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More Kelsey Grammer Drama!

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kelsey grammer gets no mercy

Looks like a "source" close to Kelsey Grammer has decided to go all-out and absolutely rip the former Frasier star apart.

Here's what Camille Grammer the source had to say about Kelsey:

"It's absolutely true that Kelsey wears women's underwear, and lingerie. Camille never understood why he did. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what she knows about Kelsey."

"She knows things about Kelsey that would shock his fans. Camille has chosen to take the high road during the divorce proceedings, but she is getting to the point where she is considering setting the record straight once and for all about her marriage to Kelsey. There is no pre-nup agreement that would prohibit her from writing a tell-all book. She was a devoted wife to him."

"Kelsey should give her what she deserves in the divorce settlement, he should give her whatever she is asking for."

Here's what Camille again "another source" had to say about the Kelsey cross-dressing rumors:

"Not only does Kelsey like dressing in women's clothing, but he also prefers having sex while dressed as a woman!"

"Kelsey has been into women's clothing for a long time. He's dressed up in lingerie and heels as a 'surprise' for a woman previously! And yes, she was surprised."

More from Camille the source, about Kelsey's wild side:

"Kelsey was heavily into cocaine during his Cheers days. He was so out of control. He would do practically anything. He cleaned up his act later.

"But sexually he pushed limits. He was into, let's just say, having women treat him like a woman in terms of what was done in the bedroom. Not only that but there was a time when he took photos of the sex and also his 'toys.'"

"Some of the photos slipped out of his control years ago. They were seen by the tabloids. Kelsey is lucky they were never published because the pictures were too hardcore. Of course if those same pictures were to surface today they'd probably be on the internet within an hour!"

"Kelsey is very kinky. A lot of people would be shocked by what he likes but he's not doing anything illegal. Unusual, yes, but any woman that's going to be with him is going to have to get used to it."

Wow. We have to assume Camille had something if not everything to do with this, and we're sure Kelsey is not pleased.

Guess we'll see if he chooses to ignore it, or if he decides to go to war. This was QUITE the brutal attack.

Do U think it's all true? Some of it? None of it?

[Image via WENN.]

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38 comments to “More Kelsey Grammer Drama!”

  1. 1

    you know, this sounds like the kind of shit some middle-schooler would try to spread around. it also sounds like desperation. then again, wasn't she a desperate housewife of beverly hills anyway?

    she should stop embarrassing herself. even if it is true, who cares about this old dude?

  2. 2

    He's not hurting anyone by wearing lingerie, so let him wear whatever he wants in the privacy of his own bedroom! You Go Kelsey! Work it!

  3. 3

    I agree with both you guys and i hope everyone else feels the same way. ive so enjoyed kelsey grammers fraiser and even being sideshow bobs voice on the simpsons, hes so funny! who cares what he gets up to in the bedroom? she is just a desperate woman out to hurt him! chin up kels!

  4. 4

    so he's got some weird sex fetishes. who gives a damn?! he could have done things a lot worse than any of this.

  5. 5

    He needed to do somethintg to spice up the bedroom having to look at that old washed-up hag every night. As for the substance abuse, this has been well publicized in the media at the time. Why she is dr

  6. rsvp says – reply to this


    This is the kind of the that backlashes. Nobody much cares these days about this. He's an actor. They are assumed to be on the kinky side. Tasteless, really, to bring it out in the open.

  7. 7

    it's totally camille's best friend dee dee

  8. 8

    I heard he has a bifurcated dick and he keeps each tip in its own tea cozy.

  9. 9

    This is pathetic. They've got kids together, how are they going to feel about all this, it'll probably hurt them more!

