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Teen Mom 2 Debuts VERY Strong

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teen mom 2 debuts strong

MTV must have known they had a hit when Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested for breaking and entering and drugs possession before the show even premiered.

In total, 3.6 million viewers tuned in for Teen Mom 2, making this the strongest season debut yet for MTV's reality show.

For those of you who are innerested in the technical stuff, here are some numbers from the press release for ya:

- Teen Mom 2 season premiere garnered a 3.4 P12-34 rating, up 55% from the Teen Mom series debut on 12/8/09 (2.2 P12-34 rating) and up 3% from last season’s Teen Mom season premiere on 7/20/10 (3.3 P12-34 rating).

- Among F12-34, Teen Mom 2 season premiere’s 5.5 rating is up 72% from the Teen Mom series debut (3.2 F12-34 rating) and up 6% from last season’s Teen Mom season premiere (5.2 F12-34 rating).

Pretty impressive. Guess this answers the question of whether or not there will be a Teen Mom 3 in our future.

What did U think of the Teen Mom 2 premiere?

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14 comments to “Teen Mom 2 Debuts VERY Strong”

  1. free says – reply to this


    People get the society they deserve and with so many fans of Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Housewives of Wherever and the like, you know what to expect. Good luck America!

  2. 2

    jenelle is a HORRIBLE MOTHER!!!!!!! they should take her kid away from her for forever! :/

  3. 3

    I still have it dvr'd.. not sure If I want to contribute to the cause.. the verdict is still out on whether or not I shall push play…

  4. 4

    P12-34, my fucking god. What are 12 year olds doing watching teen whores? Some parents need to be shot, just MTV creating more white trash for the next gen of "Teen Mom" shows.

  5. 5

    Been addicted since season 1!!! I think these girls just might be more interesting than the original girls!! GO MTV!!!!

  6. 6

    Its sad when I was growing up, the most controversial show MTV had was Beavis and Butthead. And sadly Beavis and Butthead still have a better message to give out then the disgusting scum of the earth like the cast of Jersey Show and Teen Mom. MTV go back to playing Beavis and Butthead.

  7. 7

    Damn I wish I had it bad like Chelsea has it. Daddy pays for rent while she TRIES to get her HS diploma and she cries like she is so disadvantaged. Give me a break maybe daddy should stop spoiling her and make her work for something to appreciate something besides her father, no wonder she is a daddy's girl $$. Maybe Chelsea should watch Kailyn's portion of the show and maybe she will grow up. Kailyn has it hard, does her ex Joe think he can just kick her out of the house and she will survive while mommy and daddy pamper his butt in a nice house. What a jerk. Would like for Joe's mother to punch him in the head.

  8. 8

    Re: free

    You can't really compare Jersey Shore and Housewives to Teen Mom — Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives is just trash with no value whatsoever - it's really a joke and I can't believe people actually watch that crap lol

    Teen Mom on the other hand, is not about trashy partying teens.
    It's about teens who get themselves in a very difficult situation

    A few choose adoption and you see how insanely difficult it is for them to make that decision

    some of the mothers are working so hard to get through college while having a baby at home
    Others are dealing with alcoholic and drug addicted parents ( the baby's grandparents)

    Other babies have medical issues and you see the teen mom doing the very beste to be there for her child who has to deal with a genetic condition

    Some have to deal with custody issues between the mom and the father, because they've broken up but they both want the child

    With the exception of Janelle, these teenagers actually look incredibly mature for their age and they're not out partying and running away from their responsibilities.
    and it doesn't glorify being a teen mother at all, it actually makes it seem really really hard. I'm 25 now, but guaranteed that if I saw this show as a teenager it would have encouraged me to NOT be a teen mom.

    I don't know, I actually see this show as having value to it.

  9. 9

    Janelle is scary! She has serious personality issues. She says she makes sure to see her kid once a day - wow, mother of the year - its her kid, not a puppy. Then to be so hateful towards her mother who is keeping this child out of the foster care system. A housecat has more motherly instincts than this girl.

  10. 10

    16 and pregnant will have a follow up called 32 and a grandma!! Janelle is a spoiled, self centered biatch! Just because she is a teen and it is a Saturday night (or Friday, Thursday and Wednesday) does not mean she has a RIGHT to go out. Her mom doesn't seem all that stable, but please God, someone step in and help this child.

  11. 11

    Ah, more rewards for bad behavior…wonderful.

  12. 12

    This show is such a joke, maybe i should go get knocked up and be on TV. This show glamorizes everything, all these girls have help and their making a six figure salary and I'm pretty sure its not going towards their kids, look at farrah she got a boob job. I cant wait till there 15 minitues of fame are up.

  13. mouse says – reply to this


    MTV producers are fucking enablers. As if people couldn't be trashy on their own, they are actively being encouraged to be trashy fuckers and being rewarded for it. Circus freaks have slightly more dignity than these air-wasting slimy slags.

  14. 14

    Love this show. That girl was absolutely disgusting. I feel bad for her child.