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The 'N Word' To Be Edited Out Of New Edition Of Huckleberry Finn

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This will certainly stir up some controversy.

The new edition Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will remove all references to the "N" word and replace it with the word "slave." The word "Injun" will also be removed from the novel.

Twain expert Alan Gribben, who spearheaded the change, says his version is not a way of "neutering" the classic book, but just rather updating it. He says, "Race matters in these books. It’s a matter of how you express that in the 21st century."

We're not sure if censoring the words is the best idea to teach children about classic literature and even more importantly, American history.

What do U think?

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121 comments to “The 'N Word' To Be Edited Out Of New Edition Of Huckleberry Finn

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  1. 101

    This is america. that is suppoded to mean we do't censor things that are unpleasant but own up to our mistakes and teach them to younger generations so they don't make them. CENSORSHIP SHOULD NEVER EVER BE ALOUD.

  2. 102

    Re: Lutho Somdyala – Even if they're not the same and don't represent the same to you, it's every parent's job to teach their children the best so they can be good people and behave for the best in their lives. In both cases the point is the same. Of course no one will teach how to use the n-word, but NOT to use it against people and why. You can use that book for the good, not for the bad. That is the best thing we can do to fight racism.

  3. 103

    Despite the fact that I wish no one said that word, and I find it offensive when anyone does, it shouldn't be edited. It's scratching out a significant part of history contributing to the ignorance of future generations

  4. 104

    You can say it in a song but not in a book that reflects the time it was written in?!!?!?

  5. 105

    Re: Lutho Somdyala – so the N word is disgusting but yet you'd rather have your children learn it from idiots on the street or on t.v. who probably embrace the word.. this book is a classic and it is worded how it was back in the day.. hiding from it isn't going to solve the problem.. I'd rather have my children learn about racism and tolerance in school.. taking that word and racism out of history is an incredible disservice to African Americans.. it wouldn't show the hardships of racism or slavery or how far we've come from it…

  6. 106

    censoring a classic novel is like trying to erase history. DON'T. that is a book that teaches people of the time they were in and how time has evolved into a more accepting place.

  7. 107

    NO, NO, NO!!!!! How do you make the younger generations understand our very messing history if you decide to change it!!! As inappropriate as the "N" word is, we have a 1/2 African American President for God's sake. Let's embrace what makes us so different from all other nations. Everyone wants to be us, even if they hate us!!! Don't go changing history, learn from it. Remember…..History is Prologue!!!!

  8. 108

    What a horrible idea. Being that this man is a Twain scholar, I'm sure he's read 1984?? You know, where Big Bro. erases history on a daily basis to keep the masses confused. It's HISTORY. Leave it alone!

    I'm black, for the record.

  9. 109

    Re: hiswifey2007 – yeah thats what i'm thinking. Its really not up to the majority of the people here think.. You are not affected by the world. I actually want to hear what black people think about this? Personally I actually don't know how I feel about the editing.

  10. 110

    I think it's a little ridiculous w/ what's going on w/ Huckleberry Finn. I'm NOT racist, but it is literature that takes place when that kind of language was accepted. Just because that word is being removed from a book, does NOT mean people are going to stop using it. Our country has a past, which may include that word, but don't you think we should move into the future and focus on what we can do to get people to stop SAYING that word, rather than removing it from one of the greatest books of all time? I'm pretty sure the people using that word are not going to stop just because it was removed from a book. How do we know that they're even the ones reading the book?

  11. 111

    this is so ridiculous!
    you cant just pretend the words never existed
    & a classic like this really does not need 'updating'

  12. 112

    ……..OH COME ON!!!!!
    better go buy it before they ruin it with this political correctness bullshit

  13. 113

    honestly yes its ugly but its history, you cant start censoring books because they dont fit in with our modern views, like all literature its a product of its time

  14. 114

    Hey! Welcome to the new Nazi Germany everybody. America has officially become communist.

  15. 115

    Anyone who thinks that Mark Twain's use of the N-word was racist is too stupid to be reading Huckleberry Finn.

  16. 116

    Just another example of the American society pussifying everything. If you're ashamed of American history, let's try not to repeat it, but you can never erase the past.

  17. 117

    Re: DaRockz – YOU'RE the idiot for not recognizing the difference between classic literature as a reflection of society and a stupid fcking Vince Vaughn movie that makes comic slurs with no redeeming value for its viewers. GOD some people are stupid!

  18. 118

    i think it is really wrong. the book was written in a time period and used all kinds of language to help the reader feel like they were in that time period. it was not used to offend people, it was used to make the conversations taken place in the novel authentic. this is ridiculous.

  19. 119

    I'd like to know what IDIOT came up with this idea. NO ONE should be allowed to fuck with a classic like Huckleberry Finn just to make it politically correct; as a matter of fact, it should be up to the author to make such changes (like Arthur Hailey did when Airport was re-published and he changed all the "Negro" references to "African-American"). Since Mark Twain is long dead, who the fuck is this so-called Twain "expert" to be making these changes at all?

    He's a fucking idiot, that's what.

  20. 120

    you know it's funny the "N" word is offensive; yet rap stars use it in their songs all the time and nobody ever says anything; however, when it's printed in a book, somebody points it out as being offensive.

  21. 121

    i think it will take away from the purpose of the book. in my english class back in the day we spent extensive time analyzing twains choice in diction and significance of the n word in the book. what will future generations learn if they are exposed to all this censorship?

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