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The Last Will & Testament Of Elizabeth Edwards Released

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So sad.

Just six days before her untimely death, Elizabeth Edwards signed off on her will that this morning has finally been released.

Her eldest daughter Catharine, a lawyer, is named as executor of the will and after reading the document, we've learned she left everything to her three children. Quoting Elizabeth straight from the document, she said:

"All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death, I give and bequeath to my children."

Eveything else, she left to Catharine. Her ex-husband, John Edwards, was left nothing and was never even mentioned in the will.

Bet that stings a bit. Not that she didn't leave him anything, mind you, but we think it sends a pretty strong message that she didn't even mention him. Just goes to show how much he really hurt her.

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “The Last Will & Testament Of Elizabeth Edwards Released”

  1. 1

    No, she left him nothing because he doesn't need anything. He has assets; her kids should get whatever she has left. I'm sure John and Elizabeth agreed about the contents of the will.

    You didn't spell her daughter's name correctly.

  2. 2

    Why is this so sad? I think she did the right thing with assets.

  3. 3

    He's an "EX-husband", not a current hasuband.
    There's no reason to leave him anything.
    No story here.

  4. 4

    What do you mean, she left everything else to Catharine? No, she didn't. She made her the executor because she's the oldest and also a lawyer. Learn to read before you print. You make it sound like she gave more to Catharine than to her other kids and it's just not true. And her name is Catharine. It isn't spelled wrong. That's how she spells it. And John is getting her kids. I think that's gift enough. He doesn't need (and I doubt he expected ) anything else.

  5. 5

    Sad that she died.

  6. 6

    that poor family has been thru so much, I hope they find strength to get thru all this… and i hope john edwards and his skank both fall off a cliff.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Edwards began her career as a law clerk for a federal judge, then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1978 to become an associate at the law firm of Harwell Barr Martin & Sloan. In 1981, she and her husband moved their family to Raleigh, where she worked in the Office of the Attorney General, and at the law firm Merriman, Nicholls, and Crampton. She used her maiden name professionally until 1996,[22] when she retired from legal practice upon the death of her son and changed her name to Elizabeth Edwards. Much of her time since leaving legal practice was devoted to the administration of the Wade Edwards Foundation.[23] She taught legal writing as an adjunct instructor at the University of North Carolina School of Law and worked as a substitute teacher in the Wake County Public Schools. In August 2009, she opened a furniture store in Chapel Hill.[24]

  9. 9

    The worst thing she left to John was a lifetime with Rielle Hunter. Nothing could be worse.

  10. 10

    This woman kept her dignity right until the end. She SHOULD have trashed her ex in the press, but didn't. She took the high road. THAT'S CLASS.

  11. 11

    No GayCanuck, she did trash John in public, over and over again. She whined and whined about how he cheated, how he confessed, blah blah. But she lied too, to the media and to all Americans (and to herself, I think) and constituents.

  12. 12

    SHE was the brains and the reason he got as far as he did. Not just the little wife. She had cancer and kept campaigning explaining that's how much she believed her husband should be President. Strong woman behind the man… People admired him because of her.

  13. 13

    From a legal standpoint you would not mention someone in your will that you are not leaving anything to. Besides, why would she leave anything to and ex with plenty of means. Also, Catharine did not get anymore than any of the other kids, except the statutory fees for being executor.

  14. 14

    He is pretty well to do I'm sure he has more than enough to live off for the rest of his life. Her children will always be her children and as a true mother she did what she could with one of her last actions to make sure they would be ok.

  15. 15

    Re: Bellagio – oh my gosh you're sooo right!!! That woman is a deplorable human being and her actions have proven she has no sense of morality or compassion. A lifetime with her is a hellish enough punishment for him.

  16. 16

    That's what happens when you're a cheating asshole! He'll always regret that ’til the day he dies. Why rub it in?

  17. 17

    I doubt John really cares. He already has enough.

  18. 18

    god 4 her..