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HUGE! Anne Hathaway Cast To Play Catwoman In The Dark Knight Rises!!!!

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Now this is what we like to call purrrfect casting!

It's been confirmed that Anne Hathaway will be portraying Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) in Chris Nolan's final Batman flick, The Dark Night Rises. When reached for comment, Chris raved about having Anne on board, saying:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story.”

Amazing! We can't wait to see her clad in leather! Ha!

P.S. - No one give her Halle Berry's Catwoman as research, please. No need to make the poor girl suffer.

[Image via WENN.]

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56 comments to “HUGE! Anne Hathaway Cast To Play Catwoman In The Dark Knight Rises!!!!”

  1. 1

    I thought Catowman was black? Like in the Batman cartoons? Anyway, i LOVEEE Anne Hathaway shes so beautiful :)

  2. 2

    YES! Finally some solid female casting in this franchise!

  3. 3

    i love Anne..but i dont think this is the right part for her. i dunno i just cant see her in this role

  4. 4

    Ooooh I like her!

  5. 5

    I am so pumped!!!! I love cat woman and halles pretty much crapped on the essence of cat woman so I am way excited for this awesome director to make cat woman flawless again. (i hope!) man shit just got really interesting.

  6. 6

    I dunno but IMO this new Batman francise is just terrible with women. First they bring in Katie Holmes who is just not herself since being brainwashed,nor is she a strong type,(I cannot see her play anything but a cute girl) that could play against Bale, then the Gyllenhaal sister whom I also just could not see as a counter balance to Bale, no real chemistry and she is not really a looker. And now this one, I never saw the appeal people see in her.

  7. 7

    This is going to be epic. Anne is one of the best choices for a modern Selina Kyle!! Can't wait till we get the first screen shot of her in that outfit. I hope it is a LOT more twisted and messed up than usual. Also, since we FINALLY got our female villian in this franchise, I certainly hope they don't go and mess it up like they did with Topher Grace in SpiderMan3. He only had like 10 minutes in that movie as Venom. It would ROCK if the story mainly revolved around her, and if she did really well I am sure she could get a spin off movie, that would blow Halle Berry's Catwoman out of the water. Funny thing is I didn't HATE that movie as much as everyone else did!

  8. 8

    ew, she so ugly. how she can play catwoman.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – The good thing about what you said was that is what basically everyone said about Heath Ledger. Nolans team takes ordinary actors and transforms them into extraordinary for these roles, I hope you are happily surprised!! =)

  11. 11

    @truth-teller.. No there are versions of her WHITE but in the show in the 80's she was black.. LOL :)

  12. 12

    Awesome. I hope she can pull it off. She has a tough act to follow (Phieffer, not Berry)

  13. 13

    buu I wanted Keira! But Anne is talented, so I hope she does a great job :)

  14. 14

    That is the worst news I've ever heard. I like her but she is NO Catwoman. I am so dissapointed. I've waited so long to hear who Chris Nolan was going to cast. Anne has not even done an action flick. She is so vanilla. Why?????? She's not sexy. She's got a horsey face. Catwoman is sultry, sadistic and alluring. Those are not words used to describe Anne who is funny, clutsy and makes romantic comedies. Oh, Michelle Pfeifer you will always be Catwoman to me.

  15. 15

    Can't see her as catwoman…she doesn't have a hourglass figure to pull off that catsuit…sorry. But I still like Ann.

  16. 16

    I'm trying to picture her as the character but I'm just not seeing it. Michelle Pfeiffer did an outstanding job bringing the twistedness of Selina to life. I hope Anne is able to do the same

  17. 17

    Fucking boring, hated her in Love and Other Drugs

  18. 18

    Lame! Wont make me rush out and watch the movie. She funny looking
    Is it to late to change there mind?

  19. 19

    She could play the joker. ahahahahahhaa

  20. 20

    It's rather rare, but I totally agree with Perez on this one, on all counts. I so love Anne Hathaway.

  21. 21

    can't stand her. She can sing and has talent but gawd is she ever annoying and hideously horsey/butt fugly.

  22. 22

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO pumped !! I love Batman, and this movie is going to be so crazy!
    I did not see this coming.
    The thought of waiting for this movie depresses me.

  23. 23

    Anybody but Angelina

  24. 24

    Um, seriously????? Very dissapointing.

  25. 25

    I don't get it. This bitch has the most busted face in Hollywood today.

  26. 26

    Talented actress but I have a tough time envisioning her as Catwoman.

  27. 27

    Love her! But CATWOMAN?????? Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Bad choice.

  28. 28

    Re: Frankie S – Absolutely agree. Anne is NOT the right person to play Catwoman.

  29. 29

    Blah she's too dorky to pull it off

  30. 30

    maybe a cat lady with her old frizzy hair, but not nearly sexy to pull of catwoman!!!

  31. 31

    Oh, come on people! They said the same stuff about Heath Ledger, that he was too vanilla, and we all know how it turned out!

  32. 32

    What? I really don't get this casting decision. Catwoman is pure sex. Anne is, uh, not. Sexy is a word I would never used to describe her no matter what she wore. She's a great actress, but I really don't agree with her being a great choice to play this specific character. She's such a weird choice.

  33. 33

    Should have gone with Keira, but we have to wait to see the final product. Will be fantastic none the less.

