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Horrifying! Five-Year-Old Gets Her Eyebrows Waxed!

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Where else, but on Toddler & Tiaras!

Watch this clip from last night's episode (above) to see how one parent justifies child abuse in the name of beauty.

You can just see the therapy bill getting bigger and bigger with each falling tear.

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121 comments to “Horrifying! Five-Year-Old Gets Her Eyebrows Waxed!”

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  1. 101

    That's child abuse.

  2. 102

    what a terrible fucking mother

  3. 103

    Re: MsJules – I understand that they are worse things that could happen to a child, but EVERYTING about pagents for young kids is wrong!! Have you ever seen the reactions of parents when the kids dont win? Do you know how that makes the child feel? They will grow up feeling like a complete failure. Im also pretty sure that there are pedophiles who attend or watch these pagents. How would you like it if some creeper played with himself while watcing YOUR KID!? But ya, you probably don't have any kids, and if you do, your pretty god damn heartless….

  4. 104

    Ok first it doesnt hurt THAT bad. But second.. I wish i never plucked my eyebrows! Im trying to grow them back in! For a child this is crazy!! CHILD ABUSE I tell ya!
    these women make me sick. I cant believe people watch this crap!

  5. 105

    Women like that bitch should be BANNED from having children. She didn't even give her daughter a comforting hug at the end when she ran to her mother for some comfort. She just brushed her aside and said" We're done we're done"…. I normally don't feel hate but I think I HATE this woman. I would NEVER put my child through something like this. EVER… Karma is a bitch, and this girl is going to REBEL beyond rebellion when she's older, and this excuse of a mother will then see what kind of damage she's caused. Poor little girl…

  6. 106

    Re: Junk_in_my_Trunk – Well clearly you mis-read my whole comment as I did not touch on the issue of pagents and did not place in my opinion one way or another..but since you are assuming you know my stance on them.. I might as well clear it up for you. I do NOT agree with what the children are subjected to, and Yes it is heartbreaking when they lose, but unfortunatly whether its in pagents or at a local tball, soccer, or gymnastics competition etc… eventually your children will have to learn that losing and competition are a part of life. So the actual concept of winning and losing isnt really the issue here.. but being exploited and losing based off looks and personality (meaning if u lose ur personality sucks) is deplorable and I do not like pagents and would never subject my child to that. However, I have met children in my profession who have been in foster care- and it is a lot worse on their mental health & physical health then what this child has experienced..

  7. 107

    When i was a nanny i witnessed MANY children cry and scream bloody murder over losing soccer games, or being struck out… and also seen many children being spanked for acting out… but im sure that these parents who go to the ends of the earth for their children ought to have them taken away too when they decide a naugthy child should get a spanking…. Yes someone should step in and place safegaurds against silly things such as waxing etc…. but at least they spray tan them and dont send them in tanning beds damaging their skin as well.. we see edited versions of the show, so its really easy to pass judgement on a clip….

  8. 108

    hmmmm a little bit of drama there. My one grandchild got her dads eyebrows and the kids at school just ragged on her something fierce. My DIL took her to have them waxed and stop them from growing across her forhead and it we was over in a flash and she shed not one tear and she was 5 yrs old. It is not abuse and it isnt that painful. Drama and people just looking for something to bitch about because this woman has her kid in a contest. Get over it.

  9. 109

    that mother should be arrested.

  10. 110

    One possible way to deal with this is to find out the state that this has happened in and then contact the Board of Cosmetology of that state and make a public complaint against that salon for waxing a young child while screaming and the mother admitting the wax as burned her in the past. There may have been no laws broken with this but maybe that salon can be verbally repremanded and forced not to practice waxing on children again. I doubt CPS will even look into possible abuse charges on the mother which is sad.

  11. 111

    the mother should be held down against her will & given a brazilian wax

  12. 112

    I think that ANY parent who even enters their child into one of these abominations should be arrested, charged with child abuse, and have their kids taken away from them, whether or not the kid says they want to do it.

  13. 113

    Re: open
    Where in "Lol I hate getting my eyebrows done" does it says "I think this is funny?"
    If I thought it was funny I would fuckin say haha this is really funny.

  14. 114

    Beauty pageants for kids can be a wonderful bonding experience for mothers and daughters, It's a shame that mothers like these give them a bad rap. This is not normal. In never waxed my eyebrows until I was old enough to make my own decisions and it does not feel good.

  15. 115

    As a mother, it made me so sad to watch that clip. I am a wreck if my son or daughter hurts his or her self. I couldn't imagine putting them through pain on purpose. Just disgusting. Poor girl.

  16. 116

    That is awful! That should be considered child abuse. It is pain inflicted on the child and the child wanted it to stop badly. What a horrible parent!

    I don't like child beauty pageants, but I can accept them for the most part, but I cannot accept how far some of these go. Baby's should not have their hair colored, brows and legs waxed, get tanned, etc. Its gross and wrong to sexualize little girls like that.

  17. 117

    Re: MsJules – yeah, because the nasty chemicals in spray tan are soooo much better for a freaking 15 month old….and spanking your kid b/c YOU failed to teach them how to properly express their emotions makes a ton of sense, too.

  18. 118

    Haha I'm sorry but I think it's hilarious how people are calling THIS child abuse but baby boys are mutilated every single day in this country and very few bat an eyelash at the thought. Ridiculous.

  19. 119

    This is sadistic. That mom needs to be arrested.

  20. 120

    I am SHOCKED!!! I am an esthetician and I would NEVER EVER do that against ANYONE'S will!!! Just because she is five doesn't mean her opinion doesn't count! Shame on the Mom and the lady performing the service!!!

  21. 121

    Re: Rohan – You're obviously projecting your own issues onto Perez. You're a fucking sicko!

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