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President Obama To Travel To Tucson In Response To Shootings

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We're very happy to hear that he's doing this.

In light of the horrific shootings over the weekend that left six people dead and 14 wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, President Barack Obama has announced plans to travel to Tucson, Arizona, so he and First Lady Michelle can be present at the memorial service for the victims and pay his respects to their grieving families.

He said yesterday in a statement:

"All of us are still grieving and in shock from the tragedy that took place. Right now, the main thing we're doing is to offer our thoughts and prayers to those who've been impacted — making sure that we're joining together and pulling together as a country."

Such an unbelievable tragedy.

Hopefully his visit will bring at least some comfort to those affected by these horrific and unnecessary acts of violence.

[Image via WENN.]

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53 comments to “President Obama To Travel To Tucson In Response To Shootings”

  1. 1

    Why would him and his wife visiting bring comfort to the families affected?? Does he have special healing powers of some sort that I'm not aware of??

  2. 2

    He doesn't need Air Force 1, just flap those wings dude!

  3. 3

    that's great news! but is he going to address the violence in the U.S. and the needs for arms control?

  4. 4

    sadly, Obama observed no moment of silence for the victims of the Ft Hood killings. Nor did he travel there to pay his respects. For him, the only people who count are democrats.

  5. 5

    Terrible tragedy. One off loner type blow ups DO happen. Now, would someone please FIRE this fucking asshole president that has been chosen by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Rothschild family and that has been repackaged as Bush 43? Someone fire his ass STAT PRONTO! Ohh, hes flying to assess the situation in Arizona? OK, just as soon as your done wiping Goldman Sachs and JP Morgans ass and help them loot the United States, moving their fortunes to off shore accounts. Traderous communist piece of SHIT! OBAMA IS A PIECE OF TRASH. HE IS SHITE! THE SHITE ON THE BOTTOM OF MY SHOE! Total fucking sell out. Way to impress black america and the liberals establishment and the right leaning establishment that voted for you. What did Bernanke say? 5 more years before we see job recovery. The overthrow of the US government is on its way, and that will happen first in Europe.

  6. 6

    Re: cafehead1 – We need MORE arms dipshit. This is a one off nut into satanics and was apparently a left winger.

  7. 7

    Re: lalalala – Yeah hes a piece of shit front man for the bankers in the united states that are controlled off shore from London. Hes a real beauty this guy. He is Bush 43 repackaged.


    $1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
    $2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
    $3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy (Now Bank of America)
    $4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
    $5. Lehman Brothers of NY
    $6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express)
    $7. Goldman, Sachs of NY
    $8. National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank - Equitable Life - Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders)
    $9. Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY) are principal shareholders).


    1. Queen of England
    2. Queen of the Netherlands
    3. Rothschild, LLC.


    1. George Soros
    2. Al Gore
    3. Warren Buffet
    4. Maurice Strong


  8. 8

    Hope he tells that POS Sheriff to SHUT THE HELL UP and tells the LEFT to stop blaming the "right wing nuts" for this shooting. It's just not true!

  9. 9

    Get off the corporate run news media and look up how far the CIA has come with mind control. Also ask yourselves why no one is talking about the gas that killed all the birds and fish which John Wheeler was going to blow the whistle on before he was murdered. You never hear about HAARP which can cause earth quakes,HAARP lights were video taped over China 30 minutes before the 7.9 earth quake hit. We are being poisoned with chemtrails and FEMA death camps are everywhere…wake up the power elite is thinning it's live stock.

  10. 10

    Oops, there are my commments, I take that back Mario. haha

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Re: TORTEZ – The call it the 'culling' in Europe. All of what you have said is real. That was a HAARP test on animals meant for humans in the enar future, particularly those who will RESIST the New World Order and Technocratic state being implemented. Anyone who on the left who gives a shit about your future, take a look at what the right is doing and join them, because your going to need them in the end. Forget your politics, the economy is not coming back for years. We have work to do. Look at who is behind this president. Look at who was behind the last one. they are ALL working together on behalf of the Royal Houses of Europe who privately own the Unites States as one os their crown corporations under Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, (UCC) Uniform Commercial Code, and Lex Fori (Roman Law).

