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Is Nick Lachey Pretending To Be His Own Assistant?

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Yes, but apparently his name is Nick Lachey - meaning he is his OWN assistant!

In Touch Magazine's running a report, claiming that Nick doesn't have a personal assistant to take care of his day-to-day business. He apparently handles all of his affairs himself.

Now, we would find that very admirable and down-to-earth of him, if we weren't also hearing that despite not having an assistant, he still acts like he does! One source reveals:

"We get calls from Nick Lachey's 'assistant', who sounds very much like Nick himself …… Funny how he and this assistant have the same exact voice."

Funny? No. We can come up with several words to describe this scenario, but funny is not one of them.

Nick, darling, you might want to clean about this before it becomes a thing. If you want to be your own man who handles his own shiz, then fine! Great, even!

But please, don't play games! Backfire and ridicule are the last things you want right now. There's a wedding to plan, you know!

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14 comments to “Is Nick Lachey Pretending To Be His Own Assistant?”

  1. 1

    Another sign that the recession is upon us…..celebrities are they're own assistants.

  2. 2

    Is anyone else noticing that his hands and arms don't look like they are from the same body?!

  3. 3

    I can see that being funny. Pretending to be an assistant and not disguising your voice so the other person is going, "Is this actually him? That's crazy. It must just sound like him. Or maybe it's him and he wants me to think it's not. Maybe I'm crazy."

  4. 4

    Uhg.. you really give a shit? This is news? Who cares who the hell his assistant is or if it's him himself..

  5. VGirl says – reply to this


    I agree with Perez. If true, I'd admire him more if he admits he doesn't have an assistant because he doesn't need one. Let's be honest, celebrities have agents and publicits to take care of ther professional affairs why do they need someone to get their lunch? DIVAS

  6. barb says – reply to this


    Why are you surprised, on the newleyweds he did everything himself. Cut his lawn, move his belonged into the house like a real person. What a concept.

  7. 7

    Hahaha. This is hilarious! But then again, why would Nick Lachey need an assistant?

  8. 8

    Now this is funny! Question.. why does he look orange?

  9. 9

    That's funny I think. He wants to seem important because even Z list celebs have assistants.

  10. 10

    LOL that's kinda funny

  11. 11

    I think it can be seen as ridiculous, sure, but did you ever think if he is calling places and saying he is HIMSELF, if he just isn't able to get as much done, or has to field questions, or maybe people don't even BELIEVE when he says it is him? There are logistic reasons to why someone has an assistant, aside from actual work load, (a buffer, insulation) so maybe this is the necessity and thought process. I actually think it sounds funny myself.

  12. 12

    I can tell you WHY Nick has no assistant…he's CHEAP! Remember him on the show w/ Jessica? He freaked because she bought expensive sheets and when they bought a new house he MOVED himself. Was too cheap to pay movers!! Yikes!

  13. 13

    Re: lovebug922 – so hes cheap because he doesnt waste money on stupid things? why pay for someone to move things when you can do it yourself?

  14. 14

    He has no career so why would he need an assistant anyway ?