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89 comments to “Selena Gomez Getting Death Threats From Bieber Fans”

  1. 1

    Wow, kids just get worse and worse with every generation.

  2. 2

    Sounds like some of Perez's site commenters are branching out with their trollish hate!

  3. rcs says – reply to this


    wow, spelling and grammar digs coming from this site…interesting!

  4. 4

    I think the most shocking part of this story is that Justin Beiber is getting a beard so early in his little life.

  5. Laura says – reply to this


    dont worry selena, I got ur back girl.

  6. 6

    Ah, raging pre teen hormones.

  7. 7

    What sad little girls! Selena is adorable and she seems to be far too good for Justin, who is a notorious twat.

  8. 8

    Lol Justin Bieber fans never fail to make me laugh.

  9. 9

    What a bunch of retarded LOSERS.
    As if any of them even have a remote chance of getting with him or even seeing him in person for that matter.
    Good lord the world is filled with IDIOTS.

  10. 10

    "a little spell and grammar check might be a good idea."

    You seriously didn't just say that did you?? That has to be the dumbest pot calling the kettle black! This site has become a parody of itself.

  11. 11

    hahahahahha YOU are telling people to check their grammar and spelling?! buwahahahahahahahahahaha - thank you, I needed that laugh!!

  12. 12

    lol Perez you one to talk about spell check.. anyways.. his fans are pretty stupid.. i don't get all this death threat shit.. get over it.. he has millions of fans.. how's he going to be with each one of them? Maybe he goes for girls that, you know, aren't obsessed and psycho??

  13. 13

    You're a douchbag.You preach about bullying and yet you post info like this knowing that Justin Biebers fans can be crazy. Way to add fuel to the fire.
    Fucking hipocrate. And another thing, stop drawing little hearts around people private parts, real classy and so christian like of you. That to me is a form of bullying , we get it youre gay, show some respect to the people you're writting about. So much for changing your ways.

  14. 14

    Does she do her own makeup ?? well she shouldn't. But anyways his fans are soo pathetic, poor girl.

  15. 15

    Crazy Tweets from earlier #watchyourbackselena
    – roses are red, violets are blue, @selenagomez if you'll break @justinbieber's heart I'm gonna kill you :3
    – @selenagomez I'll kill you I swear on GOD!!!!
    – @selenagomez If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!
    – @selenagomez whore cancer whore..like i'mm kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing well thankyou Selena thankyou now i'm killing myself
    – @selenagomez stay away from Justin pedophile, retard wait i'm gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smelly bed

  16. 16

    That threat was from a little Retard… I'm sure…No need to get worked up…Plus Beiber is a F@G anyway so who cares

  17. 17

    Perez dissing on spelling and grammar mistakes? Pot meet kettle?

  18. 18

    LOL! Beliebers should stay in school and tighten up on their grammar skills! How can Selena read those threats when their written in FRAGMENTS and BAD ENGLISH. Justin and his fans can GO TO HELL! Selena is TOO CLASSY for that PRICK

  19. 19

    aww. im so happy for selena. they both make a really cute couple. but man beiber fans need to calm down. i swear, like justin beiber is gonna fall in love with a bunch of twelve year old girls. beiber fans need to grow the hell up. seriously. selena can date who ever she wants. and they make an excellent couple. hopefully, their relationship lasts long. they seem so happy. and selena gomez is a beautiful talented girl. and justin beiber obviously likes her. so, get over yourself beiber fans. stop hating on selena. a bunch of little jealous girls. like justin beiber is ever gonna be with any of you jealous little girls. his heart belongs to selena. so, get over it. and stop with the death threats already. your only hurting yourself.

  20. 20

    Re: Caca.Who? – I think my favorite is "cancer whore."

  21. 21

    I'm more concerned with this child's(I really hope it's a child) grammar. Holy crap.

