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12 comments to “Former Idol Contestant NOT Homeless”

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    What a twat.

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    Obviously the idiot wanted some attention and he got it. Congratulations.

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    Moron. Not as mature as he seems to think. What addled thinking!

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    What an idiot, thanks for worrying us!

  6. 6

    I don't even remember this guy…

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    THIS IS WHAT HE ACTUALLY SAID PEREZ.. so yeah he does appear to be homeless, why would you leave this out???
    my goodness yall! I have been crashin behind buidings and sleepin outside but I dont want nobody to feel sorry for me! I’m a grown ass man.

    I’ve had so much help out here in LA! I just want to do things on my own! I have places to stay I just don’t want to be a burden on anyone!

    I have money! And soon I will have a place to stay! I just wanted to let yall know! I’m not some rich spoiled kid! That I’ve had to hustle and grind and I don’t mind sleepin on the street as long as I get my chance!

    Because I will not take it for granted! I hope yall understand. Sorry for the miscommunication;) I’m just fine! MAHALO!


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    what an idiot

  9. 9

    Perez started blogging at a coffee bean. Pot, meet kettle.

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    Told ya sooooooo. And thank you very much for the person who tried to defend him when I said that it's a bunch of shit on the post stating he was homeless.


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    What an idiot. Guess he thought this was a better way to get publicity then getting caught with a hooker and an 8 ball.

  12. 12

    If anyone has seen him on If I Can Dream, they'd know he was a little jerk.