  34. 34

    OK wow i am surprised at some people's reaction…. really? you think she is a good choice!!???? It's CATWOMAN! Fuckin Catwoman.. this is bad casting.. she is a good actress but it's CATWOMAN.. Catwoman is a vixen and sexy and..meow! She is not! She is goofy and silly and stuff and okay but not her role at all.. she doesn't have the look at all.. uhg.. these people remaking all this Batman shit need to stop.. cause it's just not right.. maybe the new one with he Joker was okay.. but seriously Katie Homes? Batman has been played too many times by different people..it's always nice when it's the same actor.. and he has tapped too many different chicks.. all lame.. the only good ones Were Batman 1989 with Micheal Keaton and Batman Returns 1992 with Michelle Pfeiffer..now that was a Catwoman.. and every Batman and Catwoman has sucked since.. this doesn't make any since to me.. disappointed >: (

  35. 35

    HORRIBLE choice. She is not sexy enough. And I think she is way overrated as an actress. What about Keira, Natalie, even Leighton Meester would have been better! Ugh this next Batman sounds like it is going to suck!

  36. 36

    I like her as an actress but I don't think she is right for this role

  37. 37

    Re: smartypants123 – You know who I think would be amazing? Charleze Theron. She's super gorgeous, sexy, and an amazing actress. But yeah, it's almost as if any other actress in Hollywood besides Anne would be a great choice compared to her.

  38. 38

    I think she will be good. She is a good actress and can come up with the goods. Of course she is not going to play it cute and clutsy and dorky. I am sure she can do sinister well.

  39. 39

    She's just Selina Kyle, NOT Catwoman. There is a difference. I can see Anne as a thief with a past, thats who Selina is

  40. 40

    uggghhh, I dislike her. Why not someone attractive with a nice body?

  41. 41

    Re: Frankie S – so true!! there's only one catwoman, and thats michelle pfeiffer

  42. 42

    Wow wow wow… What's is with Chris Nolan and casting the worst people for the female roles in this unbelievably amazing franchise. It's like he chooses from the most boring out of Hollywood's elite female actresses. Mag Gyllenhaal'z. Katie Homley. And now…

    Don't get me wrong… Hathaway is amazing. Beautiful. Talented. But she epitomizes everything sweet. Gumdrops. Marble Slab Ice Cream. Colorful wicker baskets on little girls bikes. Where as …Catwoman… epitomizes goodvsevil, almost schizophrenic, as she battles with her own personal demands. She's as dark as they get when it comes to (good) bad guys. The perfect character to match against Nolan's dark batman.

    Nolan puts his all into birthing these amazing male characters…Heath Ledger's Joker. Casting talented actors, who have both the caliber and poise to bring life to these male fictional comic book heroes. Then… he casts Katie Holmes as the female lead… and Gyllenhaal to take her place.

    EEE. I don't know about this one. Hathaway's got some big prada's to fill.

  43. 43

    Re: jennycakes

    i couldn't agree more, why they just don't offer the role to michelle ?, she is the only one that can pull it off, but nooooo, they will put anne hathaway ??? why ?, even danielle bisutti would be better than her, since danielle is actually a fabulous actress(who deserves to have a remarkable job, because true jackson isn't that much for her anymore)

  44. 44

    errr….well It might work she could be a thief like in the original comics, or maybe an embezzling white collar worker. I'm not big on Nolans choices when it comes to the women in his movies, but it was either Anne or Keira Knightly or Jessica Biel. At least with Anne she can not only be beautiful but can most importantly ACT.

  45. 45

    Re: jennycakes

    let me just correct myself, michelle was a good catwoman in a MOVIE, but nobody tops julie newmar, she is the only REAL catwoman and legend, perhaps, if anne hatway EATS the tv show, and sleep with it, she might do something close to decent…

  46. 46

    I can't really see her in that part… I think she's beautiful and a terrific actress but her eyes aren't very Catwoman like to me. Someone like Emily Blunt or Rachel McAdams would have been much better.

  47. 47

    @xoxo_anonymous - - I agree. I think this is not a good role for her.

    I think this character has been played so much it is ridic….Boo for Batman # 1,234 seriously…give it a damn rest.

  48. 48

    i am SO happy it wasnt halle berry that woman had no talent when it comes to super hero roles. yay for Anne Hathaway!!! :D

  49. @#@ says – reply to this


    Mila Kunis has the cat eyes. She's sexy, hour glass, and I could see her as catwoman.

  50. 50

    Re: Jonathan Nunez – actually the comic book catwoman, who is the true catwoman is white. julie newmare was the person who played catwoman the most in the batman tv show in the 60s who is white, while ertha kitt, who is black played her in the 60s show only some of the time.

  51. 51

    there mustve been a mistake because she is better suited to play the joker with that face or at least harley quinn

  52. lampy says – reply to this


    Re: jennycakes – Well she does not appear to be goofy or silly or a clutz to me, only when needed ofcourse. I think she is an extremely calculative person, very scary and therefore a good actress.

  53. lampy says – reply to this


    I dont think this is a nice person at all, She could make a good catwomen since she appears to be very sinister to me. She is not clutzy or goofy at all, but extremely calculative and shrewd.

  54. 54

    what? she's a great actress…but catwoman? come on, seriously…catwoman's supposed to be sexy and provocative…she's sweet and cute…

  55. 55

    This is the worst casting decision in Cinema history!

  56. 56

    Better Anne than Angelina.