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8 Year Old Rapper Remakes Britney's Hold It Against Me! Results Are Truly SPECIAL!!!

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This is his best video yet!!!

CLICK HERE to watch 8-year-old rapper MattyB's remake of Britney's Hold It Against Me.

We think Spears will love it!!!

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56 comments to “8 Year Old Rapper Remakes Britney's Hold It Against Me! Results Are Truly SPECIAL!!!”

  1. 1

    God Bless him. Good for him.

  2. 2

    Perez… hes a cute kid but he cant rap, like at all. stop trying to make it happen… its never gonna happen!

  3. 3

    maybe since TRL guantanamo six monthers were transfered here and rape and murder berns girl population, maybe they DO NOT ALLOW men who rape children and murder children in swiss jail because

  4. 4

    This child is an obnoxious, talentless little shitface. The sight of him and the sound of his voice makes me want to stick my head in an oven.

    Add that to your list of insults you fame-whoring parents! Sheeeeeeeit!

  5. 5

    godamn kinnderschander

  6. 6

    some random child murderer with a gun from the military said on pressing submit: as i noticed in my mind formulated the child rapists audibly intoned words "they even raped that"

  7. 7

    UGH enough with this kid

  8. 8

    Somebody put a coat on that kid! brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  9. 9

    islam is cowardly girl genocide when…
    …police refuse to arrest perpetrators
    …women flock to men that will rape and/or kill girls
    …money flows to the man who rapes/murders the most victim

  10. 10

    Sorry parents….not your Justin Bieber as planned.

  11. GG78 says – reply to this


    He sucks !!!!!!!

  12. 12

    Re: chewy styrofoam edible candyman – Hey Loughner, how are they treating you in jail?

  13. 13

    well at least hes better than travis garland…

  14. 14

    What's up with your creepy attraction to children?

  15. 15

    c'mon now ppl, he's no worse than Willow Smith! you go kid - eff the haters.

  16. 16

    that was horrible i prefer the original version

  17. 17

    Who wants this more, the kid or the parents? The video "production" involved leads me to believe as soon as Britney's song came out, the Mom was saying "learn every word, hurry!!!! We have to be cutting edge!" And there is snow on the ground..shouldn't the kid have on a coat and mittens?! Oh, and there is nothing like a rapper in a polo sweater…

  18. 18

    Not only are you a terrible person, but you're also a terrible marketer. Marketing is not about jamming unwanted videos down peoples' throats. I feel sorry for this kid. One day there could be something there, but not with your name attached to it

  19. GG78 says – reply to this


    I swear he looks like Problem Child !

  20. 20

    this kid is 8…..does he even know who britney spears is? i can't picture an 8 listening to britney spears, muchless knowing who she is. unless Britney just has a wide audience range. I doubt the kid even understands the double entendre. My point is his parents told him to rap this song, but cause they are looking for fame and they know its popular. just another parent trying to force there kid into the music bus.

  21. 21

    Re: cripbabe111 – That's REALLY not saying much.

  22. 22

    What 8 year old is THIS caught up on politics and what not?! Who ACTUALLY writes his stuff? Dina Lohan is FOAMING at the mouth to sign this kid, I'd bet!

  23. 23

    PLEASE STOP showing this talentless kid. It's not cute, it's stupid. He sounds terrible, trying to copy how other rapers sound. WTF is going to rap about after he grows up and decides not to want to do other peoples songs?

  24. 24

    Again, Perez?

  25. 25

    I'm sick of this kid ruining songs.

  26. 26

    where are this kid's parents? why is he remaking a song that has such strong innuendo? Yuck.

  27. 27


  28. 28


  29. Nikk says – reply to this



  30. 30

    We don't need another Justin Bieber

  31. 31


  32. 32

    Vocals sucks. Lyrical raps suck. Kid is goign to grow up with dissapointments…he voice is really annoying and high pitch.