  22. 22

    these bieber fans need to learn how to make more sense while sending these threats. gezz

  23. 23

    Re: booooring!! – Do people like you just read this site and wait for him to slip up on the bullying thing? The whole point of the anti-bullying thing was that he was going to IMPROVE, not entirely change his ways…and this isn't bullying anyways…Stop grasping at straws.

  24. 24

    Those girls are just LAME. Bieber would never date a fan.. cuz they´re all crazy! He should speak up and say: stop saying this to my gf!. I don´t think they´re dating anyways. I mean, Selena is cuter, taller and older than him hahah…There´s no way!!

  25. 25

    twihards and beiberites need to battle and kill eachother off.

  26. 26

    Re: Retooser – Thats my favorite one too lol "cancer whore" wtf ?

  27. 27

    That's sad. They don't even know him.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    A knock on their little doors from police or FBI will cool their jets. A physical threat of any kind is against the law and is a serious matter.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Those are the kind of fans that need help. Like legit therapy. It's a shame to see fans get like that, and they should be ashamed of themselves for acting like that. Those girls need to realize that, as a fan it is not their job to be worried about who Justin dates, kisses, or even hangs out with. Their job as his FANS (if they're true fans) is to support him in EVERY way possible. That includes his decision to date/hangout with girls. I mean I'm a fan and I admire what he does, but I certainly don't worship the ground he walks on. Those girls need a new flash: he is NOT a God! Your chances of ever being with him are very slim to none. Chances are he doesn't even know you exist. Girls who act like that give all fans a bad rep. Not all fans are crazy, psychotic, bitches who think it's the end of the world when Biebs kisses another girl.

  31. 31

    why is she with an embryo?

  32. 32

    Hmm I know Perez "I report inaccurate things all the time" Hilton is not commenting on anyone else's spelling and grammar.. his posts are littered with bad English.

  33. 33

    You have some nerve suggesting ANYONE spell/grammar check after the extensive mistakes you put up here on a daily basis. It would be nice if you had enough respect for your audience to make a big effort there….but you don't, do you, bb?

  34. 34

    I for one love that they're getting together. Its really cute.

  35. 35

    Honestly, Perez, you make more grammar mistakes than that girl who is probably a foreigner. A little spelling and grammar check wouldn't hurt you, honey!

  36. cho96 says – reply to this


    LMFAO, i'm a huge bieber fan myself but this is fucking insane…

  37. 37

    Re: booooring!! – you haven't a clue what bullying is.. comb your beard..

  38. 38

    Hahahah this is so ridiculous! Stupid little girls!!

  39. 39

    I Honestly don't understand why people have to send death threats to anyone. It's very rude and for someone like who lost a sibling feels horrible that this happens. I hope someday we will understand just how hurtful saying things like this is.

  40. 40

    You know what, I really hope they identify and prosecute every ignorant adolescent who tweets stuff like that. These dumb teenagers should be locked away both for their threats and their blatant stupidity (Justin Bieber?) and poor grammar.

  41. 41

    hahahahahahahaha wow that is pathethic..stupid little children..do they actually think they will get a chance with that pip squeak? Get over it Justing is dusgusting anyway..move on

  42. 42


  43. 43

    selena gomez is actually over justin bieber league I mean seriously she is gorgouse and he looks like a chicken compare to her. he should bve lucky he is even dating someone like selena gomez all you bieber fans are retarded as if he will ever date you or even meett you buahahah. leave the queen of disney alone bitches.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    yeah, I noticed that too - doesn't look like some disasters, but there's something off, surely….
    anyway, the bieberites need to get a life. Justin is not going to give them a call anytime soon, and Lena's pretty gorgeous anyway - I still think she could do better but if she's happy, idc! (:

  46. 46

    That's pretty f'n scary

  47. 47

    LOL! xD I just LOVE those crazy Beliebers, i am a Boy Belieber, but i just LOVE when tween girl beliebers "death-threat" someone xD

  48. 48

    the only bitch there was the stupid bitch who wrote that, poor justin he has crazy fans, I loveee daniel radcliffe but I would never wish death to one of his girlfriends, don't be naive girls how many fans are out there? justin can't belong to each of you

  49. 49

    All commenters are speaking the truth here, but thanks for my brand new catch phrase: "You are a very very bitch!"