  10. 10

    Camille might be a CRAZY B**tch but NOBODY deserves to be treated the way he is treating her. She stood by him through his drug & alcohol addiction, she's kept him clean (not an easy task,i know from experience). They were together almost 18 years, married 14…that counts for something! He is acting as if she & his kids dont exist! He's setting a horrible example for those poor children:( Just because you decide your not happy in your marriage doesnt mean you can snap your fingers, impregnate another woman, leave your kids & wife and then get a quickie divorce to marry the other woman. He obviously doesnt take marriage or family seriously. Telling Camille he doesnt wanna be married but asking her to go to the Tony's for his image, leading her to believe they might work it out when he's REALLY planning on marrying someone young enough to be his grandchild?!?! THAT IS SICK!!! So as far as this fetish of his…goes to show he is a horny DOG that needs to be put down!

  11. 11

    I think a man that's comfortable enough with his sexuality and is willing to try anything is hot.

    Society is so fucking repressed.

  12. 12

    Funny enough, there was a tabloid report from another woman about his cross dressing fetish YEARS ago and it really didn't do any damage to him then, either. It was at the height of his popularity, too. I'm surprised no one has brought that up yet.

  13. 13

    he can do whatever he wants to do in his bed. hes obviously not hurting anyone.

  14. 14

    oh boo hoo…poor poor Saint Camilla….you are a vile piece of work - the fact that he finally turned the channel on you so quickly proves that you've been a chore to live with for too long and his feelings for you were finally too overwhelmingly negative…hate is a strong word - but you seem to bring it out even in those that dont even know you.

  15. 15

    They deserve each other! Hope the new sweetie gets away while there's still time!

  16. 16

    His is not a President, nor the Pope, nor God… he is an actor… whether he is a "freak the bed" is a mute point… who cares… she thinks that disgracing the father of her children in public, is going to sway a judge to give her what she wants??? what a piss poor mother she is showing herself to be! Her children will grow up and will learn she aired their fathers dirty panties for all to see… I do not think there is any justifiable excuse for that!!!

  17. 17

    I mean really. Who cares? As long as it is legal activity it really does not matter.

  18. 18

    Straight guys crossdressing is nothing new. I've dated a few guys that have done it. So what? I don't see why it's so scandalous. As the "source" says, it's not illegal, just unusual. Lots of people have unusual things that turn they're crank. So long as it's mutual and consensual, who gives a crap?

  19. 19

    FIVE WORDS: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." That's all you need to know what a conniving, vicious, nasty, delusional, gold digger Camille Grammer really is. She is a pathetic excuse for a wife and mother and SHE exposed the true Camille to the entire world with her vicious attacks on Housewives. The private details of Kelsey's sex life, "straight" from the not-so-clever Camille may be slightly embarrassing, but they will not hurt his career one bit. He is a brilliant actor with talent. She is a no talent leech. The only thing Kelsey should really be ashamed of is marrying a despicable snake without a pre-nup!

  20. 20

    hmmmm…if there were pictures that were earlier available to mags.,there is NOTHING that would keep them from being posted…what a liar

  21. 21

    Now I think that he's a total douche for what he did to Camille, but this sounds like it's not-so-subtle blackmail. "Give Camille what she wants or some damning pictures of you are going to hit the internet and all sorts of embarrassing personal information about you is going to be plastered all over the papers." I would think that any lawyer worth their salt could call this a blackmail attempt in court easily.

  22. Beccx says – reply to this


    Obviously the source is one of Camille's employee/friends. If Kelsey wants to get his freak on in a dress, I don't care. At least he wasn't a HOOKER.

  23. 23

    Kelsey should have asked for a divorce before he started dating/impregnating someone else. He also needs to be a father to his kids. There's no question about that. No matter how vile Camille is, cheating is wrong and the kids didn't do anything wrong. That being said, I think he wanted her to be on the Real Housewives so people could see what he was dealing with and why he would want out. I don't think there's any questions that "Miss High Road" is leaking all this crap. From what I know and have heard about Kelsey, his sister was raped and murdered and his mother was a real pain in the @$$. If he's a little screwed up, it's no small wonder.

