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Vanilla Ice Opens Up About Dating Madonna!

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Ha! We still cannot believe that this happened.

Vanilla Ice recently opened up about his time dating Madonna back in the early '90s, and claims that the reason that they split was over her controversial coffee table book Sex!

He explains:

“Going out with Madonna was exciting. She was older than me and a great lover. She’s still the oldest person I’ve ever been with, so it was an experience. But I broke up with her after she printed that book because I was hurt to be an unwitting part of this slutty package. It was disgusting and cheap. We were in a relationship yet it looked like she was screwing all these other people. I thought she was taking pictures and running ’round naked because she was like that. Then when the book came out I was so embarrassed and ashamed. It was a porno. She threw me in like I was a product off a shelf and I didn’t appreciate it. That was it and I ended it. She said she didn’t have sex with these men but it looked like she was.”

LOLz! Seriously??

That may be what you say now, bb, but it certainly looks as though you were enjoying yourself in some of those photos!

We'd be very curious to hear Madge's take on why you two didn't work out!


[Images via WENN.]

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53 comments to “Vanilla Ice Opens Up About Dating Madonna!”

  1. 1

    They would have broken up anyway after VI lost their popularity and became uncool. Madonna is a fame whore and he would have been dragging down her 'celebrity status'. Both of them make crap music that sold millions because of image.

  2. Dawo says – reply to this


    somebody needs attention.lol .F.U.C.K..Y.O.U..F.L.O.P.P.Y..N.E.X.T>>>>>>

  3. 3

    He's too stupid for her. And too white.

  4. 4

    Really? His career has fallen this far that he has to talk about the past in order to get attention..Madonna could care less

  5. GG78 says – reply to this


    He's surprised Slutdonna is trashy? She's been trashy all her life. She slept her way through the entire music industry From her time in her band, where she started, to getting a solo record deal. She's always been the one and only Whoredonna !

  6. GG78 says – reply to this


    She looks like The Cat Lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein. Hagdonna got some BAD plastic surgery !

  7. 7

    NOT SURPRISING AT ALL. I like madonna but we all know how she was when she was younger, she even flaunted it in that book. vanilla ice is right, it was cheap thing to do. ofcourse he was enjoying it but he didnt know it was gonna be in the book duh perez!

  8. 8

    run away girls, it's ME. like rob base and EZ rock, it take two to make a thing go right, im numbver one the uno, the icon don't smoke bhudda, can't stand sex so lets star it shouln be too hard

  9. 9

    we can clearly see WHY it didn't work out… she doesn't need to add anything!

  10. 10

    run away ladies, it's ME. go on fellas it's your song, RAPE

  11. 11

  12. 12

    Madonna is soooo pathetic now! She needs to realize that there is an age where you have to settle down and be a mother to your children…instead of an aging old hag trying to hold onto her glory days.

  13. 13

    Of course, she used you, Ice! What would you expect from a cold, mechanical whore?! While I love the old hag's music, she's only into anything for the fame and money. And I'll bet you loved what you did get out of the short-lived "relationship", too! ;)

  14. 14

    Re: schmoopsy – You mean, too VANILLA for her? haha ;P

  15. 15

  16. 16

    Oh come on Perez, blindly defending Madonna always. What he says fits PERFECTLY with her behaviour that YOU report on. She keeps finding new young men to be her toys and shes been obviously doing this for a long time. Is it really a surprise?

  17. 17

    I remember an interview with Vanilla a looong time ago (maybe on Howard Stern?) where he said that Madonna wasn't that great in bed because he had to do all of the work. Now he says she's amazing? Time erodes the memories, I suppose.

  18. GG78 says – reply to this


    Re: PerezSux54 – She has a giant ego and will never stop !

  19. 19

    thats what this withered up old hag does and has always done. use people to promote an image she wants to put out there.

  20. 20

    Re: GG78 – yeah and too much of it. can anyone say cheek fillers, botox, mini-facelift, collagen injections, eye-lift and chin implant?

  21. 21

    Re: Lilplayboii – he's bringin it up cause he was asked. and yes vadge doesn't shit. thats his point. dumbass

  22. 22

    Re: schmoopsy – yeah she likes teenage hairless virgins from cuba.

  23. 23

    Re: PosseUser – where did he say that?

  24. 24

    vanilla who????

  25. 25

    That is what you get for sleeping with Madonna. She is just plain nasty. That gap in her teeth you could drive a truck through. I know a guy who did her in the 80's and her muff was the size of Texas…yikes ! Foul Ball I say. Vanilla
    you deserve a very little bit better….barely…..You could be made for each other a couple a real whiggers

  26. 26


  27. 27

    A bit of dragging along on her coat tails?

