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47 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is Given A Free Range Rover”

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    This is what's wrong with the world.

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    Why not give the girl a break. Hopefully she has turned her life around, but if people like you keep badmouthing her and hoping she relapses, she will. Look at Brittany. She managed to get her life back on track. We don't want to see another homeless person who got all drugged out. A little tolerance, Mario.

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    LILLIBUNNY, fuck you. You piece of shit. What happened to the people that DESERVE IT? Fuck you.

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    Give the girl a break? Are you kidding? I hope Lindsay Lohan gets better too - but how is she deserving of this car? There are thousands of other families in this country who can't even afford their own car and they give it to Lindsay Lohan? For what reason? I'm disgusted with this choice…

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    Re: SamiJames – you said it

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    Youve got to be kiding me… a monster 640bhp super sports car for this little girl who a) wont appreciate it one bit, its just a cute SUV for her b) has no freaking idea what an icredible and quality piece of automotive engineering she has beneath her… depressing

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    how stupid you people are! it has nothing to do with homeless or poor families…this is a barter deal, she drives around in the car and gets photographed in it, they get a ton of publicity. this is a business arrangement, homeless or poor people are not qualified

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    Yea it's not like she has a billion cameras fallowing here everywhere she goes. Oh wait! She does! ITS CALLED FREE ADVERTISEMENT!

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    Yeah It's not Fair ! She is mess and she have everything she wanted .. I'm fucking sick of this hypocrite …

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    This bitch has been given a golden opportunity with her fame and fortune, then she squanders it because she has no self control. So she gets a free car??? Are you fucking serious?? Not a family with a terminally ill child or something like that??? ONLY IN AMERICA!! Any other country and half these celebrities would be homeless.

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    Publicity for that company when she gets arrested for DUI or wrecks it and then they sue her. Bravo. Remember this all you hard working, law abiding putzes she's just so much better than us and deserves it more.

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    why not give it to someone who actually needs it? pathetic

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    Re: PerezSux54 – yeah, half these celebrities would be homeless in any other country - you're right. cause in most other countries there is a history of royalty and aristocracy that doesn't mix and doesn't share with the commoners.

    stop whining people. this is how the world works, this is business and it has been happening like this forever. it's just that you're hearing about it now. i would never want this free amazing car because what the girl does to work for such opportunities i would define as living in hell and being abused.

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    If I start doing meth, can I have one too? I know a lot of crackheads who need cars :D

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    Now can someone please give her a new handbag? This one has been seen too many times. Just sayin…Good luck as always Lindsay. Please drive safely.

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    Could you possibly be more greedy Perez? Lindsay the freeloader idiot aside, Do you not earn enough to buy your own car like the rest of us schmoos who don't get it all handed to them on a silver platter. You should be ashamed of yourself!

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    With her driving record she is a perfect crash test dummy. Her yellow and black checkered spandex suit is the next "freebie" to arrive on her doorstep.

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    I am with most of these posters. We are in the middle of a depression, and what a downer it is to hear of her getting more royal treatment while the rest of us drones struggle for ten bucks. This country sucks. I hope she gets better, but what a load of crap.

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    I really don't get it.Why she is given jewelry and cars just because she is out of rehab?!I think it's all publicity and I am pretty sure they are not giving all this shit to her for free,just letting her use it for a while in return for her to mention the business name.

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    Once again bad behavior is rewarded. So fucked up. She gets things handed to her being bitch, drinking, doing drugs, spending recklessy, having absolutely no talent whatsover and blamning everyone else for her fucked up life. No wonder their are so many people in this world with no ambition or desire to work for anything. They see the how easy it is to get hand outs now adays all you gotta do is behave badly.

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    that seems dirt cheap, like a schrott mini spy camera from Leica. i'd borrow something like, at least bentley. MAKE IT FROM THE GENEVA AUTO SHOW AND NEXT SPRING - NO PORAOLE

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    Wow, so maybe this time her next drunk/coke-induced driving session she will kill someone, and STILL get off free. what a shame. California should just fall into the ocean. I'm ready for arizona bay! RIP Bill Hicks.

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    Whose dick did she suck for this grand opportunity?

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    Lindsay should be thanking you, the paparazzi and the tabloid media for the Range Rover b/c of all the free publicity you've given her for her bad behavior. I think this is a great business move b/c you have to pay millions to advertise on a magazine or on TV. Since Lindsay has been a staple on most major entertainment TV shows and magazines… one picture of her with her new wheels would be considered free advertisement and $150k is not even in the ballpark of what they may have to pay if they advertised it themselves. Like I said before, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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    gizmo_x got it right- they gave it to HER for the publicity for the company, and because they know their name's gonna be thrown out there when she gets a DUI or she wrecks in it. It's all business. And as for you, the thing is.., stop picking on that poor lillibunny girl. She's expressing her opinion, just like you are. To call her a piece of shit and belittle her like that is just not necessary. Chances are, you don't know her. And how do you know that your comment isn't gonna go and ruin her whole fucking week? How do you know she doesn't have shit going on in her life right now?? We all know you do, since you went so far as to rant and rave over how someone more deserving should get the car, and I doubt that you would have done that if your life was a bowl of peaches right now. But still, give the girl a break. And also, you need to calm down a bit- this is just a little gossip blog, it's not meant for you to get that upset over.

