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A Very RPatz And KStew New Years!

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We wouldn't expect too much else from these two!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reportedly celebrated the New Year in their typical, low-key style by spending time with friends at The Spyglass Inn on the British Isle of Wight!

Sources spotted the couple multiple times over the holiday weekend, enjoying lunch and listening to live music later on that evening!

Aw! That's what they did for New Year's Eve last year!

Maybe it's becoming a tradition for them!

Hope you guys had a nice time!

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “A Very RPatz And KStew New Years!”

  1. 1

    Thank you for not referring to it as the Isle of WHITE again…

  2. 2

    Nope…still don't know what she sees in him, she's so fucking cute.

  3. 3

    She has an amazing ass in her stripper movie. Like two peaches peeking out of you from under a slutty school girl skirt.

  4. 4

    wheres the isle of wight?

  5. 5

    I like that they aren't huge famewhores, tweeting all this shit about eachother I don't give a fuck about. They just keep their shit down low.

  6. 6

    she my dream girl

  7. 7

    I love that they just keep it simple, they do make a really cute couple I think..

  8. 8

    The Isle of Wight is shit anyway. This is probably the most exciting thing that's ever happened there ever.

  9. 9

    Nice that they had a fun New Year's Eve together.

  10. 10

    callum89: stop with your jealousy. He's gorgeous and kristen thinks so too!

  11. 11

    Re: mariabella89 – that's because they're not actually dating. rumors started popping up (as they always do with famous coworkers) and their publicists decided they shouldn't deny it.
    thats why there has never been a picture of them on a date, kissing, or holding hands. they have never talked about their (fake) relationship, and neither has any of their coworkers.
    these "sources" are either trying to make a buck by selling this story, or its their publicists (which i think is kind of sick thing to do) making up stories to keep the rumors alive.
    think about it. they're relationship has never been confirmed by trustable source, or anyone with a name in fact

  12. 12

    Re: urcewt – uh, either they are a showmance or they aren't. If they are a showmance, then…they SHOW it by going on dates, making statements, and kissing,etc. If this is for PR, then they would be more accessible for photo ops and soundbytes. Your poitns are completely contradictory. Either they are private because they are trying to maintain a relationship as public figures, or else they are publicly pretending to be a couple for showmance reasons.

  13. 13

    ps: they don't confirm because so many fans are invested in them being together ot NOT together, people will lose their shit either way. A basic strategy for public figures is to neither confirm or deny unless they need to-the less you commit to officially, the less you need to backtrack –say, if you two broke up before the franchise ended.

  14. 14

    I dont' care anymore if they're a couple anymore or not. there's been so many rumors about them from prganancy to cheating, U never know what to believe. It's smart for them to go to a private island. They could just be really good friends but whatever the matter is, it's pretty obvious they are not comfortable telling the public because it's none of the public's business and privacy is what's important to Robert And Kristen. Rumors or truth, forget about it.

  15. 15

    Love Kristen.

  16. 16

    They're a nice couple. There should be more Hollywood couples like them.

  17. 17

    aawww your being so nice….. so mario you finally learned "there is no throwing sand in the sand box"…. but it don't change the fact that you're a two face. what's that saying bout burned bridges????

  18. 18

    Re: urcewt – uhmmm… actually there ARE pictures of them holding hands, on dates, and kissing, its just that there are very few, cause as always they keep low profile… but still some paps have manage to take some pics… soo inform yourself before saying anything

  19. 19

    how boring shes pretty very attractive girl but hes like a model u would see on ck hes got weird but amazingly handsome looks…but why he doesnt ditch her and stop wasting time when he could have hundreds of woman and parties instead of her and being bored on new years how absolutely dull…

  20. 20

    In that Runaways movie I literally about vomited when that guy made the Dick Johnson comment and put her hand on his crotch!! She didn't look sanitary in that movie. Hell, she looked more like an it than a woman!! I don't know, there's something so gross about her to me, inside and out. I also want to vomit when I see her wearing revealing clothing. What, does the little It think she's female now??

  21. 21

    Re: timo88 – its a little island south of England

  22. 22

    Awesome! Love their low-key style!

  23. 23

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – She had to look like that for the movie and you don't like what you see then just look away, as for me, I will look continue to look at her because she is an very sexy woman. No doubt about that.