  33. 33

    I think hes a bit young to be acting like a ghetto rapper with the hand gestures, However… hes a cute kid, and I felt bad when all the pop ups came up with all the negative posts about this kid. In a way the internet is a way of bullying. By saying he sux u are too bullying him. Maybe he is an artistic creative kid. outgoing and all. Leave him be. hey if Justin bieber did it. why cant this kid? if the public likes him then he's won. thats all it takes.

  34. 34

    Yet again, not interesting, not talented, not wanted. Blecch. Let the kid play with his friends instead of mindlessly repeating lyrics and making painfully fake, corny rap gestures.

    And stop with the pedo comments. Perez is not creepy, he just doesn't know when he's made a mistake. He'll figure it out when nobody buys this kid's album. Thousands of lost dollars speak louder than thousands of cranky comments.

  35. 35

    Not this kid again!

  36. 36

    Fuck these kids

  37. 37

    This kid is 8! Whether or not you like his music try and remember HE'S 8! Personally, I think he's great and has a lot of potential.

  38. 38

    well I was expecting another ridiculous Justin Bieber… he's better but he still sucks… but hey what do you expect he's just a kid! xD parents should really wait for their kids to be a bit older to do this kind of things!

  39. 39

    He's 8, so he's good. I don't know about him actually succeeding in the music business when he's older!

    But, Perez, you have a crush on this boy. calm yourself

  40. 40


  41. Rohan says – reply to this


    Your obsession with posting videos of little children is alarming

  42. 42

    Re: jeeperscreepers – You can't imagine an 8 year old listening to Britney Spears? Really? Okay, ignore the fact that most of her fans STARTED listening to her in elementary and middle school. Her whole career started with little girls and boys singing along to Hit Me Baby One More Time.

    On that note leave the little boy alone. If he wants to rap or dance or bungee jump he should be allowed to. He probably won't ever get seriously famous but at least he's having a bit of fun. He'll look back on it when he's older and have fun memories.

  43. 43

    He isn't even good…

    I don't see anything special about him. His dancing made me laugh though.

  44. 44

    Not only is Perez a cocksucker he is now a pedophile too!

  45. 45

    someone needs to sign this kid. i bet he'd be as big as BIEBER. :)

  46. 46

    OK he's 8 years old, cool. Other than the novelty of him not even being double digits in age, who would actually want to watch/listen to this for real?

  47. 47

    Kinda a bit gross when you think about the lyrics he is rapping….

  48. 48

    UGH am I the only person who is soooo over it? His 15 minutes are over. NEXT PLEASE.

  49. 49

    Cute kid, but honestly, it's horrible. Maybe he should try the Justin Bieber route. Apparently, no talent ass clowns can become famous just for having a pretty face…

  50. 50

    Re: KristenSmiling! – of course Britney had fans in elemenary school, me being one of them, but now they are all adults. Sure there are some teens that listen to her still, but i can't see an 8 listening to britney because makes most of her songs aren't appropriate for kiddies now.

  51. 51

    Re: truthTELLER28 – You said it.

  52. 52

    Alright, this kid rapping is ANNOYING…but I liked the message of the video. He is much cuter when he sings…the rapping is just NOT good.

  53. 53

    same with teenage moms as celebrities. silly shit!

  54. 54

    What a sweet kid. I wish him all the best. To all the haters - he's an 8 year old boy, get a life. It's sad that people can't believe that a child wants to be creative and isn't just a product of his family's greed. When I was 8 I was putting on piano concerts. The only difference is the internet wasn't what it is today, and I didn't post my videos online to share my pride with the world. This kid is not the norm, so you all pick on him. Shame on you. And you're all the ones who rag on Perez when he's being a bully - take a look in the mirror. You're the bullies.

  55. 55

    wow this must be the most annoying kid i've ever laid eyes on.

  56. 56

    WOW! MATTYB has some SERIOUS skills, regardless of the gimic his elders have created with it. You gotta search "Britney Spears Adam Stanton" on YouTube for a sweet cover of this song!