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Tone-Loc Says He Was Sober & Seizing When He Got His DUI

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We don't know how plausible this is, so we remain skeptical.

Earlier last month, rapper Tone-Loc was arrested on a DUI charge. The LAPD pulled him over on December 13th, as they spotted him driving rather "erratically." After pulling over to a nearby station, he was booked for a DUI and and released 12 hours later on $5,000 bail.

But now, Tone-Loc is arguing that he doesn't drink at all and his manager has explained to sources that his client actually had a seizure behind the wheel. Apparently, Tone-Loc has a history with them, and after seeking medical treatment, it's believed that the seizure which caused his erratic driving was brought on by "bad food he had earlier in the day."

So, what you're saying is, the cops pulled you over, took you from your vehicle, booked you on a DUI charge and kept you in jail for 12 hours and never once made you submit to breathalyzer test? Wouldn't that have been one of the first steps in your arrest process? How could they charge you with a DUI if they had no proof you were drinking?

Huh?! Anyone?

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20 comments to “Tone-Loc Says He Was Sober & Seizing When He Got His DUI”

  1. 1

    A petit mal seizure can look like you are just zoned out. I'm not saying it's what happened, but it is plausible.

  2. 2

    he doesn't drink? What about funky cold medina?

  3. 3

    A DUI doesn't mean you were drinking, it means they believe you to be under the influence of SOMETHING, and if they refuse a breathalyzer, or the breathalyzer comes back negative, they can charge you with a DUI. A DWI is related to alcohol/intoxication.

  4. 4

    its not a dud driving while drunk, its a dui driving while intoxicated.Not all drugs show up on a breathalizer but so if they suspect you of being under the influence of some drug they have the ability to arrest you for a dui. They are the police they can do almost anything.

  5. 5

    My friend got a DUI without ever getting a breathalyzer or blood test — it promptly got thrown out in court because of lack of evidence… also she hadn't been drinking at the time.

  6. 6

    you can refuse a breathalyzer, if you do its straight to jail, DUI charge and you fight it out in court

  7. 7

    DUI = Driving Under the Influence (of illegal drugs or alcohol, prescription drugs, etc.). Perhaps he passed his breathalyzer but failed his field tests (that would make sense under the seizure theory). Cops would have arrested him for suspicion of DUI for his erratic driving even if he blew 0.0. I actually know someone who this happened to and he destroyed the front of a shopping mall (lucky he didn't hurt anyone). My buddy's accident was in the morning, so it was pretty obvious he was not drunk, but because he was disoriented after his seizure, they cops asked if he'd taken any drugs. My buddy was not arrested or cited, but had to pay for all the damage. I'm giving Tone Loc the benefit of the doubt - I don't think he was hittin' the funky cold medina.

  8. 8

    I can see this being possible. Diabetic shock can look like drunk driving, so I'm sure seizure could as well.

  9. 9

    If you have a medical history of seizure's, you are not allowed to drive. Here in Canada your licence gets suspended until you go one year without a seizure. My Uncle just had one and until it is proved to be just a one time incident he is not allowed to drive. As it was stated by Tone's Rep that he has a history and it is medically documented then his licence should have already been revoked. Any responsible person that knowingly has a history of seizure's would not get behind the wheel and drive for fear of having one and getting into an accident. Your insurance would not cover you.

  10. Ninka says – reply to this


    It's called "Driving while Black". I heard that the cops are really bad on Black men driving in California, so I am not surprised to hear that he was treated this way. And if he had a seizure, he was probably disoriented and not making much sense, anyway.

  11. 11

    My God all you do is look to create a story and not even getting the facts. Like many has said you can get a dui (Drive under the influence) which is a basically a judgment call by the police on what they see. After you get pull over you can refuse a breathalyzer (which you should do every time) and a blood test is taken only if property or personal damage is done.

  12. 12

    Perez I've been telling you for over 3 years…Leave the reporting to the REAL journalists…your obv trying to stir up trouble where it doesnt belong..man everytime any of your postings make no sense I will BLOW UP YOUR SPOT perezito..cuidate gordito feo

  13. 13

    Re: Canukgrl – Thats what I thought!!!! Doesnt make sence to me! A friend of mines father here in Florida has seziers mabye every three years give or take and he's not allowed to drive at all!!!!

  14. 14

    I'm not sure if you lose your license for a year in the US if you have a seizure. It may differ state to state. In PA, I think it's six months. If he has a "history" of seizures, he shouldn't be allowed to drive period.

  15. 15

    Like many others have said, DUI can be anything. If you are arrested and there is no sign of alcohol then the police call a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) to subject you to other tests to determine the type of drug you are on. The bigger question is if he was having a seizure then why was he booked in jail and not taken to the hospital to be checked out?

  16. 16

    I actually believe Tone Loc on this one. I was partying with him for New Year's Eve in Baltimore and while he was performing I was chatting with his girlfriend of 10 years-her name is Lisa. She told me, and I quote "Tony don't drink…but he loves to smoke." After partying with him all night, I never saw him have a drink once. So his seizures are definitely plausible- but Tone, please don't smoke any more if you're having medical issues!

  17. 17

    Excuse me, Mario, your ignorance is showing…again.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    If he knew that he doesn't drink, why not insist on an immediate breathalyser either himself or through a call to his lawyer? Doesn't smell right to me. They can charge him, but he'll walk away from court with no evidence. Fishy.

  19. 19

    I have epilepsy and it is definetly plausible he was having a seizure and not drunk. After a seizure you are totally confused and have no idea what is going on. Anything can trigger a seizure. In Illinois you are not allowed to drive for 6 months after having a seizure.

  20. 20

    Funny you should mention it… We live in California and my husband was arrested for DUI. The legal limit as we all know is .08. He blew a .05. He had one drink. Was not intoxicated when he left. Wasn't legally intoxicated when he was pulled over and subsequently arrested BUT… he had exited the freeway, gotten back on heading the other direction but had no memory of doing so, and was swerving erratically when the officer pulled him over. He was taken in not for his Breathalyzer results but for his demeanor. Later he told me he didn't understand what happened. He wasn't drunk and he didn't remember turning around and heading back toward his departure point either. Well, about 3 weeks later it happened again - only this time he had NOTHING to drink and he wasn't pulled over but I observed it because he was following me to a location when I observed him swerving, driving erratically etc. He later told me he had no recollection whatsoever of following me IN HIS CAR to the place we went. We saw a doctor who referred us to a neurologist who eventually diagnosed him with Complex Partial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. People with these seizures are known to drive and perform other routine tasks while seizing and because they don't "shake" like you imagine in a seizure it's very difficult for the average joe (or officer) to tell that it's happening. These people also have periods of amnesia associated with their seizures.
    So, it seems Mr. Loc may be telling the truth.