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The Pope Vs. People Without Christian Names

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pope only likes christian names

Looks like Catholic folks will have to go more traditional if they want to remain in The Pope's good graces.

After baptizing twenty-one children at the Vatican on Sunday, The Pope stated that new members of "the faith" will need Christian names.

Nowadays, the most popular names that Italians give their children are saints' names - Francesco (Francis) is the top choice for boys, and Giulia (Julia) is the #1 pick for girls.

…Guess The Pope would probs NOT be overly enthusiastic with Brangelina's childrens' names. LOLs.

Would the Pope approve of your name?

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “The Pope Vs. People Without Christian Names”

  1. 1

    What if your a girl with a mans(still a saints) name?

  2. 2

    1st boy name choice in italy is ANDREA, not francesco.

  3. 3

    well sadly my name would be approved of since it was the name of several popes as infamous as those popes were….. Clement Augustine Lambert seems pretty damn catholic too bad i'm not

  4. 4

    One of my son's is Leo. So yes thats a Saints name. My other son…no. his is more traditional to the "newer" names.

  5. 5

    parents are free to name their kids like they want but lately here in Italy some local celebrities started to name their kids with some very strange names…the daughter of Rome's football team captain is called Chanel like the brand… O_o

    Personally I don't like such strange choices but to name a kid with an english name and not an italian one….that's nobodys business. the only thing I don't like is when the english name is written wrong…like braian instead of brian (believe me…it happens)

  6. 6

    Wow that dude is freaking insane, i think he's going mad of power. What the hell gives you the right to tell people what to name their child.
    That's why I have a problem with the (catholic) church. Trying to force their stupid rules on people. I'm sure god isn't pissed about people givinf their children unchristian names. So what the fuck is his problem?!

  7. 7

    Who the FUCK cares what this insane, PEDOPHILE thinks, does or says???

  8. 8

    Typical. The catholic church has always been about control - control the way you live, control the way you think, control about the way you label yourself. They want the very essence of the sheep they control to belong to them.

  9. 9

    yeah i'm sure he would approve. i'm named sarah and my daughters are audrey and cecilia . . . however i do not give a f*** if he would approve or not! i surely do not approve of many things condoned and encouraged by the catholic church! pfffff

  10. 10

    I'm Roman Catholic and this shit is just ridiculous. Who gives a FUCK what you name your children? They are YOUR children and you are free to name them whatever you damn well please. You would think after all these years the church would become more lenient but instead they're just becoming more and more ridiculous. Get a life.

  11. 11

    I think you are misinterpreting the pope here perez. Maybe do some research on the subject before you post anything.
    He's not saying change your legal name. That's you business not his.
    When a catholic child gets baptized they get kind of a "holy name". It's like your middle name. You are still called whatever the hell your parents wanted to call you, your catholic name is just added on. Like my dad's name is kevin, but his catholic name is paul, you understand what i'm saying? So his full name would be Kevin James Paul and then our last name….
    in no way is he saying "change the legal names of all your babies".

  12. 12

    As a christain it is embarrassing that the leader of one of the largest religous sects is delusional to believe that God actually cares about what your name is. Be good to one another is all that matters even if your name was satan or judas, if we value each other it doesnt matter what your name is.

  13. 13

    Lots of Catholics have birth names and then baptized names - my aunt was named Carol when she was born and was baptized Anna and goes by that name.

  14. 14

    I agree with kaaay. The pope is not expecting a change in legal name, just for the children to also take on baptismal names. I'm Jewish and this is a common practice, with children having an everyday name and a Hebrew name, announced at their bris. You really do need to research before you make assumptions.

  15. 15

    New members of the faith have to have Christian names? Wow, guess there will be no more "born again" Christians and can't convert anyone with an unapproved name either. What a great way to spread the faith there jackass.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's an in-faith traditional thing, often chosen from the name list of Saints. If that brings more meaning to Catholics, who does it hurt? That said, if non church going free-range Catholics are naming their kids otherwise, the church has no one to blame but their exclusionary stance on women, marriage and birth control among more issues. Women decide where the family goes on Sunday morning as much as the men do.

  17. 17

    This guy is the essence of perversion. Just like the "Arch" bishop of Minneapolis & St. Paul — Nienstedt — they say he was Father Pervy Gay in Detroit, got transferred, then bumped up in the typically pervy Catholic hierarchy. And these Catholics wonder why people leave. . . .

  18. Merab says – reply to this


    Couldn´t care less about his approvals …hehe… He´s just dumb if he still thinks that it is up to him to decide what "to approve" and what not…

  19. 19

    Holy… he looks like the devil!!!!!!!

  20. 20

    What the hell does she know? She didn't go by the name of "Pope" in the early years. P.S. Don't you think that photo shows the face of Satan?

  21. 21

    Sure he will - it's a nice jewish name: Annie (Anuschka is the Slavonian pet name for Anna - this makes me the grandmother of Jesus) *ROFL*

    But if I had children of my own they would in no way have names how are related to Christianity which I totally disagree with.

  22. 22

    I have n africanname & proud of it

  23. 23

    Who gives a fuck?? I would be honored if this pedophile protecting hypocrite didn't like mine, or my children's names.

  24. 24

    what an idiot! and as a matter of fact I hte religious names

  25. 25

    He really does look like a peado

  26. 26

    I'm Nicole, so I think so. I'm pretty sure there was a Nicole in the Bible, anyway…

    But if I ever have children, yeah… no.
    Girl- Avalon, Athena, Illyria
    Boy- Merlin, Gabriel (the only exception)