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Dragon Tattoo Drama! David Fincher Changes The Film's Ending!

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david fincher changes dragon tattoo ending

MAYBE it will be a good thing. Just look at The Mist! Stephen King said himself he LOVED that new ending!

Whether or not director David Fincher's new ending to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is awesome, there is def going to be controversy over his decision to mess around with writer Stieg Larsson's vision.

Here's what Fincher had to say about the Dragon Tattoo script vs. the novel:

"The script, which captures the novel's bleak tone, was written by Academy Award winner Steven Zaillian, who wrote Schindler's List, and it departs rather dramatically from the book. Blomkvist is less promiscuous, Salander is more aggressive, and, most notably, the ending — the resolution of the drama — has been completely changed."

"This may be sacrilege to some, but Zaillian has improved on Larsson — the script's ending is more interesting."

Hmm….we're thinking hardcore Dragon Tattoo fans will be unhappy with this news, but at least they've got a talented screenwriter on board. It'd be hard to argue TOO MUCH with the guy who wrote Schindler's List.

Guess we'll see how this plays out. We'd imagine even the haters might go see this movie, just to hate see for themselves.


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28 comments to “Dragon Tattoo Drama! David Fincher Changes The Film's Ending!”

  1. 1

    just like i thought they are going to fuck up a fantastic movie.

  2. 2

    The book and even more so the Trilogy was awesome…

  3. 3

    The original movies done in Swedish are some of the best novel to screen films I've seen. I think changing the ending is foolish, but of course the American version is a must see f. If the American version is terrible at least there is still the other films!

  4. 4

    I am not watching this cheap remake.

  5. 5

    Great, Hollywood playing around again. I will bet this all but effectively kills any chance of the Hollywood version being better than the Swedish one.

    Why fix something that isn't broken?

  6. 6

    "Blomkvist is less promiscuous, Salander is more aggressive…" in other words, the new version of an European novel will be the epitome of the american perversion - sex=bad, violence=good.

  7. 7

    Seriously? The Swedish movie rocks, and is true to the novel. Why in the world would anyone change it?

  8. 8

    OFF WITH THERE HEADS! Seriously though who is going to watch it? The remake stars some nobody with no body and is ugly as all hell.

  9. 9

    it absolutely makes sense….hollywood sense that is.
    lets face it. these films exist already. and they're perfect. amazing films.
    but they're foreign, which means that the vast majority of american's will
    never see it or hear about it.
    by fucking up the ending and making something new, they're giving folks
    a reason to completely avoid seeing the original films (aside from the subtitles which usually scare off most mouth breathers) and only watch the 'american' version.
    this isn't a problem if you're a real fan, seeing as how, as i've stated, these films already exist, and they're perfect. who needs the hollywood version….i mean, honestly…does anyone REALLY think the're going to find a better Salander ANYWHERE????? she was absolutely fucking perfect….

  10. 10

    everybody here is comparing the american film to the Swedish one. Obviously none of you read the book considering the swedish film was different from the book and blomkvist is already way less promiscuous in the swedish version. It completely shut out his relationships with berger and camilla vanger. Also, the motives were changed a bit. The films were really good, but if you read the books, which are better, you know that the swedish films aren't perfect. Salander kicks way more ass in the book! If the american version is an even further departure, then I am definitely worried about them. The books are fantastic why change them? And no matter how many accolades the screenwriter has received, it really peeves me when people change the story too much for a film. It's not his story to change, it is Steig's.

  11. 11

    Considering the resolution to the book was horrendous, they might have something here. The ending sucked, people. It was a major disappointment to what was actually a good mystery.

  12. 12

    People are really saying the Swedish movie is true to the book? Umm, Cecilia Vanger didn't even live in Hedeby and Anita Vanger was dead. Considering they are quite pivotal characters in the book (at least lending to the suspense of the book), I don't see how people are seeing the Swedish films as true to the story. That being said, I think that the American version will be better than the Swedish version. If nothing else, I would like to be able to watch the movie with someone who hasn't read the book and would like it if they could follow it.

  13. 13

    What will that do to the other two stories?
    I think it's wrong.

  14. 14

    Whatever, David Fincher is a fantastic director and if he can do as well as he's done with "Se7en", "Fight Club" and "The Social Network", then let's just wait and see what his version of this will be like before making any judgements.

    I enjoyed all three of the Swedish movies and I've read all the books, so I'm looking forward to this!

  15. 15

    they shouldnt change itt…if the author was still alive he'd be pissed off…the books are great so they should stick to the books plot

  16. SF90 says – reply to this


    They did the same thing when they remade 'Den Osynlige' (The Invisible). The Swedish one has an assisted suicide in the end, which they changed in the American.

  17. 17

    I think it's a bad idea that the author would have not been happy about. The books were great and so were the Swedish movies. Nobody could find better main characters. This has been done for a financial motive.
    Would J.K. Rowling approve if the Harry Potter movies had the endings changed?

  18. Yuki says – reply to this


    Another great film ruined by hollywood.

  19. 19

    They are going to mess up this movie. The Swedish versions were true to the novels.

  20. 20

    the foreign versions of the the film were awesome, but they did veer away from the book at times. im really upset that they would choose to change the ending of a book that was in my opinion very well written and thought out. its a shame what hollywood will do to amazing books. im not so sure i even want to see it now, and im really hoping they dont change it too much to the point where they cant continue into the next movie correctly.

  21. F.C says – reply to this


    when hollywood doesnt have any new material they re-make foreign movies, and fucks it up big time. hollywood, it doesnt matter you have big money, u r still shit

  22. 22

    Huge mistake.

  23. 23

    This should be how they do ALL movies of novels, and I say that as someone who writes novels. Steigs vision is on the page and should be kept there.

  24. 24

    Since there's 2 continual stories behind this, they can only change it so much,plus the ending is rather vague in the book and the movie already made. It's an awesome trilogy tho..

  25. 25

    How come I'm not even surprised?

  26. 26

    The books are awesome.. The original movies are great.. So why mess with it?? I'm not gonna spendt my money on a american version..
    Note to everyone, who haven't seen them.. Watch the original movies or even better the tv-series version!!! They stay true to the late Steig Larsson…

  27. 27

    Nooo Nooo NOOOOOOOH! Sacrilege! Would anyone remake the ending to 'Gone With The Wind' ? Hello No! Noomi Rapace is the one and only Lisbeth Salander! Just hope no more changes are made to the rest of this brilliant trilogy!

  28. 28

    Of course they're changing the ending, wouldn't be Hollywood without fucking this up!