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The Battle Of The TLC Stars! Clinton Kelly Takes On Sarah Palin!

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The truth - and the claws - are out! Excellent!

Not everyone on the TLC network is a fan of Sarah Palin's Alaska, and it appears as though some are ready to make their true feelings known!

What Not To Wear's Clinton Kelly recently made an appearance on The Joy Behar Show, and expressed his distaste with the former governor of Alaska and her presence on the network!

He explains:

"I wasn't thrilled when I heard that Sarah Palin had an eight-hour infomercial, you know, on my network because she basically stands for everything I don't stand for or I'm against. So it's a little bit rough. It's a little — what bothers me the most about her is her hypocrisy. I hate somebody who's, like, Oh, look at nature. Look at this beautiful Alaska. … Look how beautiful everything is. Let's go kill something…because we need some meat in the refrigerator."

Well-said, bb!

And we agree that gurlfriend is spouting off a whole lot of right wing propaganda for one reality series!

What do U think?? Do U agree with Clinton's stance on Sarah??

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79 comments to “The Battle Of The TLC Stars! Clinton Kelly Takes On Sarah Palin!”

  1. 1

    You would be okay with it if she was spouting out left wing bull shit. Get over it.

  2. 2

    Are you kidding me Perez? Saying she can't like nature because hunts is nonsense. That's like saying you can't be gay and be friends with straight people. Grow up, you need a fifteen year old teen to tell you what's right and wrong. pshyeah. You're some top blogger.

  3. 3

    What a pompous douche. Since when is it "HIS" network. For god sakes, he's just another gay guy on these nominal networks that talks fashion. How ground breaking. Plus, he loses all credibility after going on that troll's(Behar) show. Can't swing a dead cat now a days without hitting a homo with a fashion show.

  4. 4

    if we can be fed left wing propaganda through every other show on television why is it wrong for one show to be "right-winged"? not agreeing that i like her show because i don't but i don't like the way that you said that.

  5. 5

    like this guy is really someone…doubt anyone knows who he is or watches his boring show. love sarah palin!!! :)

  6. 6

    Palin is an asshole. She babbles about the "elite" even though she's the one raking in millions for the TV series, etc.

  7. 7

    at least the meat went into a fridge. Hunting is okay as long as the animal is used for food.

  8. 8

    Palin is a dangerous instigator period.

  9. 9

    There's this really cool invention out nowadays, it's called a Television remote control and it lets you change the channel on the television without actually getting up…Try using it next time there's something on you don't like :)

  10. 10

    Love u Kfan and hoochpit! That was exactly what I was thinking!

    I am/was someone who watched both of their shows…oh well.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    That's how it is when you spend any time at all in the country. They eat wildlife.
    A decent rural person only kills what they need.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    I truly believe that she would've been a better president than the corrupt liar whom is obama.

  14. 14

    As if she does that stuff on a regular basis. As if thats really her life.. come on theirs grocery stores in alaska! Trying to be a native or something that lady. Your a rich white political person! No business your show,… You would rather be on tv in LA then there you dumb whore! I hate that line id rather be out here being free! If that was true whyd she resigh from her job! If she loved alaska so much! rather be writing dumb books and doing dumb shows.. Tryna be a famous person. And her stupid daughter who aint NO star..ugh…sad.

  15. 15

    totally agree with him about the 'phony pioneer girl.' lol she is seriously deranged. look at that pic of her. it's like an evil cat that caught the canary. can you say crazy eyes? she is crazy and dumb as a door nail which is a dangerous combo. she is an extremist and imo, that makes her a 'terrorist' against her own country for that matter but she plays the self righteous card. such b.s. she'll stick to reality tv anyways, more money to line her pockets. that's all she cares about anyways. that and being some quasi-celebrity.

