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Drunken Sledding DUI!

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Oh, geesh! We didn't even know that this was considered a DUI up there!

Check out this pretty HIGHlarious clip from National Geographic's Alaska State Troopers: Spring Break Madness (above), featuring the authorities as they deal with an extremely drunk man attempting to drive a snow mobile that does not belong to him away from the Beer Tent at the Arctic Man Festival!

Ha! As much fun as it would seem to put on your best beer jacket and ride through the Alaskan tundra, we imagine that the fuzz were right to nip that situation in the bud!

It's definitely just as dangerous as trying to get behind the wheel of the a vehicle!


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17 comments to “Drunken Sledding DUI!”

  1. Dusss says – reply to this


    Of course it's a DUI, and not just 'up there'

  2. 2

    ofc it is a DUI you moron, its really fucking dangerous to drive a sled while you r drunk

  3. 3

    Wtf are you asking thoughts for? No fucking shit is it a DUI. Just read it out loud. Driving under the influence! Now what was he doing on that snow mobile? Driving. What state was he doing it in? Under influence of alcohol! You could get the same charge for simply riding a lawn mower inebriated.

  4. 4

    Anyone else catch that Perez apparently doesn't know what the word "vehicle" means? A vehicle isn't another word for car, Perez… technically a fucking wheelbarrow is a vehicle. And, you guessed it, so is a snow mobile. Try again, Dumbo.

  5. 5

    What the fuck is in that oversized melon of yours anyway. Sure isn't full of brains. Dipshit.

  6. 6

    I usually don't take the side of cops but this guy kinda had it coming…

  7. 7

    dear jackass, a snow mobile is not a sled. love

  8. 8

    Must be a Palin. They think they are entitled and above the law.

  9. 9

    TRUE STORY: About 30 years ago, maybe a little more, my husband was in the USAF. He'd served in Viet Nam (Guam) 2 terms. I worked at the base education center and one time I had a knock on the door. It was one of my students that brought my husband home for "riding his bicycle drunk of USAF property". The AF didn't do anything to him, but I kicked his ass!!! Back then the squardon would provide keg parties every Friday. Little to say except, two months later my husband (we're still married) resigned and got out of the AF. Now it's a funny story, but back then, I was really PISSED!!!!!

  10. nome says – reply to this


    IT is NOT a DUI! one of the elements of driving under the influence is DRIVING. i love that all of the people commenting are ready to through this guy in the pokie. i would agree that had he actually started the sled it would have been bad, but a DUI for sitting on a sled with a key that doesn't work… wow.

  11. 11

    Why don't you dick heads just live a little. Fuck.. Hellloooo he didn't drive and no proof he event tried to start it. He was just taking a little rest. sorry for partying.

  12. K8EJ says – reply to this


    Being from MN where the sport is popular, I've known several people who have died from being hit by a drunken snowmobiler while on their own snowmobile. So yes, it's a crime and a serious one at that which is just as dangerous if not more so (because of the lack of control on snow) than drunk driving a car.

  13. 13

    my hillbilly cousin got a dui driving hi riding lawn mower drunk ….it's the joke of the family

  14. 14

    Re: nome – I totally agree with u!!

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Who calls it sledding? Where I come from it's called snowmobiling or skidoo-ing.
    The actual machine is occasionally called a sled. Real sledding is manually powered, either by dog, human legs, or gravity. Maybe it's a regional thing. Anyone out there call this sledding?

  16. 16

    not a dui it was not running and he had no way of starting it. the key he had didnot work . but he was guilty of drunk in public but not dui.

    i got a dui from a ticket happy cop for setting in a running jeep with the heater on me.

    waiting for afriend to come out .

    fuck the cops i hope they all get a K.I.T.N

  17. 17

    UMMM YOU can get a dui for riding your bike drunk… LOL