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Survivor All-Stars Boston Rob Mariano & Russell Hantz Return To The Island

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The tribe has spoken and they're bringing in the big guns for the new season of Survivor.

When Survivor: Redemption Island kicks off on CBS, amongst the 16 competing faces will be two very recognizable ones. For yet another season, both Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz will going head-to-head for the title of survivor.

In case you're not a fan of the show, allow us to explain this is actually news. First, on their previous season together on Survivor, these two feuded like they were actually on an episode of The Bad Girls Club. Things got HEATED, which means ratings went UP. We imagine the producers are hoping for the same kind of thing to happen this season.

The other reason why this is a big deal is because of Boston Rob. By joining the cast this season, her becomes the first person to ever compete four times on the show.

A bit much, wouldn't you say? Is there any sort of cut off for this kind of thing? Like, how many times will they let this guy starve himself on a island before they let Jeff Probst tell 'em he's fired.

Oh wait, wrong reality show.

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26 comments to “Survivor All-Stars Boston Rob Mariano & Russell Hantz Return To The Island”

  1. 1

    Last season was BORING! I like Rob, ok. HATE, HATE, HATE Russell. He is SO damn predictable and EVERYONE follows him and 'allows' him to get away w/everything he does and chalks it up to him being a GREAT player, despite he is a 2 time LOSER!!! I hope Survivor takes away the immunity idols. Hey Russel, spring for a 'chick-let' to replace yer missing tooth and a pair of sun-glasses 2 cover yer 'crazy-eyes'…PLEASE!!!!

  2. 2

    This is so exciting! Boston Rob is hands down my favorite of the Survivors. Russel I actually kind of hate, and not in the "I love to hate him because he causes the camp drama" kind of way, I just really don't like him. Besides, everyone is going to know how manipulative he is, so I'm hoping he gets kicked off early.

  3. 3

    Great TV! I hope that Rob gets rid of that blowhard Russell ASAP!

  4. SF90 says – reply to this


    Can't someone give Rob a real job instead? Seriously! 3 times on 'Survivor' and 2 times on 'The Amazing Race', isn't that enough already?

  5. 5

    love boston rob. i wouldn't mind if he was on every season of survivor.

  6. Quill says – reply to this


    Yes, I love Russell! He makes the show actually bearable to watch!

  7. 7


  8. ivy77 says – reply to this


    Love love loooove Boston Rob and the Red Sox….GO ROB!!!! make us Bostonians proud

  9. 9

    Yes! Love both but love Russell more! Very entertaining and funny!

  10. 10

    Boston Rob is awesome! He and his wife WON one of the seasons of Survivor. Russell Hantz is a nasty POS who was on two Survivors and LOST TWICE! Some people think Russell is the best player ever, but if you make it to the end of the game and the entire jury hates you, you will lose the game. Russell doesn't seem to get it!

  11. 11

    I'm so sick of Boston Rob and Russell that I could puke. Give other people a chance and keep those losers off the air.

  12. 12

    This is AWESOME!!! love love LOVE Rob!!!

  13. 13

    Really…Rob again??

  14. 14

    If anyone on survivor knows how to play then Russell will be and should be gone going into his first tribal council….but it may be scripted for ratings and they may get rid of boring Boris first ;D

  15. 15

    My money is on Russell, Rob has had so much exposure on reality TV he's become predictable.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Love love love Rob!! I would watch survivor anyway but this is just a bonus!

  18. 18

    Why all these repeats?! I like Rob, but four times? Plus they put him on Amazing Race, so this will be his 5th shot at a million reality dollars.
    Russell Hantz is a troll.

  19. 19

    Oh shit yeah…. bring it on… GO RUSS!!!

  20. 20

    LOVE Boston Rob…. kinda wish they has brought Parvati back though. She is fantastic.

  21. 21

    survivor will never be the same after russell !!!! best player eva……. great he is coming back……

  22. 22

    Who? I'll tell you who… who the F*ck cares! Two nobodies.

  23. 23

    BORING Russell is soooooo predictable. Boring. I think that they should of brought back Elizabitch Haselbeck. She has turned into such a prissy bitch I would love to see her on an island now. That would make my day watching her suffer. That would be good viewing.

  24. 24

    I haven't watched Survivor for years. But always watch whenever they're brought back Rob, and am thinking I might watch this season now too.
    I don't watch AMazing Race but watched the season him and Amber were on. I love that guy. He's hillarious.

  25. 25

    Whoohoo!!!! I love these two guys! Mmmmm, Boston Rob. I think most of us have a little crush on him :)

  26. 26

    You know who else I could watch every single day on this show???? James. Mmmmmm, James. Delicious!