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Boo! Judge Sets Aside Convictions In Anna Nicole Smith Case

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So much for justice.

This morning, a judge ruled that Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer and boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, will not face any conviction in the case, ruling there was no evidence proving Howard intended to break the law by using false names to obtain drug prescriptions for Anna.

Continuing his mercy, the judge also dismissed all but one conviction against Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, Anna's doctor, who was also said to have a hand in her death. That conviction was reduced to misdemeanor. She'll now be fined $100 and ordered her to serve a short time on probation.

Ugh. How frustrating to see after all is said and done, these two people will walk away scotch-free from any real punishment. For shame.

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Boo! Judge Sets Aside Convictions In Anna Nicole Smith Case”

  1. 1

    "scotch free"? I'll have a cocktail. Seriously, I do believe they enabled her. Sad about Anna and her son.

  2. 2

    I think you mean 'scot-free'

  3. 3

    Stern did nothing wrong.

  4. 4

    SAD SAD SAD ! What a joke our system is sometimes !

  5. 5

    enablers like HK Stern shouldn't be punished. they're sick too. but her doctor should def be investigated for recklessness. RIP anna. i loved her!! HOWARD I WANT A PICKLE!!!!!!

  6. 6

    'scotch free'? Really? LOL - nice editing.

  7. 7

    For shame? Really? Perez, I see why you could be upset because I believe given proper help Anna would still be here. However, what people need to look at is the FACTS of this case. There was not enough evidence to prove wrong-doing on the part of Howard Stern, regardless of what public opinion of him is. Was he an enabler? Sure! But so is half the "friends" and "family" of the Hollywood community! (*Cough**Lohans*) Anna Nicole was a grown woman who was also a drug addict. She was powerful & rich enough to obtain her drugs through many avenues, regardless of what Howard would have done. The evidence is simply not there to convict him of anything. Now, public opinion out there we can all agree he did not do enough to get her help to get clean, even if that meant leaving her. Although after Daniel's death, one more loss would have more than likely forced her suicide, I believe. He too was stuck at that point. It's a sad situation everywhere.

  8. 8

    ain't nothin' like justice.

  9. chiro says – reply to this


    Anna Nicole was a drug addict!!!! She took drugs by her own free will. She's the one that got Howard strung out. Howard never should've been arrested. the doctor on the other hand she be in jail.

  10. 10

    Did they prove that Stern called people and used another name to obtain prescriptions? No, so he shouldn't be convicted for that. Sadly plenty of people manage to slide down the drug abuse spiral with or without the help of their "friends," or "enablers." It is too bad that Anna died, but plenty of people die every day on the streets from drugs and they don't tie up the courts in a situation like Howard K. Stern was in. Usually the cops wouldn't even investigate if it was for someone like you and I.

  11. 11

    Seriously? So much for justice? He should've gotten off scott free. I'm sick of everytime some celebrity junkie overdoses, all of a sudden it's the fault of everyone around them. Same with MJ and his doctor. He wasn't murdered, he was a drug addict who suffered the consequences of the disease. Howard K Stern lost the person he loved most in his life and then went through years of legal bullshit, because everyone is looking for someone to blame. She was a drug addict way before she ever met him. Finally! Someone in our legal system actually follows the law instead of all the bleeding heart idiots placing blame! What a great day!

  12. 12

    no evidence proving Howard intended to break the law by using false names to obtain drug prescriptions for the Anna. Are you serious???? HE USED FALSE NAMES YOU IDIOT!!!! Just goes to show you how money talks!!!

  13. 13

    Justice, it was her fault she was a druggie and died. Give me a break. Just like MJ. These people chose to do these things that killed them, and people like you want to blame everyone else. Accountability???? And by the way, this is justice served, the judge always reserves the right to set aside verdicts that he/she find faulty. Jury's are made up of human beings. Inevitably some are idiots like you and will blame everyone else but that actual culprit. In these cases, it falls to the judge to ensure that justice is done, not vengence.

  14. 14

    Really, does anyone here really care about ANS? I think the only thing that people on this site may care about is that there will not be anymore gossip fodder regarding her.

  15. 15


  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, brother. Wanna buy a new mexico ice igloo? Makes a great home, and I'm sure it won't melt and I'm not trying to break any fraud laws.

  17. 17

    I have to agree with the decision. Essentially, Anna died at her own hand. As an adult, we have to be responsible for our actions. Now maybe he can get on with his life.

  18. 18

    too much gums for one picture!

  19. 19

    "scotch-free" God you're a moron, Mario.

  20. lck says – reply to this


    it not scotch free, close but not quite it. they aren't guilty of anything except trying to help smith, a drug addict. get over yourself hilton, you are wrong and your english is lacking, scotch free!

  21. 21

    Come on people no one makes anyone a drug addict. Howard adored Anna and did whatever she wanted. She was already addicted to everything when he met her. Glad to her he isn't the fall guy.