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50 comments to “Kanye Goes Off On Another Twitter Rant”

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    OMG, I saw Charlie Sheen's profile on millionair-e personals site WealthyFish. c 000om, he seems to be fond of online dating scene!

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    Just STFU and nobody will say anything about you.

  3. 3

    I'm a major Brit fan and I think he was kidding when he tweeted about letting her be number one. That said…he pissed off the Britney fans. Breatheheavy readers are pointing out that he spelled her name wrong on the second post.

  4. 4

    Kanye likes Britney

  5. 5

    You could tell he didn't mean anything against Britney from the get-go. How ridiculous.

  6. 6

    jeez, I really think people don't get Kanye. He was poking fun at himself in his original tweet. People need to give the man a break

  7. 7

    GEEZ i wish he would just let it go.. and the whole thing about his grammar and spelling.. DAMN did he hit the nail on the head.. shit that was horrible.. and painful.. he couldn't even spell her name right.. it was different like 2 fucking times.. i thought mine was bad.. xD

  8. 8

    Kanye the ultimate Bitch! hes such a prick.

  9. 9

    Well, people did try to spin his previous comment into something that it wasn't and now the media's taken it and run with it. The guy was joking. It was a play on words from the Taylor incident. People have been doing the "Imma Let You Finish" jokes for a while now, but the minute Kanye does it, he's going after Britney? Wow. It's just plain wrong for people to be stirring shit up like this. Kanye was playing. Sure, he's annoying sometimes, but this is one time he was joking. Google Imma Let You Finish. There is a whole website dedicated to all the ways people have played on that Taylor thing. Maybe if people would look up that site they'll get the joke.I think there are times when 'Ye genuinely deserves the backlash he gets, but this was one time that he really didn't deserve it.

  10. 10

    He was definitely kidding, no doubt about it. The media must move on!

  11. 11

    I think this is overkill but I DO think he was kidding with the original tweet to Britney. It's a pretty common joke-I've used it when people beat me at something. It's giving them credit for winning without being a sore loser because you're joking.

  12. 12

    Calling Josh Groban! We've got more work for you! LOL

  13. 13

    Dear Kanye,

    This is what happens when you take a mic from a white girl. The white media will be all over your ass when you do… anything. And they'll twist it into something it's not to make you look bad. You don't take things from white girls. Got it, brotha?

    Your Fan,

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    Kanye, you sucks and your music really sucks!

  16. 16

    This idiot needs to just shut up. Never seen anyone so needy for attention in my life.
    He's should star in his own reality show housewife of harlem

  17. 17

    You go 'Ye!

  18. 18

    I think he was probably joking– but the point is that he has said and done enough douchebag stuff in the past couple of years that you can't be surprised when people misconstrue a joke that is worded like that and that intentionally plays of his major douchebag actions at the MTV awards (Imma let you finish– Imma let you be number one). Kanye could use some sort of filter in his brain that warns him when he's about to say or type something really stupid.

  19. 19

    I think the misspelling of her name is to send her a "hidden" insult?

  20. 20

    Another Illuminati puppet…They run the music industry,the media and just about everything else.. Everything evil goes back to the Rothschild's and their Illuminati bloodlines…all you have to do is search it.

  21. 21

    I feel what he said was sincere and not shitty at all. I think anything Kanye says will now be taken the completely wrong way because of HIS actions. It is kinda your fault, Kanye. But, I do feel you are getting the raw end on this one.

  22. 22

    Kanye is still a douche. Don't like him!

  23. 23

    Re: jennycakes – wow, just wow. he should let this international news story go, but you can't get over him mis-spelling Britney's name? Maybe you should try to gain a little perspective.

  24. 24

    kanye deserves a break on this one. i don't believe he meant any disrespect to britney. he was making a joke that the media purposely misinterpreted to create a story where there was none.

  25. auds says – reply to this


    omg why won't this douche just GO AWAY?! got some news for ya, Kanye, NO ONE CARES! he is so friggen high on himself. can't stand him!

  26. 26

    KIDDING OR NOT, I just wish he'd stfu & go away. I bet his mom would be so proud of what trash she raised. He surrounds himself with trash like the kartrashian girl, I have no use for him, will never buy his garbage, music, cologne, or anything he does.

  27. 27

    he's just an idiot… dying to stay in the spotlight. he should just stick to his music, and shut his mouth.

  28. 28

    i thought his joke was funny.. people are so uptight. the taylor swift thing happened and the backlash was horrible, I'm a huge taylor and brit fan and obviously was a little pissed when he did what he did. The backlash was horrible. But, Kanye apologized and moved on and now all that there is to do is make light of the situation… i suggest all the "fans"/media do the same and calm the f down.

  29. 29

    I think people misunderstand him. I love kanye

  30. 30

    I love Kanye and he is RIGHT. TayWhore Shit is a BAD BAD BAD singer. Haters went crazy because he was too real and called her out. :/ OH fucking well, they weren't your listeners anyway Kanye. Obviously because HAM still went #2. The TayWhore fans can go fuck themselves.

  31. SF90 says – reply to this


    I think it's funny how he's lashing out on MSNBC when you were the one who made it seem like he was starting a beef with Britney.

  32. 32

    Re: Tricia Peever – Perspective of what? Lol compare to what others have been writing about him i think i was pretty nice.. so mind your business.. and another thing the only reason why i say to let it go is because every time something happens to him he goes on and on and on.. people are going to think what they want to think.. he already said what he needed to say but keeps going.. my opinion is my opinion -_- oh well

  33. 33

    Kanye keeps it real. He's 100% on most things he says. Folks have a hard time with clear and true that's all.

  34. 34

    Re: SF90

    Ya, but he doesn't read Perez, a lot of folks don't anymore.

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    Umm Kanye is right, plus he was joking. Morons in the media!

  37. 37

    hes right though…everyone tried to turn the joke into something when it was nothing. including you perez.

  38. 38

    Ugh, and cue the racism comments.

  39. 39

    shut yer pie hole einstien. yer such a dick, yer lucky u have any fans left

  40. 40

    I'm a HUGE Britney Spears fan and I didn't take that as a shot at her. I thought it was a joke and I laughed. People should just calm down, however I was a little upset at him spelling her name wrong twice! It's BRITNEY! lol

  41. 41

    Kanye is so fucking sensitive. Is he gay or what? Media just plays him like a puppet. I don`t see any other star getting so pissed over something that is not even relevant.

    Oh yeah…wirkkanen- i can see, where your kanye love comes from. You are both mentally unstable. So you relate.

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  44. 44

    he was making fun of himself in this, not britney! relax people, it was just a joke.

  45. 45

    I really hope his dumb ass didn't mis-spell her name so many times and it's just your errors. I SO wish I could say this to Kanye's face because I'm getting tired of typing it on this web site…. SHUT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK UP ALREADY, MAN!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

  46. 46

    the world is tired of kanyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…enuf of this POS already

  47. mi55J says – reply to this


    Seriously FFS! Anyone who took offence to Kanye's comment needs to get a sense of humour!

  48. 48

    he was joking!! geez people leave ye alone!

  49. 49

    Kanye's an idiot and set himself up for this… he'll never learn.

  50. 50

    Whoa - I actually side with Kanye on this, which shocks even myself. Media spins are way out of control. No one is allowed to say anything anymore without being attacked by someone. It's truly pathetic. We've all become overly sensitive. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. Lighten up!