  16. 16

    She is not being hypocritical, the NATURE IN ALASKA IS BEAUTIFUL, IS IT NOT? Yes, she is hunting, something I personally do not like, and would not do, BUT, I have NOTHING AGAINST HUNTERS THAT HUNT AND EAT THE ANIMALS THAT THEY HUNTED DOWN. Now, if she was one of those hunters that go out to 'bag' a (whatever) so they can have a deer's head with the biggest rack in their den and dump the rest, I consider these people KILLERS. I cannot and will not criticize hunters that hunt for food, because I eat MEAT, Wear LEATHER and use other animal PRODUCTS. Alot of animals bred for meat do not have a great life, living in small areas, fed the minimal crap, etc. So unless you are a vegan, you cannot CRITICIZE, but of course, ALL THE LIBERALS WILL. Especially those who spend themselves into extreme debt to get a designer shirt to impress someone they don't know. TALK ABOUT A HYPOCRITE

  17. 17

    While I'm not at all conservative, hunting does not mean that you hate nature, in fact, people who hunt tend to LOVE nature. Besides, food is a necessity for survival. The meat we eat everyday comes from animals that were KILLED, so are we any better than hunters because we don't directly kill animals? NO. This lame-ass and YOU, Perez, are full of shit.

  18. 18

    He is right and I hate Sarah and all her Palin clan!

  19. 19

    The hypocrisy lies in eating meat while you pretend that an animal didnt die so you could. Personally taking the life of a wild animal is a much more honest and responsible way of consuming meat rather than simply paying money for a plastic-wrapped piece of an animal that led a horrible life.

  20. 20

    Money talks. I watched Sarah Palin's show once, paid attention to who advertised during it, and immediately stopped buying their products.

  21. 21

    Clinton - your show is tanking and that is what you are mad about. I would much rather have Palin in my corner (and would could actually feed herself) rather than someone who can just created 'outfits' - that is not going to feed you.

  22. 22

    Just like saying you are "pro choice" when the only one who get the real "choice" is the mothter–not the father or the baby. NO different. It's like being all about nature and not beng able to step on a sprout or pick a leave or crush a seed, then acting like a fertilized egg is nothing.

  23. 23

    anyone that believes that meat went in her freezer is naive. of course she said it would but do you REALLY think her family is eating caribou for supper. NOT! just because she said it would does not make it fact. hell, half the shit she spews is bullshit. she is a lying hypocrite for sure.

  24. 24

    lol why is sara on tv again? Everyone knows her show is staged like the Hills. smh only repubs can be so foolish to watch her shit. lol ppl crack me up.

  25. 25

    Yeah - but liberal celebrities spout off left-wing garbage all the time too. Like how they think we should have broken borders and illegal immigrants and not know who the hell is coming in and out of our country. Liberals get on my nerves just as much at tea bag people.

  26. 26

    Mumzmi, PLEASE LEARN TO SPELL!!!!!!!

  27. 27

    This guy is an idiot. Obviously he has never watched the show. And hate to tell you Clinton… millions of families hunt and eat what they kill, which happens to be the best organic meat one could eat… Think about that next time your pompous ass sits down to a steroid-filled steak dinner!!! YUM!!!!

  28. 28

    Don't like Sarah Palin but I can't hold hunting against her because what she shoots ends up in the supermarket that I buy to eat. It doesn't give me pleasure that a living animal died but I am appreciative that I get to eat a yummy turkey burger or chicken with my salad. If you eat meat, you can't condemn those who kill the animal that's on your plate, you have to thank them. I know that I couldn't do it unless I absolutely needed to as a last resort so I'm grateful.

    You kind of have to enjoy what you do. And as humans we're on top of the food chain, can't get more into nature than that.

  29. 29

    Kelly should have a right to say what he thinks. I hope TLC doesn't reprimand him for it. I didn't really think "Sarah Palin's Alaska" was a political infomercial. It was really mostly a humorous travelogue of her home state, and I'm sure it will do more for tourism there than a thousand ads by the state would do. I can't stand her Taliban-like politics, but I liked the TLC show. If you don't like her politics, vote against her and speak out against her and organize against her. And remember, god punished her for telling her daughter to abstain.

