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Diddy's Daughter Sings!

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Awwww. She is pretty adorbs.

Watch the video (above) as Diddy's daughter, Chance Combs, sings a very special Christmas song on her lil' piano.

We gotta get one of those pink pianos too!

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29 comments to “Diddy's Daughter Sings!”

  1. 1

    She sings like P Diddy raps and dances, sucking and off beat!!!

  2. 2

    That was nothing

  3. 3

    Would you please stop pushing these stupid little girls on us?

  4. 4

    out of tune out of beat

  5. 5

    Some of you guys are so rude! She's a 4 year old girl for goodness sake! I think this video is adorable.

  6. 6

    Idk how ppl can be cruel towards a CHILD. I can't stand Puff Daddy or Diddy whatever he calls himself now days but that's a cute little girl! She's innocent! God ppl on this site are the world worst humans. Sucks to be in the same world!

  7. 7

    you guys are mean.
    she is a young girl

    im sure she will get better as she gets older
    i mean her dad is p diddy loll

    she is adorable

  8. 8

    Please another jada pinkett in the works. Now we have to put up with the kids of losers.

  9. 9

    My God … Your so late

  10. 10

    So adorable!

  11. 11

    i dont get how some of you can be so mean to a little girl.
    shes friggin adorable

  12. 12

    yay! more chance! less willow! that was cute!

  13. Rohan says – reply to this


    Your obsession with posting videos of little children is alarming

  14. 14

    She is a very cute girl, but I hope they don't pimp her out and put her on the road like Willow Smith. Children should be allowed childhoods.

  15. 15

    so cute:)

  16. 16

    Uhm saw this on another website, you know, like at Christmas. Looks rehearsed and seems like mom is sending it out for publicity…sad. I don't see Kim Porter doing this with her twins.

  17. 17

    Oh YAY a singing niglet!

  18. 18

    Hey Snatchquach….. this WHITE girl is telling you to shut the Fuck up NOW!!!!! You are disgusting…… And Diddy keep your kids off YouTube!!

  19. 19


  20. 20

    ah she is really cute!!!

  21. 21

    That was adorable. And some of you people are so rude. Do you get your kicks from trashing a 4 year old little girl. I think some of you weren't loved enough as children.

  22. 22

    She is cute, but that room is absolutely tasteless.

  23. 23

    Oh boy. I feel another Willow Smith coming up..
    Didn't Diddy say he was going to take singing classes or something?
    I'm guessing that he just might push his daughter to become a singer or whatever.

  24. 24

    Her hair is horrible! She needs to cut it and deep condition it!

  25. 25

    shes cute and everything but shes 4 and i think these kind of videos should be kept within the family.

  26. 26

    shes got beautiful hair but this looks like a private home video that really should not be shown to people diddy doesnt know.

  27. 27

    it bothers me that you like this and that you were probably serious about the pink kiddie piano

  28. 28

    Aww that was cute like any kid who has a keyboard and messes about.

  29. Hun says – reply to this


    That has got be the cutest thing I have seen since my baby was a baby :)