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22 comments to “Bieber's Ex Blows Up His Spot On Twitter”

  1. 1

    justin and selena.. like.. no.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    she was probably mad at the biebs because he has not reached puberty yet………..

  4. 4

    Way to jump to conclusions perez. Just because she tweeted that doesn't mean it was because of Justin. Why would she be bitter about the breakup if she has another boyfriend and has moved on. She was probably talking about guys in general. Everyone needs to leave Justin and Selena alone already. Let them be happy and give them some privacy.

  5. 5

    I agree with the girl….Most men say like that, but do the opposite way. So yeah!

  6. 6

    HAHAAHAH! This girl sounds like a dick!

  7. 7

    Taylor L dumped her

  8. 8

    I mean.. what she said wasn't even a big deal.. and honestly.. shes right.. a lot of men speak about respecting ladies etc.. but yet don't do it.. they lie they cheat etc etc… her tweet mightve just been in general.. dont make a mountain out of a mole hill

  9. 9

    Re: nunyabiznas – Oh thank you. Did not know this. He tooo fine anyway ;)

  10. 10

    Re: Biebers #1 Fan – HaHaHaHa! You're so stupid. No matter how many times you say for everyone to leave gay justin alone, they aren't. He is what's "hot" right now, so people want to squeeze him for all he is worth. He will be a has been in a few months. Don't you worry, like the jonas brothers before him.

  11. 11

    she is probably jealouse that justin bieber got someone hotter than her. because dame selena gomez look amazing on that bikini. she is too hot to be with him no dought. he looks like a chicken compare to her.

  12. 12

    Re: xocandii – looks is not everything you know. but maybe becuase it either did not work out or he or she was a jerk to one another. who knows.

  13. 13

    Why in every pic of him he looks like hes doing that"shocker"thing??

  14. 14

    Eh i don't see why people like him so much but besides the point what the girl said wasn't a big deal but it's her own fault for dating him if that's who she was talking about.. he was a huge flirt and girls were and still are throwing themselves at him..

  15. 15

    What a silly cun*t. No. 1. He's a boy not a man. No. 2. She's a girl not a lady.

  16. 16

    He is not a man, he is a boy

  17. 17

    Britney is still a fucking legend unlike BEVER and CACA

  18. 18

    she's probably just mad that he traded up

  19. 19

    No offence but selena looks like beavers older sister!.

  20. 20

    Wait…"a real man"??? I thought it was a chick?

    (still confused)

  21. 21

    perez's fascination with these lil kids is really creepy .. and now hes creating drama for them .. ur 40 years old dude ..

  22. 22

    "I would rather brothers call you queen than bitch but if the intent behind it's motivated by sex than genuine it's probably not, so that's why I said the queen is dead." - Bambu

    Smart man!