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First Look! A Shore Thing By Snooki Snickers!

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It's finally upon us! The first great piece of literature of 2011!

Check out the cover for the brand new novel from our most beloved Snooki Snickers, A Shore Thing (above)!

The completely fictional piece is described as:

It's a summer to remember . . . at the Jersey Shore. Giovanna "Gia" Spumanti and her cousin Isabella "Bella" Rizzoli are going to have the sexiest summer ever. While they couldn't be more different—pint-size Gia is a carefree, outspoken party girl and Bella is a tall, slender athlete who always holds her tongue—for the next month they're ready to pouf up their hair, put on their stilettos, and soak up all that Seaside Heights, New Jersey, has to offer: hot guidos, cool clubs, fried Oreos, and lots of tequila. So far, Gia's summer is on fire. Between nearly burning down their rented bungalow, inventing the popular "tan-tags" at the Tantastic Salon where she works, and rescuing a shark on the beach, she becomes a local celebrity overnight. Luckily, she meets the perfect guy to help her keep the flames under control. Firefighter Frank Rossi is exactly her type: big, tan, and Italian. But is he tough enough to handle Gia when things really heat up? Bella is more than ready for some fun in the sun. Finally free of her bonehead ex-boyfriend, she left home in Brooklyn with one goal in mind: hooking up with a sexy gorilla for a no-strings-attached summer fling. In no time, she lands a job leading "Beat Up the Beat" dance classes at a local gym, and is scooped up by Beemer-driving, preppy Bender Newberry. Only problem: Bella can't get her romantic and ripped boss Tony "Trouble" Troublino out of her head. He's relationship material. Suddenly, Bella's not sure what she wants. The cousins soon realize that for every friend they make on the boardwalk, there are also rivals, slummers, and frenemies who will do anything to ruin their summer—and try their relationship. Before July ends, the bonds of family and friendship will be stretched to the breaking point. Will the haters prevail, or will Gia and Bella find love at the Shore? For everyone who loves MTV's hit reality show, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's sweet, funny, and sexy novel perfectly captures the heat, the energy, the fun, and the drama of Jersey Shore.

Oh my!

We wonder where her inspiration for this masterpiece came from!

Especially since gurlfriend has openly admitted to reading two books in her life: Dear John and Twilight!


Can't wait to pick up our copy!


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27 comments to “First Look! A Shore Thing By Snooki Snickers!”

  1. 1

    WTF!!!! A book?? is that even possible???

  2. 2

    so its officially true..any1 can write a book.

  3. 3

    Saw the Snookster last nite at LAX picking up her glam luggage with her car service dude and she looked like shit..that orange face has got to go..NO up do and hair shaggy nasty under a hat…she is as short as you can get..must be in El lay to promote the book…who would buy it?

  4. 4

    Pass me the bucket…..

  5. 5

    I have no intentions of reading this fluff. However, the book cover is actually kinda cute.

  6. 6

    omg, what a joke. who would buy this crap? let me guess the book is about how to be a trashy slut. genious. this girl has no freakin brain cells left. stupid as fuck.
    that poof on her hamster head is fucking ugly. and she did not create the poof. the poof has been around for a long time. she doesn't own that hairstyle. in her dreams maybe, she's just a nobody. tik tok cuz your fifteen minutes of fame are gonna be over soon. im glad angelina kicked her ass. taught her a lesson. snooki the fat ass can't fight at all. she looked so stupid fighting. she got beat down hard. haha it was pretty funny.

  7. 7

    LAME. next she'll make a song, then a movie, whats next? MTV will make a statue of her in seaside?

  8. 8

    GO SNOOKI!!!!!! i love the picture on the cover although i doubt i'll be buying the book.

  9. 9

    What a waste of paper!!!!. It might be useful at the bottom of a bird cage or if you run out of toliet paper. Other wise a lot of trees died for nothing

  10. 10


  11. 11

    First of all, you don't even need to buy this book if you are a fan of Snooki. That has to be the longest synopsis I have ever had the misfortune of reading. It practically gives the story away. All the aspiring writers, who have better work that get turned down by publishers are probably super pissed right now.

  12. 12

    'The first great piece of literature of 2011' that was sarcasm right?

  13. 13

    there is no doubt in my mind that all of todays scummy youth will buy this piece of ghost written trash and give this whore some more $$$$$$$$4 idiots.

  14. 14

    She should be able to read a book before she even writes one

  15. 15

    The situation only sold 4000 copies i doubt she will do any better.

  16. 16

    I was under the impression her book would be (semi) autobiographical. Awww…I'm not really a romantic fiction kinda person..would rather read about Snooki!

  17. 17

    wait a fake story about a fake ass show.. o i heard enuff.

  18. 18

    oh good lord seriously! the ghost writer must feel like the stupidest shit on the face of the planet to let that "book" come out.

  19. 19

    Re: DBABY26 – hahahaha brilliant comment!

  20. 20

    Snooki you have a good run, now go away somewhere where we never have to hear from you ever again!

  21. 21

    God help us all.

  22. 22

    no one will know who she is in a couple years and she won't be remembered by those who know who she is now.

  23. 23


  24. SF90 says – reply to this


    Why is she copying the promos for Conan? He had posters of just his eyes up to his hair since that's his signature.

  25. 25

    She should be ashamed of herself. How can someone take credit for someone else's work? Especially when it's obvious?! That makes me sick. She has no integrity.

  26. 26

    Don't get me wrong I love this guilty pleasure as much as the next guy I'm actually a die hard Shore fan I find the show hilarious and fun! Buttt there really milkin the fame for all its worth, just cuz you have a hit reality show for being tanning, fist pumping, party animals does not mean you can or should wright a book. Common now ppl see this and just look in disgust. OMG the famewhorings gotta stop. When I saw Ronnie on the commercial for diet pills I was like seriously? Vomit.

  27. 27

    Re: crickets – sounds like bern….the covered face book cover was howard stern or eric bogosian pounding nails into the floor with my forehead, lancome