  30. 30

    It be boyond redicoluse that you have any right about anyone spouting off propaganda! Every time I come here you have something to say about your left wind bullshit. You don't like her show don't watch. Maybe one day you realize that your inmoral behavior isn't something that many people like. But you only like things that have to do with the gays. Get over yourself!

  31. 31

    Sarah Palin is an IDIOT and she will not win the 2012 Election. She will divide the Republican party and do Obama a huge favor and get him re-elected.
    She exemplifies the dumbing down of America. As well I hate to say this but her daughter is the same but even less intelligent.

  32. 32

    Truth is the Palin family should be hunting nothing due to the fact that they are all overweight except for Todd but he will gain weight after he comes out of the closet

  33. 33

    sarah palin is a piece of crap. she is just trying to be a celebrity which she is not. i'm very glad she is not our vice president because she knows NOTHING. we just had a dumbass president we don't need another one. @Into The Nightlife that's dumb to say. celebrities can voice their liberal opinion that's fine. celebrities can voice their conservative opinion, I don't care. but 1: Sarah Palin is not a celebrity she is a "politician" 2: at least celebrities are speaking on the matter directly and not slyly sneaking it into family television shows. I'm glad Clinton Kelley said something. Maybe you conservatives should open your eyes and realize that the country didn't exactly work out while you guys were in control. you kinda got us into wars, hated by other countries, into a large deficit, and enlarged the homeless and poverty population.
    *perez thank you, I think you're a great blogger and I love that you've stopped bashing people. just do you.

  34. 34

    I have never watched her show, as she grates on my nerves. I can't say as I haver a problem with hunting normally, but I don't think hunting from a helicopter is fair. I don't know if she did that on her show, but from what I understand she has done that. To me that is giving such an unfair advantage to humans and it shouldn't really be called hunting. It should just be called killing.

  35. 35

    I'm sure Palin eats some of the meat she hunts, but when she was governor remember her insane idea about hunting wolves from helicopters? That simply shows she has no respect for animals. I'm not aware of weather she hunts for food or for game, but from what I already know she doesn't seem like a compassionate woman. She supported removing polar bears from the endangered species list so we could drill from oil in Alaska. I can not believe she claims to love nature after she so publicly laid out her stance on that issue. That is extremely selfish, for someone who supposedly loves nature she fails to realize that we share this world with other species and drilling for oil in their habitats is VERY harmful.

  36. 36

    When was the last time you heard a queer not wanting to get some fresh meat.

  37. 37

    So a fruity fashionista says a few lame words about a conservative hunter. wow exciting news. He needs to get back to his profound work because there are still some people *gasp* wearing the wrong neckline!

  38. 38


  39. 39

    There is absolutely nothing hypocritical about a hunter who respects and loves nature…Hunters are outdoors people more so than peta people…Differing views, so get over it.

  40. 40

    Thee is nothing hypocritical about being a hunter and loving nature…Hunters are more lovers of nature than anyone I know. Totally different view point, so get over it.

  41. 41

    That's stupid. The Earth IS beautiful. Alaska IS amazing. You ALL eat at Mcdonalds so you need to STFU! What she does is natural and human. She hunts an elk IN the wild who is at leats having a happy life. That meat will feed a family ALL year.

    Yet cows are treated inhumanely and you shovel them down by the dozens a month WHO'S being cruel? Prodding cows with electricity to force them into slaughter houses for a million burgers a year or hunting it yourself and using ONE animal for the entire year who never saw it coming and wasn't treated cruelly in the process?

    What a hypocrit! Maybe he should bow out of the human race. Don't even KNOW who this tool is.

  42. 42

    BTW tv shoulnd't be extreme left wing or nothing at all. It should be equal with equal opinions.. NOT just who the artist is catering to this week for money.