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    Interesting. I've read that many well know designers have said that they would send a check to her or Snooki etc to please not wear their designs as these horrors actually ruin the reputation of the brand by association.

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    Re: PlayingTheAngel – I understand your sentiment, but come on! Like one person said, "this is everything that's wrong with the world." A family with a kid afflicted with cancer are the people that deserve this. Of course I have shit going on in my life, but we all have SHIT going on in our lives, mine being no worse than others… but people, like Lillibunny, that say "it's ok, she's trying" are just stroking Lindsay Lohans balls. But, I'm not gonna type anymore on the subject, so I'll just finish by saying there are people in my own community that pray to GOD for a better life everyday because of sickness and poverty, and then YOU GOT THIS LITTLE BITCH TAKING HANDOUTS AND "FREE" CASH and then spitting in the faces of those around her. Fuck her. Fuck Lindsay Lohan. You're right, Lillibunny isn't a P.O.S., Lindsay Lohan is. Sorry Lilli, I went too far with that one.

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    perezita, i drove the same car and sold it 3 month ago, not impressed.

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    I guess they werent happy with her inability to run people over in a car .. and needs something bigger and free…

    lololllll freebie crash test dummy hahahaha that was funny…

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    A few comments… be not disappointed in just Lindsay. I'm SURE she is not the ONLY one who received this car for free. Nobody will refuse a free car, so it's completely likely she isn't the only celebrity who received one. It's gross all around. Number 2, give it to someone who NEEDS it? NO ONE needs this car. It's gross over-indulgence. No matter how much I were worth, I wouldn't buy a car this pompous. You can turn heads in a hooptie if you look good and present yourself well. That is something you can accomplish on your own.

  33. WTF35 says – reply to this


    Is this a joke? She is a drug addict alcoholic who has been in rehab 1000 times and she gets a fucking RR? We live in an incredibly fucked up world that this girl can be a complete and utter fuck up, escape jail and now is driving a car the equivalent to a small home or condo. Just disgusting.

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    i'm happy for her…ugh i was watching Country strong and i was thinking of her the whole time. so sad

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    Get a bike, piggy!

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    she is so beautiful!!!

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nothing like a little brand placement in every tawdry LL story that pops up in the future.

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    How stupid! Who in the hell would lend Lindsay a $135,000 "limited version" vehicle to use with her driving record and past smashups? Oh I get it. The offer was from a group of paps that have outfitted the vehicle with hundreds of those "lipstick" cameras like those HBO Taxicab Confession shows. Imagine the hilarity! Lindsay stumbling with her keys, opening the door, vomiting on the seat and carpets, getting in, lighting her smoke, lighting her hair, crying, calling/texting anyone who would answer, look into the rear view mirror, apply makeup, stop and try to gather a thought, look at a picture of her mom and dad on the dashboard, cry some more, start the car, put the car in drive, run into a light post and get out of the vehicle and stumble down the street. Yes, I think we might have a hit! Wait, hasnt she already done this before?

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    Only in America are you rewarded for your fuck ups. Hopefully the dumb bitch dies via a DUI

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Storman Norman – Hehe. Perhaps Ms. Lohan might think to check the vehicle for mics, tracking devices, hidden cams; that sort of thing. Probably unlikely, but it's Hollywood. You never know…

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    Typical hollywood move lol. x

  42. 42

    Re: NookiesWA – It's one thing to dislike or hate someone but wishing him/her to die is a bit too extrene. For one thing you don't even know her personally. How would you feel if someone wished you or someone you love to die?

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    Who's paying for the insurance? Is she insurable? Why do I care?

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    So she comes out of rehab and she gets a new colab w a jewlery designer who gives her free good, then he is giving her free front row Knicks tickets, and now this….and look how ppl who actually work and defend our country are treated. WHAT A SIN!

  45. 45

    Im so sick of this bitch, why the hell is she always in the news?. She is dumb, alcoholic, stupid bitch. Im just shocked why she hasn't died yet from over dosing or taking drugs. She is the last person in the world who deserves a free car. Hell this is such crap. She hasn't even made a movie in like 5 years and lives off of being in magazines and getting free crap. What a waste of space, this bitch just pisses me off.

  46. 46

    why she will just ruining it? she shouldn't keep getting breaks. she's a pampered spoiled princess who gets away with murder. jeez grow up stupid ginger.

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: gerry in sf – You're not the only one trying to guide little Nookies. You'll see.