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New Hidden Messages Found In Da Vinci's Mona Lisa!

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symbols found in mona lisas eyes

Last month, we reported that Nicolas Cage Members of Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage had found letters and numbers in the Mona Lisa's eyes, which could only be seen by magnifying high resolution images of the painting.

Now, Italian researcher Silvan Vinceti says he's found a letter "S" in Mona Lisa's left eye, and an "L" in her right eye. He also says he's found a number "72" under the "arched bridge in the backdrop" of the painting.

According to Vinceti, the symbols he found are "very small, painted with a tiny brush and subjected to the wear and tear of time."

So what do these symbols mean?

Vinceti believes the "S" could refer to the woman who ruled Milan during the Sforza dynasty, where Leonardo da Vinci spent time between 1482-1499 and 1506-1507.

As far as the "L" is concerned, Vinceti says it stands for "Leonardo."

With regards to "72," Vinceti claims it's a pertinent symbol from Kabbalah and Christianity. He says the "7" has lots of symbolic associations such as creation of the world, and he says the "2" could refer to the duality of male and female.

Are U aware of this, Dan Brown? You've totally got the beginnings of another Da Vinci Code book here, bb!

What do U think these symbols mean?

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18 comments to “New Hidden Messages Found In Da Vinci's Mona Lisa!”

  1. 1

    what the hell does this have to do with celeb gossip?

  2. 2

    what a load of crap

  3. chlyn says – reply to this


    They did say not too long ago that they thought it was actually a self-portrait. That would match the stuff about male-female duality.

    But it was probably an SKU number on the canvas! j/k

  4. 4

    My best guess….they are Da Vinci's paint by numbers(and letters) that he never wanted anyone to see haha

  5. 5

    The symbols mean "Please help me by painting me some eyebrows on!"

  6. 6

    I don't think this painting was intended to have all these hidden meanings everyone thinks it does… I think it's a giant coincidence. If you magnify ANYTHING, you'll probably find weird patterns that will make up letters and numbers randomly.

  7. 7

    talk about turning nothing into something. so what if an L and a 72 are there? the explanation behind them is just RIDICULOUS. my 11 year old cousin could come up with a better reasoning.

  8. 8

    Dan Brown please get some balls and make a film about secret societies in America that bow to the Illuminati in Europe that runs our government. Thank you.

  9. 9

    Dan Brown please get some balls and make a film about secret societies in America that bow to the Illuminati in Europe that runs our government. Thank you.

  10. 10

    Oh man I love Leonardo Da Vinci, that man had a flair for mystery!

  11. 11

    It means that it will give a lot of NWO believers something new to blog about other than Building 7 and the Bohemian Grove. Blah, blah, blah…

  12. klkl says – reply to this


    Oh spare me! He probably painted over an old grocery list. You really think he hid a message that we would only find as it aged over time?? Puhlease.

  13. 13

    what i think?
    oooold news, snoozefest 2k11

  14. 14

    It means shut the fuck up dick face.

  15. 15

    Im wondering how no one noticed this stuff before….. I'm sure they studied this painting front to back and covered every inch of it thousands of times and now they find something new??…Makes no sense to me!

  16. 16

    I think you'd find things resembling letters and numbers on anything if you magnified them large enough. As for what they mean - NOTHING!! They weren't put there on purpose, people are reaching too far and trying to read meaning into something that has no meaning. Why all the commotion over this painting, I'll never know. It's a dude cross dressing back in the day when it wasn't common practice - who cares???

  17. 17

    Maybe that is the big secret, Da Vinci painted by numbers. LOL

  18. 18

    he probably got bored and started doodling