  50. 50

    bahahahahahaha. wow that was probably from like an 8 year old from the obvious spelling. thats sad all these psycho little kids act like they OWN him. grow up little children, he is a human being, and doesnt know you or will he ever so roll off. wtf!

  51. 51

    "a little spell and grammar check might be a good idea."

    dude practice what you preach. Every single post you do has a spelling error or is grammatically wrong, you are a fucking joke dude

  52. 52

    Welcome to Willa Ford's world! lol…..

  53. 53

    Lawd have mercy!!crazy little tweens need to focus first on learning how to cook, clean, changing a tampon or pads and wash their asses/twat first, instead of getting all psychotic over someone that will NEVER give them a chance even if his own life depended on it. Lets face it you-over-the top dramatic little ones, the reality is that he just want your money to date famous stars and thats it. Stay in school and make something out of yourselfs.

  54. 54

    thats crazzy!!!!
    celebertys should be allowed to date who they want there people too!! and these peopel saying CRAZZY stuff about S.Gomez when they NEVER have a chance with justin Bieber anyway ;)

  55. 55

    @Kimberbunny said, "I think the most shocking part of this story is that Justin Beiber is getting a beard so early in his little life." I just saw Beiber on the BBC's Graham Norton Show a few weeks ago and he was lamenting about how he couldn't grow a beard or mustache. John Waters, famously of the ultra-thin mustache, offered Beiber an eyeliner so that Beiber could repeat the fake Waters-like stash he had been photographed with a few days before.

  56. 56

    No wonder Selena has been lying about her affair with Bieber. I hear she's conveniently lost her "purity" ring as well.

  57. 57

    Wow the state of our school system just gets worse and worse. That sent ence was painful! That writer is worse than your people Perez (and that is saying alot). That said, why do these dumb bimbo teenagers always think that threatening their favorite celeb's girlfriend means they have a better chance of dating said celeb. Quit being a crazy stalker and go spend some more time in English class. It is clear that you desperately need help.

  58. 58

    Its not fair. Everyone thinks of Justin Bieber fans as crazy ass bitches! To be honest, I dont care if they're dating! Selenas lovely. I HATE how they keep lying about it though! Anyway, Im a fan and I would NEVER post death threats, Nor would anyone else I know!

  59. 59

    This situation is a total wast of time to even spend brain cells thinking about. Both Bieber and Selena could care less what others think of them and the only people that actually care about this whole story is Bieber fans. Get over it fans and go to their room and do their homework! you're mom is watching!

  60. 60

    Re: tenyearsgone – yet you come here..make an account.. and post in his site.. you're pathetic.

  61. 61

    Well you have to be fucking stupid to like justin bieber so the poor spelling and grammer isn't surprising at all. This kid is probably 8 years old.

  62. 62

    Bieber fans aren't scary, they're psychos.

  63. 63

    This is just crazy. Do any of these girls think they would have a chance with him? I am not a Justin fan at all but really girls, use your brains, the guy is what, 16? 17? He's old enough to have a girl and i very much doubt he'd pick any girl who makes death threats and colourful language. Its truly a frightening world when 12 year old girls go on to attack other girls similar to their age simply because they kissed a guy they liked. Good luck Selena, keep being on alert because in this day and age, its clear that a pre-teen girl might actually act on her threats.

  64. 64

    Wow, kids are crazy these days :P

  65. 65

    hehehehe…. the tween pyscho threats are probably harmless, tho amusing.

  66. 66

    yea cause justin is going to remain a virgin for one of his special fans right???


    these lil bitches need to grow the fuck up and go date some REAL non celebrity boys, unless they're too ugly to get 1.

  67. 67

    Isn't technology wonderful? Some lamebrain love struck teenybopper (damn, I'm dating myself here) with a cellphone can spew just about anything she pleases. As kids we had crushes on popstars and movie stars but I don't believe anyone would have ever thought to make death threats. Where in heaven's name are her PARENTS???