  43. 43

    seriously.. who is this creepy looking gigallo?

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    If his parents had dropped him off at a working farm for a summer he wouldn't be so priggish about the food chain. He's underexposed.

  45. 45

    AMEN…I agree. I want to know WTF was PETA when Sarah and her pistol packing crew were shooting wolf's from a damn airplane.

  46. 46

    CBenji, you prove my point.. you believe what you hear and read. The helicopter incident was created by photo shop by the far left.. To the Liberals: If you can't play fair get off the playground!!! Both sides need to address the issues…

  47. 47

    She likes the idea of people getting killed too, as long as it means that oil stays cheap.

    Go Clinton!
    I love him on NWTW!

  48. 48

    Re: just keeping it real – why wouldnt she eat caribou? its a delicacy..
    ive watched the show one time and her and her kids were learning how to fish and clean the fish and store it… how is that not cool? we should be learning to fend for ourselves more, its not like she is advertising, 'hey go get some chicken from purdue' where they are filled with diseases and hormones while they live in a cramped coop. i actually admire that a lot, and i think hunting and eating the food directly from nature makes you understand how reliant we are on it which makes you appreciate and respect it more
    however obsessing over fashion never helped anyone…

  49. 49

    I am not a fan of Sarah Palin, so I don't watch her show. But how can anyone say that its so wrong for her to voice her right-wing opinions when just about EVERY OTHER SHOW out there spouts their liberal views!!!??! It should go both ways, "Mr. Hilton." If liberals can do it, why cant conservatives? You would not have a problem with the show if it was "Hilary Clinton's NYC"

  50. Zoom says – reply to this


    Who the hell is Clinton Kelly? First time I heard of him in my life. As far as Palin goes,not a big supporter here,but I love how she pisses all of these whine bag Liberal tree huggers off.Liberals hating on her so much is what's making her MILLIONS!!

  51. 51

    Re: Zoom – no, ignorant conservative white trash is whats making her millions. after all they're the ones watching her show, buying her books, and paying her to speak at their rallies. liberals and progressives are too smart to be hoodwinked by this complete moron.

  52. 52

    Re: AttFinch – No dumbass it is actually liberals like perez. When people constantly put down someone , you rally around that person. Liberals smarter than republicans huh than why conservatives generally more successful.

  53. 53

    Sarah Palin's eight hour infomercial - Hahahaha!
    She is the most well known American hypocrite!

  54. 54

    Sarah Palin is a complete moron. She doesn't even know the difference between North and South Korea. I mean come on. How this woman ever ended up being governor of Alaska is beyond me.

  55. 55

    yet another sniveling little cry baby desperately in search of a reason to hate on Palin bc she is a conservative and he isn't. yawn.

  56. 56

    Is this really about hunting? Not going to dwell on it, but wild game is much better than livestock raised in pens and transported hundreds of miles and then sold on shelves. I'll take my steroid-free, healthy moose meat any day.

    The scariest thing is the attention that the Palins are receiving between DWTS and this TLC show. Just think of all the people that can not think for themselves who are being brainwashed by the characters these women are portraying themselves as. Don't be surprised when she has earned the support of this segment of society.

  57. 57

    Re: nicky45 – actually, being called a dumbass from a homophobe like you (as per your comment #36) is beyond laughable. and rallying around someone who is known as one of the biggest jokes in America is nothing to be proud of.
    If the blue states are sinkholes of moral decay, as right-wing pundits insist, how come red states lead the nation in violent crime, divorce, illegitimacy, and incarceration, among other evils?

  58. 58

    Where does he think the meat he eats comes from? Someone kills it you idiot!! If your ancestors lived here long enough than they probably had to go out and kill their dinner as well. Stupid people who say stupid things piss me off!!