  24. malko says – reply to this


    I'm not sure who to feel sorry for Kelsey, the kids or both?

  25. uyeah says – reply to this


    This is MORE drama? We've heard it already. He has been known to wear woman's clothes. So what!

  26. 26

    really who cares.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Perez, as someone who is CONSTANTLY talking about gay rights and stuff, I really don't get why a straight man dressing as a woman is so "icky, icky, poo" to you. I have think you would accept it. And as your "wifey" (ha) Gaga says, maybe he was "Born this way".

  29. barb says – reply to this


    You like men and I like men, thats what goes down in the bedroom. She's just a big mouth because we all do thing different in the bedroom. Shut up Camille take your 50 million and flirt with every guy you see, like you do now. You are also sleeping around. no one cares, get on with your life.

  30. 30

    No one cares Camille! I think the worst thing he has ever done is marry you!

  31. 31

    I assume what she is saying is he gets screwed with a strap-on while dressed in women's clothes and acting like a woman. But the thing is, no one cares. He's a comedian, he's not a young romantic lead, none of it is going to do him any damage because no one will thinks it is their business- he doesn't have to give her the money, no one will care what she says. In fact, he should go on a show with a wig or something just to make fun of it and what she is saying. None of this will matter in his career, he's a comic, idiot!

  32. 32

    There's been so many blind items about Kelsey, it's totally true. Of course if you went to a real gossip site (aka NOT perez hilton) you'd know ;)

  33. 33

    These two selfish assholes need to realize that kids hear their parents talk. They see the tabloid stuff on tv. And their children ARE GOING TO HEAR ALL OF THIS. Do either of them want their children knowing what Daddy and Mommy did in the bedroom? Do they want to hear that their Mom was in porn or their Dad is a cheating coke whoring bastard? Why do people not care that these poor children are going to hear all this? Handle it like ADULTS and just sign the papers. Pay her, you had no prenup, just pay her and make it go away for the sake of those two beautiful children that you wanted so badly you used surrogacy. For God's sake these are the two most selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate BAD parents. Camille constantly spouts the words "co-parenting" yet she leaks stuff or lets her friends do it. How about ANYONE parenting these kids.

  34. 34

    This women is a CHILD ABUSER..I can't imagine how awful this is for those poor children. Over 50% of kids experience divorce; very few kids have to hear their mother spew the details of their parent's sex life out of pure self indulgent revenge. Good God woman SHUT UP…no one cares and this is damaging your kids!!!!!!

  35. 35

    Who gives a shit what he does in the bedroom! Everyone has there kinky moments. She was married to him for how long and she didn't have a problem with it then, but now that he doesn't want you it's an issue. How immature of you to brodcast that to the world. That isn't any of our buisness. She is only pissed because Kelsey got an upgrade from her plastic ass.

    Stop being such a hateful bitch Camielle!!!!!!!!!
    Get on with your life.
    Don't be mad that the only reason you have a little fame is from a man that can't stand your fake ass and now it's over. Get over yourself… seriously!
    Take the money you get from this divorce and get some serious therapy.

  36. 36

    LMFAO! Idk why I thought this was hilarious when reading, but it's not that outrageous.

  37. 37

    And which "High Road" are you taking Camille??? You don't know what that is. You said all the time on the show just as you threw people under the bus and stepped on them! High road my arse!

  38. 38

    A real lady s not going to trash her soon to be ex-husband. Come on Camille, you trashed Kyle all the time. Everytime you have a chance you talk about Kyle that she is jealous of you because you have a famous actor,bla,bla,bla. Please!!!! Now you (through your stupid friends either Dee Dee or that weird medium) trashing Kelsey. Who cares!!!! Just hire a good accountant or a consultant to deal with the money you will get from Kelsey. Fire the 4 nanies, just hire one of them. Adrienne who is way richer than you and has 3 kids doesn't do what you do. Having 4 nanies, how stupid it is.