  13. 13

    A little late, to visit five days or more later….

  14. 14

    becareful Obama, there are many crazies out there.
    be safe.
    I love you, but be stronger man!!
    We need a Leader.

  15. 15

    Such a sad tragedy that happened. I doubt he can bring comfort to the families. How do you comfort someone who had a loved one stolen from them because of one person who lost their mind? Sadly there are more pressing matters he needs to address at this time. Let the families grieve without having to deal with all the hooplah of the President at the memorial. It will only take away from their loved one.

  16. 16

    Re: Freddie K – Dude Laughing my A$$ off! That was so funny Thanks!

  17. 17

    I'm sure he'll hit Leno and Conan while he's out there. Go get them rock star

  18. 18

    yay obama is going! NOT!!!
    Seriously I am surprised the ass has time.. I mean with all those vacations and ball games he goes to who knew he could this into his schedule.. And seriously just cause he is there doesn't mean it is going to help those families feel better…

  19. 19

    God bless the poor individuals who were killed by a looney. However, the only reason Obama is making the appearance is for the "press". We had a nine year old killed by a drunk driver last month and we had one that recently died in a domestic shooting. No Obama visit here. This is a big deal because it happened to one of their own politicos. The media loves it. What about the teachers and students that were recently killed in the school shooting? No Obama there either.

  20. 20

    Re: caravaggio the terrible – Join the right? Shit you are all sorts of pissed off at Obama but isn't that what he has done as of late-join the right? Pretty much huh!
    Sorry, but joining the crowd who insist upon the rich getting richer and richer with enormous luxurious tax cuts for all those rich lefties you listed and Hollywood elite and for the deregulated big banks, big oil and corporations, wealthy bankers and CEOs to rule the land in place of a Democratic government, while the middle class flat line and go into poverty, the poor die in the streets, -sniff- that smells like plutarchy and NEW WORLD ORDER to me. And I'm not paranoid.
    Thanks but no thanks :)

  21. 21

    And he'll take Air Force 2 just to transport the teleprompters? Look left. Look right. Talk in a gospel tone. Repeat.

  22. 22

    No matter what he does, there will be people who like him and support him and people who dislike him and don't support him, as goes with any leader. So sitting here complaining about how he hasn't done A, B, and C isn't really going to change much. People on this site enjoy bashing people and finding things wrong with everyone, so if anyone takes their political knowledge and outlook from here god help them. If everyone's so interested in the state of the country go read a newspaper or enlighten yourself on the ever-changing world of politics, rather than reading about celebrities who are making money off you.

  23. 23

    Re: supersongbird – Refeering to people dropping politics all together. Don't worry my little bitch - you will see for yourself what your government has in store for us.

    Well which is it? I guess you are wealthy as hell and enjoy the middle class dying off plus the poor disappearing. Thats exactly what the NWO wants, an 80% culling. Keep trying to battle me - you won't win. And don't be offended by the FED owners list. The AUDIT is coming whether you like it or not.

  24. 24

    Re: supersongbird – Hey dipshit do you know what happens when big rich corporations get taxed too much. They lay off the middle class workers. Then where do they go. Just because you are obviously not succesful in life don't hate on us who are.

  25. 25

    Im from Tucson and i am thrilled to hear hes coming! I rode my bike past Gabriel Gifford's office today and said a prayer. I am so thankful i was not out that morning!!

  26. 26

    Reelection time coming up - time to start doing public appearances. Don't expect anything without a telemonitor. And, since there is at least one car jacking in Phoenix a day, maybe we will get luck and it will be his! This is the state where he refused to secure the border - good luck with that!

