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Montel Williams Cited At Airport For Carrying A Pipe

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montel williams the former talk show host was cited for having a pipe used for smoking weed on his person when going through security at an airport

Uh-oh! There's more to Montel than we thought!

Former talk show host Montel Williams was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia at an airport in Wisconsin yesterday.

Montel, who is also a known medical marijuana activist, had a pipe on his person as he attempt to pass through security check. The Milwaukee County sheriff's office says he paid the $484 citation and was released to continue his travel.

Eh, no harm, no foul. We know full well that he smokes weed to help with his multiple sclerosis, so its not really a big shock he was caught with it. No doubt, though, this will up his activist game to push for better laws concerning the use of medical marijuana.

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Montel Williams Cited At Airport For Carrying A Pipe”

  1. 1

    even if medicinal MJ becomes legal, that doesn't mean you'll be able to carry a used pipe with you on an airplane………….or some bud.

  2. 2

    Gotta love the amerikkkan way. Charge sick people with crimes for having medicine and equipment.

  3. 3

    Weed should be legal whether for medical or recreational purposes. Simply make the age limit 21 and if someone is caught driving stoned, take 'em to the pokey just like for a DUI.

  4. 4

    It wont become legal because greedy pharmaceutical CEO's will lose money. It's not about it being a drug and it being bad for you. It's not about the government "protecting us and our kids from bad things" It's about money.

  5. 5

    Damn, MS is no joke…my uncle has it and it's debilitating and fucking painful. Pharmaceutical painkillers are hard on the body, hard on the liver and kidneys, and not to mention they make you constipated if you take them regularly. And yet we'd rather fill people up with these than let people smoke a relatively harmless plant to cope with their crippling nervous-system disease. Jesus fuck.

    In other words, Team Montel!

  6. 6

    'There's more to Montel than we thought!'

    Like what, exactly?

  7. 7

    What? A black smoking weed??? No!

  8. 8

    u gotta b smarter than this pal……put the pipe and the weed in your checked baggage.

  9. 9

    why is this a crime. My son runs a shop that sells "tobacco accessories." If you just have a pipe, not sure how that is a crime. one article said it didn't even have residue in it. too much!

  10. 10

    Him and Sylvia Brown are gonna smoke a l"il weed and then get out the juicemaker and drink some juice together. "Go, Monty!!!