  59. 59

    TEAM KELLY!!! Anyone who says his show sucks is a bad dresser. Seriously, Sarah Palin just needs to go away already. Remember, Kate Gosselin (whatever) was once a reality darling, too….counting the remaining 15 minutes of Alaska's most famous quitter. *flick*

  60. 60

    think about what people had to do to survive 100 years ago…200 years ago! hunting is totally and completely natural.

  61. 61

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she said that Obama was just a celeb, a hollywood type, etc., yet WHAT IS HER OCCUPATION NOW??? Oh, that's right, she has her own TV show that features her name!!! LOL!!!!!

  62. 62

    You stupid ass. Hunting is a lot more humane than the factory farms that put the meat into your local grocery store.

  63. 63

    Re: xelectricity – yes and obama went to 57 states..ur the dumbass…

  64. 64

    Go Team Clinton!!!
    BOO anything Palin!!!!

  65. 65

    I used to like Clinton Kelly, but now I find him incredibly ridiculous. There's nothing hypocritical about liking nature and also hunting. They're eating what they kill, it isn't being wasted.

    And Clinton, since when is TLC your network?

  66. 66

    even though Palin does make us look like a stereotype, i'm still glad i'm republican though…….

  67. Zoom says – reply to this


    Re: AttFinch – I bet you are one of the miliion liberals who say they hate her,then watch her every time she's on tv,including her Alaska show,again,helping her make millions.It's the same way with Beck or Limbaugh.You idiots watch and listen to their every word just to BITCH about them! Take away their Liberal audience,they hardly have a job.Cracks me up!!
    Myself,if I really "hate" someone that much,I don't watch or listen to them!

    And biggest joke in America? How's that Obama change working for ya?!

  68. 68

    What is wrong with people, they need to be a little more open minded especially since they are asking that of others. And what is wrong with hunting? I'm pretty sure that's how the settlers had to forage for their food…….urgh get over yourselves!

  69. 69

    New fan Clinton.I hate this hillbilly bitch!!

  70. 70

    Re: LatinaLova – Cosign.I hope she goes hunting with Dick Cheney and he shoots her face off.

  71. 71

    Re: AttFinch – Red states breed ignorant inbred idiots like nicky45

  72. Zoom says – reply to this


    Re: texascutie26 – That's just how the Liberal mind works.They're only open minded and tolerant if you agree with everything they say and do.

  73. 73

    Re: mickeydeee – Have u been under a rock? LOL His show What not to wear has been around much longer than Sarah's.

    Sarah Palin is a disgrace to women, an embarrassment to Americans, and a complete moron.

    Remember this: She may be famous, but she is by far popular. A lot of people may watch her show, but not because they support or like her, but they like watching her act like a fool. Fame comes and goes, and soon she'll be gone. Better sooner than later ;-)

  74. 74

    I love how open minded and tolerant this clown is.

  75. 75

    That man hasn't got any teeth…

  76. 76

    Has it always been anathema to disagree with anyone about anything? Maybe I'm naive, but I always kind of thought there are people with different views and lifestyles out there and if you don't like it you at least respect them as a person. There are real monsters and villains out there. Why waste your breath hating on people who are just on a different side of the political spectrum, or who just live life differently from you?

  77. 77

    all you anti hunters. My family eats only organic deer and moose meat that we hunt and then you come in and say were horrible people it's called eating and population control do you know how many people are killed a year because of deer and moose running out in front of cars i would rather have a deer in the freezer then a person in the ground so maybe thing a little more before you start running your mouth. Sarah Palin is Amazing!!! clinton kelly your show sucks anyways, Sarah's show is what lifes all about.

  78. 78

    i like watching what not to wear… but i have no thoughts on palin… however listening to both of them talk, Clinton Kelly comes off more educated and modern… and at least he has fashion sense… can someone nominate sarah palin for what not to wear?

  79. 79

    i couldn't agree with this man more. sarah palin is a ridiculous, idiotic woman that should go crawl back into a hole.