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Heidi Fleiss Wants You All To Lay Off Charlie Sheen!

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We're not sure that a woman who made a great portion of her living by providing this mess with hookers has any business defending him, but whatever. We'll see what she has to say.

Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is speaking out on behalf of Charlie Sheen, and thinks that his hard-pAArtying, wife-beating, and hooker-happy behavior is just a-okay, and people need to lay off - because apparently, she doesn't think that he's an addict, like Lindsay Lohan!

She explains:

"Look, people need to leave Charlie the fuck alone. Do they really expect him to go to church when he is not working? He is the highest paid actor on television — on a really popular show — and he always delivers by turning up on time and putting in great performances, and that's all that matters. There is no comparison with Lindsay Lohan because she is not functional and is an addict with a sickness - I should know because I've been to rehab several times too. It's not as if we see Charlie smoking a crack pipe or anything, the guy just loves to party, and people just don't seem to want to accept that. Also, Charlie is making a lot more money than Lindsay and he should be allowed to spend it whatever way he sees fit. She's the one that has to try and get her career and life back on track. He's doing fine. Really - Charlie Sheen with hookers? It's not a real surprise, is it? Who's fooling who here?!"

We're gonna sit with this one for a second before we decide exactly how we'd like to respond.

…aaaaaand we're off:

All right, listen, just because someone has the monetary means to act however the hell he wants - and with ZERO regard for others, might we add - does NOT make it okay.

And we're not sure what your exact definition of the word 'functional' is, because we're pretty sure that locking a hooker in a bathroom and having a cocaine-fueled meltdown in a hotel room while your ex-wife and CHILDREN are down the hall doesn't fit anywhere into that!

Nor does threatening your OTHER ex-wife with a knife, choosing to ignore your call time so you can run around Vegas at a porn convention without letting the bosses of your show - who provide you with $1.8 million per episode - know where you are and why you won't be where you're supposed to be!

But we digress.

Don't get it twisted, bb.

Just because his behavior is consistently ridiculous does not make him functional or not an addict. It just makes him sad.


[Image via WENN.]

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30 comments to “Heidi Fleiss Wants You All To Lay Off Charlie Sheen!”

  1. 1

    Wow. I enjoyed that well thought out rant. Of course she is defending him…he's single handedly keeping her in business

  2. 2

    Chapstick works.

  3. 3

    Wow, I really enjoyed that well thought out rant! .. of course she is defending him, he is single handedly keeping her in business

  4. 4

    these "hookers" surely have to know what they are getting into with Charlie Sheen. Their asking for trouble and he delivers it. Who cares if he wants to spend all his money on cocaine or whores. Its his prerogative if he wants to do that mess! Don't likey, don't watchie!!!!!!

  5. snit says – reply to this


    actually, mario, you said it quite well.

  6. 6

    Well, she does know a thing or two about enabling addiction, doesn't she.

  7. 7

    Her face is melting

  8. 8

    baaaaad face lift, looks like its about to fall off.

  9. 9

    Wow, just cast her in a zombie movie already. She's fucking scary.

  10. 10

    I like and feel sorry for Heidi but Charlie is 10 million times worse than Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay is a nun compared. I'm tired of Charlie getting away with murder and I swear he sold his soul to the devil eons ago.

  11. 11

    Very well said, Perez.

  12. 12

    You set gay people back 20years. Just because you're gay doesn't mean is get to act like a 12 YEAR OLD GIRL for the rest of your life!!!! GROW UP!!!!!

  13. 13

    Poor her, she looks like Dorian Grays Portrait. Too much plastic is not fantastic

  14. 14

    My thoughts are mind your own fucking business

  15. 15

    Lindsay HoHan's career is in the crapper…NO ONE wants to touch this WHORE TRAMP SKANk with a 10-foot pole ! I mean, she has seen more ceilings than Michaelangelo, and look where it has gotten her ! She is BOX OFFICE POISON, and Charlie brings in the ratings. Linds will wind up a washed-up D-Lister, eventually working at a San Fernando VONS. Sorry, but this is the truth …….

  16. 16

    AS UGLY as she is, she tells the truth !

  17. 17

    How can she ask people to "lay off" Charlie Sheen when half the planet has lain on him?

  18. 18

    Wow! If she saw this future picture of herself when she was 15, she wouldn't have touched drugs! Maybe.

  19. 19

    Heidi Fliess makes Michael jackson look untouched.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's right about a couple of things; and in the seventies and eighties in most circles, he would be considered very functional overall, lol. When people weren't working, that's what they did. Party. Fitness was something you did dancing to live bands, or walking INto the party, and OUT of the parties, plural; or doing the horizontal tango.

  21. 21

    Its a matter of time for Charlie.

  22. 22

    This bitch is a clowndick

  23. 23

    Charlie needs to be at home with his kids, no matter how much money he has or how popular his show is.

  24. 24

    I wish i made enough money to justify my drinking. i suppose since i am not the highest paid actor on Television, it's not ok to drink, or be a surgeon, teacher, pilot, president….only actors are allowed to party b/c they make a LOT of money. darn my profession.

  25. 25

    He's being defended by his prostitute dealer… I think that speaks for itself.

  26. 26

    woah - what's wrong with her lips? Too many lip plumping injections?

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, he's living the life of Riley. It might kill him eventually, but he lived it. You can't go that hard and get old, though. If he toned it down just a bit, he could probably party longer.

  28. 28

    i agree leave charlie alone. he is making great money , paying off all the momma bitches and supporting his kids and keeping the hookers employed. he does his job and makes us laugh. and i agree the major difference tween him and LL is that he has talent and money and that excuses alot. no money and no talent and you are just another looser addict who couldnt act your self out of a paper bag with both ends open. if he wants to fuck around with hookers let him. soon he will suffer the fate of all horney bastards…..eventually the little pills wont get his dick up.

  29. 29

    Oh God! She needs chapstick in her life!!

  30. 30

    Her view is clearly that of an incoherrant crackhead