  27. 27

    Re: lalalala
    I thought the same exact thing. This is all about trying to get his fan base back.

  28. 28

    Being consoled by BamBam the student of Wright and Ayers? What a laugh.
    Right now, this joke of a president, is practicing in front of a mirror and with his teleprompter, how to show sadness for those folks in Arizona.
    I believe our President is just as psychotic as this dude.
    Do any of you ever notice how cold and empty he sounds when he is trying to soothe over a situation?
    His head bobbles back and forth looking at each teleprompter and there is no REAL EMPATHY OR SYMPATHY in his voice, just empty rhetoric, emotionless reading the sentence written for him, wanting to get it over with.

  29. 29

    His visit will bring comfort???? Are you stoned again, PH????? If my child/wife/husband were killed in that massacre, President Obama's visit would bring NO comfort at all - I don't know that God Himself could bring me comfort in the midst of that type of over-whelming grief.

  30. 30

    Re: nicky45 – Yeah right idiot. Because those tax cuts were in place for 10 years now and look where the fuck we are.
    Your speculation is just THAT. You only WISH I were not successful lol.
    Shut up and go home ignorant one!

  31. 31

    Re: caravaggio the terrible – Wealthy? Moi? Oh no I am middle class all the way baby. Still have a good job and a home with equity. I'm one of the lucky ones. And I don't "battle" with bat shit. I'm a Claude Monet girl you see…

  32. 32

    Re: caravaggio the terrible – Please God, don't let anything happen to President Obama. The vitriol spoken by crazies like Palin - Beck and Limbo - encourages lunatics to shoot with semi-automatic weapons, just because they believe that extreme right-wing vitriol. caravaggion is a dangerous person, I would put the FBI and CIA on his case.

  33. 33

    Re: supersongbird
    It's not the tax cuts that are the problem, it is the spending that drained the treasury.

  34. 34

    please stop this form of blogging! Opening a new page to 'read the rest of the entry' is annoying and a sleazy way to fool your advertisers about how many 'hits' your page had.

    used to be a fan.
    don't let your head get too big

  35. 35

    This is very nice on Prez. Obama's Part. I feel So bad for the families that were effected….. :(

  36. 36

    The Ft. Hood reference is priceless. Can Obama, Naps and Holder show their respect and just stay in Washington and forgo on the photo op? Besides, they have proven that they hate Arizona and it's citizens.

  37. 37

    Re: supersongbird – You know what, the next 3-5 years are going to be the most mind bending education you have ever received. And it will be free.

  38. 38

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – I am not a right winger. But i do do research on my own and I have come to the conclusion that comments like that are exactly what the Third Reich wanted to implement and DID implement. I do not want to see that in my country. We are all people in the end. I could give a fuck about politicians. Remember…. a 'global awakening is happening…." - Zbiginiew Brzezinski.

  39. 39

    Re: luvs2tango – I'm just waiting to see the shock and denial of American citizens, when they begin to see state by state UNABLE to pay for police force and fire dept, hospital, medicare, 401k, pension, local services etc etc etc. This is not a game guysand gals - wake up.

  40. 40

    Bravo President Obama!
    Some of you on this page are pretty disgusting.
    I bet you wouldn't be so ignorant if you were identified.
    These comment pages are veyr similar to the Klu klux Klan.

  41. 41

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – I think I should sue your ass for not allowing me to tell the truth when it is needed. Would your words be defined as 'defamation of character'? How dare you! Now go home to your mother!

  42. 42

    Re: Storman Norman – HAHAHAHAHA….they certainly have.

  43. 43

    Re: luvs2tango – Was referring to tax cuts for the wealthy being in existence for 10 years while not creating jobs-quite the contrary as the unemployment rate hovers at 9.4%. George Bush's spending, Iraq and Afghanistan wars and tax cuts all at the same time (with previous help from Reagan and Clinton administration deregulatory policies) caused the financial collapse. The Congressional Budget Office has reported most of President Obama's "spending" polices will decrease the deficit over the next 10 years.
    Tax cuts do not pay for themselves :(

  44. 44

    Re: Kodes100 – Which ones were you reffering to? I cant find them. I need my glasses.

