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London's Security Threat Level Raised To Severe

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This is very disturbing.

According to intelligence, London is on severe alert for a possible Mumbai-style attack.

A British Security source has said that subway stations and airports are "of particular concern to officials."

Looks like they're currently enacting more intense security precautions at subway and train stations, and at Heathrow Airport, but security sources say that an attack is NOT imminent.

Here's what a Metropolitan Police Officer had to say about it:

"The threat level to the UK is at severe, which means that an attack is highly likely, and has been since January 2010."

"We will police accordingly and use a range of covert and overt tactics which remain under constant review. As Assistant Commissioner of Special Operations John Yates said recently, recent events at East Midlands Airport and continued speculation about 'Mumbai-style' attacks serve as a stark reminder of the real and enduring threat we continue to face from terrorist groups."

And here's what a British Aviation Authority spokesman had to say about airport security:

"Security at our airports remains at a high level, and we remain vigilant at all times."

We're glad to hear that officials are taking measures to keep people in London safe.

Hopefully everything will be all right, and that security threat level will go down once again.

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16 comments to “London's Security Threat Level Raised To Severe”

  1. 1

    Ugh typical. I'll get bombed when flying from Dublin.

  2. 2

    Here in London today it is business as usual. I can't see any more cops than usual around central London or in Tube/train stations, but they may be plain clothed police officers. The threat level went up to Critical last October, so this isn't as high today, but still not good.

  3. 3

    Gee, I wonder if Muslims are involved.

  4. 4

    Heck terrorist are the least of Britians worries,just lay a few cm of snow on the United Kingdom and the whole place goes bazerk.There biggest weapons they need to invest in right now are more deicing machines and some more snow plows.

  5. 5

    Well it was nice knowing you guys.

  6. 6

    Oh well, that s the price you pay for throwing down the welcome mat for these violent muslim savage devil worshipers.

  7. 7

    its severe in the entire country…cant your sister differentiate between countries and cities?
    and its business as usual

  8. 8

    You're completely missing the point. The whole country is on severe, it's just the transport network has been brought up to the same level as the rest of the country after being lower for a while. There are no major OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE threats, it's just precautionary.

  9. 9

    London doesn't have a 'Metro' system. Get it right Perez.

  10. 10

    Not one mention of who the threat is coming from? Why don't they name the enemy? Is it the Amish? No? Hmmmm, who ever could it be?

  11. 11

    Oh brilliant. I know it's probably nothing, but all of this makes me feel so uneasy. I was on the tube (that's a subway, to those of you who don't know) the other day, and there was this unattended brief case just sitting on this empty seat, and I wasn't sure whether to edge away from it or nearer to it so any death would be instant. Yes, I am that paranoid. I felt ashamed until I noticed the eyes of everyone else in the carriage was on it also.

  12. 12

    Muslims always have to resort to violence because they can't get over the fact they will never rule the world. Too much inbreeding!

  13. 13

    If terrorism is intended to create fear and British intelligence reports scare me then why am I being terrorised by my own government? I didn't read that some jihadi video has surfaced making theats so the fear is generated by our security forces. Sure if they advised me to stay away from the airport, rail or underground then fair enough but they don't give any advice like that, the economy would suffer too much. Surely by paying my taxes I should get some piece of mind that they will do their jobs and stop or at least respond to an attack properly but all they do is scare people. The terrorists don't need to come here they can just talk about it and our side will spread the fear for them. Remember an attack is a means to an end - fear being that end. Does the government think that if they can provide an alternate source of fear that the attacks become unneccessary or do they blame us for not being on alert and aware during previous attacks, when in reality they've been paid since the dawn of taxation to do that job and they failed.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Where do I get one of those scary British crystal balls?

  15. 15

    Airport security is always on high and metropolitan police officers are notorious for being remarkably stupid. At least the one you got hold of managed to string a sentence together but he obviously had no idea what he was talking about - try the tranport police next time.

  16. 16

    Boxacody: couldn't have put it better myself.