performance in singing is better than she wa son Dancing with The Stars. She was as stiff as a board on that show.

    Also, I agree with someone else here. Her features - eyes and lips especially are way too big for that hairdo. Bo Derek has delicate features.

  51. 151

    Re: CJLOVE23 – LMAO No DOUBT!!!

  52. 152

    Could she be the next JLo? are you kidding me perez? people seem to take hits at JLo all the time and she is one of the artist that worked her way up from the bottom all the way to the top I like Kim alot but i think is kind of wild to compare her to Jlo. JLO is the Bronx Glam Diva! and she has worked her sexy ass very hard. shes one of the only latinas that has made it this far in the last decade i will say.

  53. 153

    This is just another money scam for her. I won't buy her little record. She loves taking pics of herself and sending them out. Can we say, she is stuck on herself.

  54. 154

    Kim i love you and you're gorgeous…but you cant do it all!!! you just cant…you're gonna tire yourself out in every area of your life….you're doing well with what you're doing…BUT i will give your music a chance…but PLEASE NO AUTOTUNE garbage!!!

  55. 155

    Re: Jonathanx – LMAO you're a hater cuz you dont have one.

  56. 156

    Re: MLshocK – "We're (not me) are a bunch of undereducated whackjobs" wow…

  57. 157

    Why she gotta go and mess things up for herself.. I mean, does she really think she can conquer the music industry??? Girl stick to what you are already good at and don't embarrassed yourself.

  58. 158

    Kim Kardashian is gorgeous. My friend Sarah Afshar looks a lot like her but, even more talented. The problem is, Kim is attempting to do so many things at once and everything links back to the infamous sex tape. She is deserving of fame, as is anyone who attempts to do something with their life. Kim hasn't done anything bad and if anything the tape made her become a better person. Just because she is famous now, doesn't mean she will be famous forever. You people that bash her suffer from narcissistic personality disorder and have no life, but picking out people's flaws because you don't understand the world is imperfect and it's apart of your illness. Need I remind you that you people that do this have more flaws than the people you pick apart. You people that call her old are just fat psycho Beibermates and/or Claymates haters because she is only 30. She's laughing all the way to the bank, as she is the highest reality star earner this year alone.

  59. 159

    Re: PersianVersion – people who make that statement "laughing all the way to the bank" are just down right annoying.. who gives a shit whats in her bank? and you don't seem to understand that most people commenting here are defending the music industry.. she has no passion what so ever for it..she did't work hard to be in the music industry either.. she doesn't deserve to be there at ALL..she doing it for MORE attention and money.. and how the fuck are you going to call people all narcissist just because they disagree with her? You using that to defend the #1 narcissistic person?? What sense does that make?

  60. 160

    Re: PersianVersion – everyone that bashes her is narcissistic> WHAT? Are you serious? Have you noticed that there are 160 comments on here and ALL but maybe 2 have dissed on this stupid bitch? This one posting has gotten more posts, all negative, than any other posts on here. That must be for a reason. She is a greedy UGLY whore that is obsessed with herself and needs to go the hell away, obviously the majority of people on here agree. You are dumb

  61. 161

    Re: jennycakes – Kim is hardly a narcississt. If anything, she is a collectivist. Most Middle Easterns (especially Persians and Armenians) are like this, especially those that live in LA and want nothing more than the finest clothes, the best food, the hottest cars, the hottest significant others, etc. I think you are a narcissist because instead of contributing that Kim has no talent, you bash her looks. People with narcissistic personality disorder tend to pick on the looks more so than anything else, when they are not even a majority of the problem. I can be the first to admit that Kim is somewhat of an opportunist and possibly a sensationalist but, I won't sit here and call her ugly, when she is not.

  62. 162

    Re: blonde bi-otch – No, just those that continue to call her ugly and focus on her looks. Those are the narcissists. If you contributed saying "Kim has no talent" that would not make you a narcissist but, if you contribute and say "Kim is fucking ugly" constantly over and over, it appears narcissistic. I bet you are single because most people who are narcissist have such an ugly inside, it's very impossible for them to develop good, stable relationships without mass insecurity or abrupt mood swings.

  63. 163

    Thank god for autotune! LOL Jk i don't know what to think. Im borderline on this one. First, I'll have to hear her sing then I'll make a judgement. You never know, she might surprise us.

    Ps. Personally, if I was an aspiring singer, I wouldn't want to be compared to JLo's singing skills LOL

  64. 164

    what a loser!!!

  65. 165

    She looks stupid with those cornrows.

  66. 166

    Kim should focuss on doing at what she's best, starring in porn movies

  67. 167

    fucking fame whore.

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