  68. 68

    Sad that most of these Girls probably used to look up to Selena and watch wizards! :( love you Selena and Justin!

  69. 69

    Half of those brats can't drive anyway so she has no reason to worry.

  70. 70

    I don't know why they're getting so bent out of shape. He's gonna hit it, break it off anyway for the sake of his insane girl fans (aka meal tickets) and claim that nothing happened between them just like he did to those other chicks, and then they'll be happy again. SMH. Douche…Selena is way too good for him. I have no idea what these girls see in him. It's about time they grow up and grow out of him so the sooner we'll see him on those "Where are they now" VH1 specials. :P

  71. 71

    And LOL @ Perez trying to give spelling and grammar advice! Lmao!

  72. 72

    poor selena. she's gonna have to explain to justin when he grows a beard…not to be afraid, it's just puberty.

  73. 73

    Yes, these death threats are wayyyyy out there. But come on. When I was their age, if I saw one of my idols kissing a girl and touching her butt, I'd be upset as well. I wouldn't have made death threats, hell, I probably wouldn't have cried over it, but still. If he is gonna be that famous among the young crowd, he needs to keep his relationships more of a secret. If not, he's gonna start losing a lot of those young, devoted fans. Their parents work very hard so they can go out and buy their child the latest Beiber album for Christmas. And that boy has a shitload of merchandise out there!! He's gonna lose a lot of profits if he doesn't stop it. Go rent a room or something, and try not to get locked out of it this time!

  74. 74

    judging by that grammar and spelling, i'd have to say you must've wrote it p

  75. 75

    These kids are just so sad. They have no life, no real boyfriends and they obsess over some singer who'd never look twice their way. Truly pathetic.

  76. 76

    LOL apparently my comment about how kids are stupid and parents are fail got so many thumb downs it got deleted..LOL thanks for proving my point.

  77. 77

    Re: laythisdown – You're a moron. A "beard" is a woman who acts as a cover for a gay man.

  78. 78

    Re: queen of all media – Miley Cyrus is the Queen of Disney

  79. 79

    Okaii So i dont think they look Cute at all, they really look cute as friends i mean Selena looks like a Cougar now and i didn't know you can date your 'Little Brother' and i'm not jealouse i'm not even a fan of justin soo dont Fucking reply k? thanks =D buhhbyee

  80. 80

    Bieber's fan are just so funny! (i really don't like selena's dress and the way she is maked up)!! They're cute together!!

  81. 81

    Perez not all of us Beliebers are this psycho. I actually like Selena and have never sent a death threat to anyone. If Justin is happy, then Im happy and Im gonna support him in everything he does 100% cause thats what a true fan does. So please stop generalizing and saying that all of us are crazy.

  82. 82

    Re: callum89 – LMAO! Even though I'm somewhat one and I watch mostly because of Lea Michele, do you want to add Gleeks in there to turn the Twihard-Belieber war into a three way?

  83. 83

    Justin should be considered lucky that he and Selena chose each other. As for his fans, they can all go straight to hell!

  84. 84

    Perez, leave this girl alone!! Stop with the death threats already you perv!

  85. 85

    gees. what wonderful kids parents are raising these days. it's going to be an interesting future for us. anyways i don't know what she would see in him she even called him short and too young when she went on the george lopez talk show. she is probably only hanging around with him now because well lets face it.. everyone else is either in rehab or have their own over age boyfriends. girls gotta hang out w/someone who understands famous life.

  86. 86

    y'all with the death threats can just stop ya know…Selena and Justin are celebs so let them be in love if they want to because quite frankly none of y'all can't even get Justin to say 20 words to y'all so please let the poor girl, who probably has alot more problems, LIVE HER LIFE IN PEACE!

  87. 87

  88. 88

    :) its okay selly! bieber fans are just jealous because you're BEAUTIFUL! Eff the haters

  89. 89

    what a screwed up bitch omg!
    poor selena