  45. 45

    When you read the economic arguments that, supersongbitch puts forth, showing her idiocy for all to see, you just have to give up, 'cuz it's like talking to Homer Simpson. Doh!

  46. 46

    Re: supersongbird
    "The Congressional Budget Office has reported most of President Obama's "spending" polices will decrease the deficit over the next 10 years. Tax cuts do not pay for themselves."
    If what you say were true, BamBamm would not have been given the shellacking by the American electorate.
    No one believes what you say.
    There were recently a mess of Blue Dog Democrats that voted for the continuation of the Bush Tax cuts, who also do not believe your argument.
    These Dems are the last people that would want to vote against their Messiah, for suicidal job killing career ending programs and legislation.
    Both Obama and Clinton were on stage together, just weeks ago, taking praise of the continuation of Bush's tax cuts.
    I did not mean to type supersongbitch.
    I meant to erase it before posting.

  47. 47

    Re: luvs2tango – yes both parties are pretty much the same. They are paid off by the hidden bankers and monarch families.

  48. 48

    Why??? What will his travelling to that state accomplish? NOTHING. It will cost taxpayers a butt-load though. And his declaration of a moment of silence the following day? Yeah, that was equally helpful. What happend was a genuine tragedy, but the intense media coverage and the President's interest is due to the injured female politician. Without her, interest would not be this great. I guess when one of their own goes down, it's more of a tragedy.

  49. 49

    OMG my bad-what was I thinking? Changing my screen name to Billy goat Gruff-here's a bridge I never should have crossed.
    Re: luvs2tango – So sorry you won't still be around to see me victorious, bat shit.
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick, Tock……

  50. 50

    Wow guys…the president is kindly taking time out of his VERY busy schedule to comfort ppl in need, trying to figure out a way to spin that into an "obamas fault" think is just fucking immature, man.

  51. 51

    Arizona shooting: nine year-old inspired by Barack Obama's politics
    The father of Christina Taylor Green, who was killed by a gunman in Arizona, has spoken of how his daughter became interested in politics by Barack Obama. He also mentioned that Obama mentioning her name would have made her very proud and made him feel better.
    I guess the Green family are a least happy President Obama and First Lady Michelle will be coming to Arizona. And I'm sure Christina Green would have been thrilled too.
    Oh and it's nice to see some things never change. All you nasty people who call yourselves Conservatives/Republicans are still making your usual hateful comments. You must all be so proud.

  52. 52

    Re: lalalala
    FORT HOOD, Texas — One by one, President Barack Obama spoke the names and told the stories Tuesday of the 13 people slain in the Fort Hood shooting rampage, honoring their memories even as he denounced the "twisted logic" that led to their deaths.
    As for the victims and the soldiers who rushed to help them, Obama said, "We need not look to the past for greatness, because it is before our very eyes."
    Afternoon of consolation
    The president and first lady Michelle Obama began an afternoon of consolation by meeting privately with family members of those killed last week and with those wounded in the attack and their families. Obama used his public remarks to put a human face on those who perished, victims ranging in age from 19 to 62.
    Obama remembered the slain not as shooting victims but as husbands and fathers, immigrants and scholars, optimists and veterans of the war in Iraq.
    Later, the president and first lady went to a military hospital to meet with those still recovering from wounds incurred during the attack.

  53. 53

    And hes there to help… how? Photo ops? He could have been more productive visiting the Panhandle after the BP spill, but he couldnt even get there for several months after the fact. By the time he gets to AZ, the dead will be buried and the nutjob will be arraigned. Send a card, stay home, and fix the economic mess.