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    There are two sides to every story, but she was the poster girl for ambitious…

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wow. It sounds like he really cared for her. That's hurt I hear rolled into that.

  30. 30

    Vanilla ice is lucky to have even known Madonna he should shut it up. 1 hit wonder idiot.

  31. 31

    LOL love the way how he keeps repeating that Madonna is OLD and TOO OLD FOR HIM and the OLDEST WOMAN HE EVER DATED. And how he also keeps repeating that HE ENDED IT. Insecure much Vanilla Nobody? Madonna is…what….9 years older than he is? pffft. I bet Mr. Vanilla Nothing has dated lots of women more than 9 years YOUNGER than he is. Doesn't Vanilla No-talent realize that HE IS TOO OLD FOR MADONNA? He expired YEARS ago….Madonna only dates men under 30 ever since she divested herself of her OLD ball and chain (who grew too told for her as well. LOL).

    Cannot stand these double standards. Good on Madonna for doing whatever the fuck she wants and screwing whoever the fuck she wants. Skanky men have been doing it for AGES. Now it's Madonna's turn. LOL

  32. 32

    Dang. I never saw the book was Vanilla in it? If he was I never knew that. Kinda funny..

  33. 33

    Madonna almost looks hideous.

  34. 34

    Wow. Just looked up the book and that's a pretty slutty book. Madonna was a hoe. LOL I can definitely see how his side of the story makes perfect sense. And it also makes sense why Madonna is sooooo strict on her kids. She's afraid they'll act like her OR discover some of the stuff she's done. LOL

  35. 35

    Re: MRSMOMOA – @Comment 32 - found him. Starts at page 49 then a continues on from there.

  36. 36

    i cant stand him, be he is right, she is a major skank

  37. 37

    Madonna looks like a butchered version of Taylor Momsen. She needs to get rid of those chipmunk, er, cheek implants pronto.

  38. 6one9 says – reply to this


    No man has “tamed “` MaDonna `yet. That's why she dates dudes “1/2 her age. ~love her

  39. 39

    don't know which is worst.. dating vanilla ice or madonna ?

  40. 40
  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't know…I think he looks pretty good…and certainly better than the post-jailbait she's been running around with lately.

  42. 42

    Perez, she was and still is a slutbag. Always has been sleazy to get attention.

  43. 43

    incredible how ppl still talk about M relationships? what do u want venilla? date again with madonna? ahahah
    madonna doesnt care.she doesnt even waste her time talking about her old relationships

  44. 44

    What is he famous for again? Ripping off a Queen song?
    Yeah ..um. What an idiot.

  45. 45

    Perez man, you're kind of an imbocile! Can't you get it right?

    Vanilla Ice writes: "I thought she was taking pictures and running ’round naked because she was like that. Then when the book came out I was so embarrassed and ashamed."

    So let me walk you through this dude… he thought she liked taking those kind of pictures IN THEIR relationship! He clearly says he had no idea her true intention.

    Then you, like a friggin morong write: "That may be what you say now, bb, but it certainly looks as though you were enjoying yourself in some of those photos!"

    ^ He never said he was not having fun you idiot! But he thought they were private and not for some book. Dude, retire. You're really not that smart.

  46. 46

    "Dang. I never saw the book was Vanilla in it? If he was I never knew that. Kinda funny.. "
    Yeah, I've seen the book and he was in it, but barely. The thing is, he was probably the hottest person in the book…and that's not saying much.

  47. 47

    Re: Chris_Mc – how is having a photographer a make up artist, lights, set, and all of it private?? he knew it was going to be out there, wether he thought he was going to be the only one on the book (stupid) or he is now playing the victim card hoping to get some 15 minutes on the press

  48. 48

    Since Madonna's been crotch-jumping her way through her career, is it really any shock? I think Warren Beatty said it best in her movie "She doesn't want to do ANYTHING off camera." It's all about making her popular.

  49. GIO says – reply to this



  50. 50

    Re: SaintThomas92

    Don't be stupid. Plenty of people take erotic photos for their own enjoyment. I know a photographer that does it for women whose husbands are being deployed. They have lights, make up and a photographer. Should they or their husbands expect to see it published??

  51. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MCiccone – It's not about ego, egomaniac. It's about what went down there and how it left a bad taste in his mouth.

  52. 52

    Re: @v@ Excellent choice of words. I bet she DID leave a bad taste in his mouth.

  53. 53

    Re: Quichie – mmm yeah because every woman and husband are famous and not just that not every woman is Madonna… who by the moment was like the most famous, provocative, and irreverant artist in the business…. and he was no saint either… so yeah.. like he thought it would stay private.. c'mon